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From what he could see, there were no more clothes for him to grab on to.

Let's see how he's going to escape this time!

However, Zhao Lin was clearly overthinking things. Just as he closed in on Bai Chuan, the originally smiling boy suddenly widened his eyes in fear. He then turned around and fled, screaming as he ran, "Help! This uncle is trying to take off my pants! I'm still young, I don't want to lose my innocence so soon!"


Zhao Lin, who had been gaining speed behind him, nearly tripped and fell onto the ground. He roared angrily, "You stupid brat, f*cking stand still!"

Stand still?

Bai Chuan curled his lips. If I stayed still, wouldn't that be an idiotic move? As long as I don't want to be caught, no one can catch me!

"Tsk tsk, this Peaceful Heaven Order simply has no principles," said Honorable Sir Tianqi with a disdainful look on his face, "The most I've done is peep at young ladies in the bathhouses or look for some action. This guy here is really good. Not only does he have the hots for men, he will even set his sights on a small boy. At this point, that homosexual Honorable Poison Master is far better than him. At least that guy doesn't bully small boys."

Not too far away, just as the Honorable Poison Master was about to gallop off into the distance, he sneezed. The man wrinkled his brows and said, "Who's talking about me behind my back? Could it be the Honorable Sir Tianqi? That b*stard!"

Unfortunately, even after chasing him for so long, he had lost sight of that old man. If I don't kill him and news of my preference for men gets out, my reputation will crumble into pieces!

Sadly, the Honorable Poison Master had never expected that the Honorable Sir Tianqi would end up exposing his darkest secret in broad daylight...

If he finds out about this, he would probably have the urge to whip the Honorable Sir Tianqi's corpse for a hundred days!

The matches in the other arenas have pretty much concluded. Only Bai Chuan and Zhao Lin were still in the middle of their chase. However, no matter how hard Zhao Lin tried to catch up, Bai Chuan was always a few steps ahead. He felt as if he was always just about to catch up to him. but no matter how hard he tried, both sides still remained a few steps apart. 

"Just what is Zhao Lin doing? Is he throwing in the game on purpose?"

"I think so. After all, isn't that guy concerned about the opponent's delicate little anus? That's why he's throwing in the towel on purpose!"

"Perhaps he didn't eat enough last night, the Peaceful Heaven Order must have starved him so he isn't able to use his strength. This competition is getting boring, we don't want to watch it anymore."

The crowd wrinkled their brows, they had believed that this would have been an easy match. Yet it had dragged on until one entire incense stick had burned out. 

The Peaceful Heaven Order disciples were running out of patience too and yelled, "Zhao Lin, are you even competent? You're taking so long just to take care of a little child? If you can't finish this competition, don't even think of returning to the Peaceful Heaven Order. Our Peaceful Heaven Order has no place for a good-for-nothing like you!"

Zhao Lin only wished that he could curse and swear at the idle gossipers who weren't suffering a backache like him. You motherf*ckers, you get rid of him yourself if you think you can! Even I don't know what kind of devil I've encountered, I can't even catch up to someone who hasn't even reached the rank of a Martial King!

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Zhao Lin huffed and puffed until his entire face turned red in color. He glared furiously at Bai Chuan who was sprinting ahead of him. 

Compared to him, Bai Chuan's state of mind was actually pretty calm. He didn't look like someone who had been running for a long time. 

"Zhao Lin, you mother f*cker. Do you even want to fight? You've only been running for a while, and you can't even stand it anymore. Did you not have enough to eat? You can't even defeat a child. You're nothing but a useless piece of trash!"

The Peaceful Heaven Order disciples spat angrily at him. Their humiliating words caused Zhao Lin to go even redder in the face. Finally, he could no longer stand the insults hurled towards him. He stepped out and bellowed, "Whichever mother f*cker wishes to spout more nonsense should come up here and fight personally! So what if I throw in the towel? Referee, I wish to concede!"

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