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What he meant was that if one person was defeated, the entire group would lose as well. Every member must remain standing on the stage for it be considered as a win. 

Usually, the Dongfang Family would be quickly eliminated during the first round!

This time might not be any different. 

Qing Ling sneered and glanced at Gu Ruoyun and Wei Yiyi, "This is a fate that the Dongfang Family can never escape — to forever face elimination in the first round of the Trials!"

Then, she raised her head arrogantly and walked towards Rongyue. But when she was in front of Rongyue, she quickly changed her insufferably arrogant expression into that of a compliant and respectful servant. 

"Merely a dog that threatens based on its master's power." Wei Yiyi curled her lips and turned towards Gu Ruoyun, "Master, I'd like to compete in this round."

"Very well."

Gu Ruoyun gently nodded, "Alright, you, Qingyun, Linlang and Tianyun shall represent us this round."

Amongst the team members, Wei Yiyi has reached the rank of a high-level Martial King and was only one step away from becoming a Martial Emperor. The rest had only reached the level of a Martial King during the past half a month and only Linlang remained as a low-level Martial King. 

Of course, with Wei Yiyi around, Gu Ruoyun wasn't too worried about Linlang's safety. 

Every organization sent their five representatives to the center of the plaza to participate in the battle. However, they did not send out their most powerful military strength. Even though the elimination round was extremely crucial, everyone wanted to save their trump card. 

"Wei Yiyi, even though you are a traitor of the Medicine Order, you are still at the rank of a senior aunt. Do you not feel embarrassed when competing with people younger than you?"

A disciple of the Medicine Order pointed at Wei Yiyi and shamed her. 

Wei Yiyi pursed her lips, "If I remember correctly, the competition rules state that participants should be aged thirty and below. Since it includes those in their thirties and as it happens, I have only just managed to fulfill that condition. I am not breaking the rules, so why can't I participate in the competition?"

"You really don't know the meaning of humiliation!" sneered the Medicine Order disciple. "You're nothing but a traitor. Do you still think that you're the Wei Yiyi of the past? You were poisoned by our Order Master and so many years have gone by. You should've lost your powers long ago so what makes you think that you can go up against our Medicine Order?"

Wei Yiyi's gifts were not like Rongyue's, who had risen to the level of a Martial Emperor at a young age. But if she had not been poisoned, based on her skill in cultivation in the past, she would have been at least a mid-level Martial Emperor by now. 

Unfortunately, she was poisoned and she lost her power long ago. Where did she get the courage to appear in such a place?

Wei Yiyi curled her lips, "Traitor? I believe that only some, deep down, know who the true traitor is. I will return to the Medicine Order sooner or later! Not only will I return, but I will reorganize the Order in the previous Order Master's stead!"

She will never forget what that wretched couple did to her all those years ago and she will never rest until she has had her revenge!

Wei Yiyi clenched her fist at the thought of this, and took a deep breath. A chill enveloped her beautiful face.


The disciple of the Medicine Order finally made her move. Her bladework was swift and pierced towards Wei Yiyi's face like a strong gust of wind. At the same time, the rest began to act as well.

They only have one target — to attack Wei Yiyi.

"Elder Xueyi, what do you think?"

Rongyue frowned as she observed the battle and asked, "This Wei Yiyi sure has a lot of courage to come here and participate in the Trials. Could it be that she had regained her powers? Knowing Wei Yiyi, she would never send herself to death's door so foolishly."

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