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"Xiao Ye, do you know who's behind this?"

Furthermore, that person's powers were at least one level above hers. Otherwise, she would not have been unable to detect her movements.

A blood-red light flashed across Qianbei Ye's crimson gaze and he replied gloomily, "It was that man who had whisked Shi Yun away back in Heaven City. I initially thought that he was targeting you. I didn't think that it would be Qingyun."

"Shi Yun? She's here?" Gu Ruoyun smiled icily and raised her head. Her fine, black hair danced against the wind. Her cold, clear eyes held a thick murderous intent as she said, "Xiao Ye, please help me. Conceal yourself in the dark and investigate for the rest of the Trials. Catch Shi Yun!"


Qianbei Ye nodded, "Leave it to me. You can concentrate on the Trials in peace."

Gu Ruoyun said nothing more, staring coldly at the arena with an unreadable expression on her fair visage.

"The Medicine Order, Shi Yun... When the time comes, I will make you pay for everything you've done!"

In the arena, Qingling slowly approached Qingyun and sneered as she observed him. She stared down upon with arrogance, "Seeing as you were so great earlier on, come and get me. Hit me if you can. Hahaha, Qingyun, you are a good-for-nothing from head to toe. Your Dongfang Family members are all good-for-nothings. Even after you've broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King, you're still no match for me!"

Qingyun clutched his chest as he raised his head and glared fiercely at Qingling. His face was dripping with blood. The expression set off on his bloodied face was an absolutely terrifying sight.

"You're despicable!"


Qingling replied contemptuously, "Everyone on earth knows the kind nature of our Medicine Order. The word 'despicable' can never be used to describe us! Qingyun, had you obediently stayed still instead of resisting, you would have been much better off. You deserved this!"


Qingling drove her foot fiercely onto Qingyun's head. He let out a muffled groan as blood overflowed from his mouth.


Qingyun wanted to curse and swear at her but before the words could come out of his mouth, Qingling grabbed his hair and bashed his head against the ground.


The crowd was shocked, no one thought that Qingling would have treated a defeated man in such a manner.

"Stop it!"

The Dongfang Family members' eyes filled with red-hot rage at the sight of Qingling's actions. They roared madly, clamoring to rush into the arena and beat her to a pulp.

However, Qingling, who had clearly heard their angered cries, drove her foot into Qingyun deeper and kicked him a meter away from her. The extreme force of it caused Qingyun to spit out a mouthful of blood. The man was in such agony that he no longer had the strength to speak. 

"I'm going to beat you until you beg me for mercy! Are your bones not strong and hard? I want to see which one breaks first, your bones, or my leg!"


Qingling's leg landed on Qingyun's head once again and Qingyun spat out another mouthful of blood. At that moment, his vision began to grow blurry and the piercing rays of the sun greatly tired his eyes. He felt a strong urge to drift into sleep...


The Honorable Sir Tianqi could no longer sit still. He rose from his seat with one swift move and spoke with fury burning in his eyes, "Medicine Order girl, Dongfang Qingyun has lost. The results of the Trials are already out. You can leave now."

"Lost?" Qingling sneered, "He hasn't been thrown off the stage nor has he begged for mercy. How can this be considered defeat? I gave him the chance to beg for mercy, he chose not to take it. Who was to blame now?"

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