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The young girl stood tall as her green robes fluttered against the strong winds. She was like a slender bamboo tree standing proudly before the eyes of the world. Her delicate features were as calm as the gentle breeze. 

But her words had caused the entire plaza to erupt into a cacophony of discussion. 

This time, her words caused a greater sensation than when she casually declared Rongyue to be unworthy of dueling with her. 

The color on Rongyue's face changed from green to white, then from white to green again. Many expressions could be seen on her face as her beautiful eyes filled with anger, yet she somehow managed to suppress all of it to stare coldly at the insufferably arrogant young girl in the arena. 

"Gu Ruoyun, aren't you behaving too much like a savage? If that's the case, then allow me to teach you some basic morality in your parents' stead!"


A beam of white light flashed and landed in the area. Rongyue immediately drew her sword and charged towards Gu Ruoyun. In that instant, the might of her aura as a Martial Emperor erupted from within her and enveloped the atmosphere of the entire arena. 

The woman's white robes and fine hair fluttered against the strong winds. A chill seemed to take over the features of her beautiful face as her body showcased her powerful killing intent. 

"I've already told you, if the Medicine Order wishes to attack, you should all attack in unison. I have no interest in dueling with you alone."


In that instant, Gu Ruoyun released her spiritual energy without restraint. When compared with that of Rongyue's, her spiritual energy was pretty much on the same level.

Rongyue was dumbfounded and quickly retreated. Her beautiful features stared at Gu Ruoyun in amazement. 

Obviously, she never expected that this woman, who had looked down on her, was also a Martial Emperor. 

"Martial Emperor? Gu Ruoyun has actually broken through to the rank of Martial Emperor?"

"I seemed to recall that she was only a high-level Martial General just a year ago. Leaping from the rank of a high-level Martial General to Martial Emperor in just one year... Is this fellow f*cking abnormal?"

"That's right, I sent my family servants to investigate the outcome of the pill auction held by the Hundred Herb Hall just a year ago. At that time, Gu Ruoyun was indeed at the rank of a high-level Martial General. Even a greater genius could not possibly have been able to break through to the level of Martial Emperor in such a short time! If one considered Rongyue of the Medicine Order to be a peerless genius, then what would this little girl be?"

Hearing the fervent discussions of the crowd, the Honorable Sir Tianqi raised his lips into a smile and glanced mockingly at the increasingly ugly expression on Bai Xiangtian's face, who was seated right next to him. He spoke in a voice full of mockery, "Tsk tsk, I've said it. There's no way that the Dongfang family members could possibly lose. Now do you believe me? Don't pile your hopes on the Medicine Order just because they have a young genius at the rank of a Martial Emperor. The Dongfang family has that abnormal girl in their ranks."

Bai Xiangtian scoffed coldly and replied without emotion, "If you are to follow the previously set rules of the Trials, you definitely can't say for sure who will win or lose in the duel between the Medicine Order and the Dongfang family. Unfortunately, this little girl is far too brash and arrogant... Wanting to stand against everyone on her own. Even if was by some stroke of luck and she manages to emerge victorious in her fight against Rongyue, anyone can step forward and kill her after that!"

In a fight between two low-level Martial Emperors, injuries were bound to happen even if no death occurs. 

Even if Gu Ruoyun had pills, what use would they be? He sneered. Pills are no longer of any use to a Martial Emperor. 

"Hehe." Honorable Sir Tianqi laughed with a smile that did not reach his eyes, "Bai Xiangtian, don't always speak as if you have too much confidence in the outcome. Don't forget, you also once made a solemn vow that the Dongfang family will never match up to the Medicine Order. The Trials have yet to be concluded so how could you know that they will never achieve progress?"

Once he said his piece, the Honorable Sir Tianqi no longer bothered about the old man next to him and focused his attention on the events in the arena. 

"It's been several months since we last saw each other, yet Xiao Yun'er has grown so much."

Zuo Shangchen reclined indolently on his sedan as his mesmerizing gaze fixed upon that delicate and beautiful face. His lips curled into a smile. 

His smile was so magnificent that it was unmatched amongst those in his generation, so beautiful that it could charm all living beings. It rendered many women around him completely dumbstruck, and they stared foolishly at him. 

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