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This time, for the sake of defeating this woman in front of a public place with numerous people, Shi Yun had not hesitated to resort to dark magic to increase her power. However, the price for using such means to increase her power was that she would no longer be able to bear children!

This was all her fault, Shi Yun seethed in anger. It's her fault that I can never have children, it's her fault that I can never bear children for Qianbei Ye! That's why I decided to disguise myself as a sixteen-year-old girl so that I would receive the glory as the greatest cultivator of all time then use that glory to crush her!

"You managed to escape the last time. This time, I won't let you get away."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she lightly brushed her fingertips across her blade and looked cooly at Shi Yun, "You're the reason why Yu'er is nowhere to be found. You have caused trouble for me a hundred times over. Tell me, how would you like to die?"

"Hehe." Shi Yun sneered, "Gu Ruoyun, you would dare kill me? I'm now a member of the Spirit Sect and many will avenge my death! When the time comes, you will have a gruesome death!"

The Spirit Sect? Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and turned her gaze upwards to the Honorable Sir Tianqi who has yet to regain his senses, "She's one of yours?"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi wrinkled his brows as he thought, honestly, for a participating faction to seek help from members of other organizations was simply a huge violation of the rules of the Trials! Especially since this woman has a grudge against the Gu girl!

"I don't know who she is." The Honorable Sir Tianqi shook his head, "She must have stowed away amongst the other teams. I can say that this woman has nothing to do with the Spirit Sect and has never entered the Spirit Sect. If you want to kill her, go ahead! I have no objections."

Truthfully, the Honorable Sir Tianqi has always been on the move and had certainly never met Shi Yun before, neither does he know who she actually was. So naturally, he would assume her to be a spy who had infiltrated the Spirit Sect.

"Did you hear that?" Gu Ruoyun smiled and turned to Shi Yun, "The Honorable Sir Tianqi has proven that you are not from the Spirit Sect so they won't really bother about you. Shi Yun, it's time we settle the score between us."


Shi Yun's face instantly turned white. As she watched Gu Ruoyun's shadow draw nearer and nearer towards her, she began to panic violently, "I don't want to die, my Lord! Please save me, please hurry and save me..."

"Useless thing."

Just as she spoke, an extremely eerie voice that only she could hear spoke from within her, "I've saved you once and I've aided you in committing fraud. I've even helped you to increase your power. Yet, you have still failed. You've thoroughly... Disappointed me. You can destroy yourself for all I care!"

As soon as the voice finished speaking, all became silent. In that instant, Shi Yun, who had lost her source of protection, turned as white as a sheet. She stared in terror at Gu Ruoyun whose distance was closing in towards her.

"What do you think you're doing!"

Just as Shi Yun was beginning to surrender herself to her imminent death, a furious roar tore through the void. Then, a shock of green robes swiftly descended from the skies, landing in front of Shi Yun. The man glared coldly at everyone in the vicinity, his eyes spitting fire. 

"I didn't expect that you would all abuse my Shi'er while I was away from Cloud City! Had I not decided to pay her a visit, I wouldn't have discovered that someone would be so vicious as to raise a hand against the fairy-like Shi'er! How cruel and heartless does one have to be to even harm a woman like her so willingly?"

The young man had a gloomy expression on his face as he swept his gaze across every member of the crowd. His gaze finally landed on Gu Ruoyun, who was walking towards Shi Yun.

"Big Brother Nan!"

Shi Yun's originally terrified expression suddenly turned to joy as tears of grief rolled down her eyes, "Big Brother Nan, I..."

"Shi'er, I know that you've been wronged." Kun Nan helped Shi Yun to her feet, feeling great anguish for her sake. When he noticed the wounds all over her body, his rage began to overflow again like an uncontrollable flame but he forced himself to suppress his anger. "Don't you worry, Big Brother Nan will seek justice for your sake. Anyone who harms you, Shi'er, is a demon who should be hunted and killed by all!"

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