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"Azure Dragon, Yunyao, Baobao; show yourselves."

Gu Ruoyun's expression changed as she quickly cried out. 

Three figures immediately appeared out of thin air, settling beside Gu Ruoyun. 

"Three spiritual beasts? And two of them are Martial Emperors? The other has nearly reached the rank of a Martial Emperor? Just how many trump cards does this Gu Ruoyun actually have?"

Within the surrounding area between the two opposing parties, a few small organizations were also present. Upon seeing the spiritual beasts released by the young girl, they were dumbfounded. They had assumed that the girl would have only one Martial Emperor spiritual beast at most. They never expected that she would actually have more than one trump card in her hand. 

Could it be that the rumors are true?

"The three of you, get them out of here quickly!"

Gu Ruoyun's face turned cold as she issued the order in an icy tone. 


Yunyao tried to say something as anxiety filled the space between her brows. Before she could continue to speak, Gu Ruoyun cut her off.

"That's an order!"

That's an order!

Yunyao took a deep breath and steadied her gaze, "I understand, Master!"

All three spiritual beasts could be used as mounts and there was just enough space for the few members of the Dongfang family. So, as soon as Gu Ruoyun gave the order, everyone took one look at her and hurriedly climbed onto the backs of the spiritual beasts. They then shot towards the sky with a whoosh and quickly disappeared from view in lightning fast speed. 


Seeing the elder who was plunging towards them, a peach blossom pink figure suddenly flashed towards Gu Ruoyun's side. 

The man's smile was as beautiful as a flower. He gently raised his fan and blocked the cold, flashing blade of a sword. 

"Trying to lay a hand on Xiao Yun'er in front of this prince... Do you all think of me as a useless corpse? The Immortal Realm should not overstep their boundaries when dealing with certain matters. Otherwise, someone will step up and deal with you sooner or later."

"You've got a death wish!"

The elder's face grew cold. He brandished his sword forward violently, swiftly pushing Zuo Shangchen back. His eyes were thick with bloodlust, "You're only a Martial Emperor yet you dare stand in my way! If you insist on standing with her, you will die as well!"

"My Lord!"

The group of gorgeous maidservants saw the incoming attack and cried out. Their faces changed greatly before they pulled out their swords and charged towards the battle. However, before they could reach him, Zuo Shangchen slowly raised his hand and stopped them. 

The maidservants stopped in their tracks, glaring icily at the elders from the Immortal Realm. Their bodies emitted a thick murderous intent. 

At this very moment, Zuo Shangchen's coquettish face sunk and his peach blossom-like eyes were enveloped in a cold light, "Seeing as so many Martial Honors from the Immortal Realm have appeared, I wonder if the other two other Authorities were aware of this?"

It has only been a day since the Trials have ended. No matter how quickly the elders of the Immortal Realm could travel, they could not possibly have appeared in Cloud City so soon. 

There was only one explanation - they had already been in Cloud City from the very beginning!

And this was something that even he did not expect. 

If it were only Bai Xiangtian alone, perhaps he could still take him on. But now, the number of Martial Honors in the battle was quite high. 

"Zuo Shangchen, you shut your mouth!"

Bai Xiangtian's face immediately changed color. His expression darkened, "No matter what, you will all die here today!"

A violent tempest rose from the sands before coalescing in front of Bai Xiangtian. Then, a withered and rotten current shot towards Zuo Shangchen and Gu Ruoyun. 

The air was dense and thick in the sandstorm and it blocked out the blue sky entirely.


Zuo Shangchen waved his fan and a bolt of light shot towards the sandstorm. The sheer force of its collision caused the group to scatter. The small organizations in the surrounding area who had been unable to avoid the blast in time were immediately blown away and tumbled a few meters. Their mouths spat blood as they panicked. 

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