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Linlang spat at him just as he finished speaking. Her small face was filled with anger, "Gu Ling, hear this: Give up on your illusions already. I, Linlang, will never have illicit sexual relations with such a vile character even if I become a good-for-nothing. You can have this crippled spirit weapon. Even if you were to use it, you'll never be able to defeat our Dongfang Family anyway!"

Gu Ling's expression turned increasingly stormy. He raised his hand to wipe off Linlang's spit from his face. He glared coldly at her furious and flushed little face and spat, "Linlang, don't forget your original rank! Your parents were merely servants of my Gu Family and you will never escape the fact that I'm your master! But your ignoble parents refused to let me make you my concubine and secretly had you given away. I never imagined that the old man from the Dongfang Familly would take a liking to you and accept you as a disciple. But your ignoble parents still belong to my Gu Family! Now, I want you to kneel before me and apologize. Otherwise, when I return to the Gu Family home, I will ensure that your parents shall be thoroughly tortured and I will make sure that they know that they've brought up such an ungrateful daughter!"

This speech caused Gu Ruoyun to tighten her brows even more. She didn't think that Linlang would be connected to the Gu Family in that way.

It wasn't just her. Even the members of the Dongfang Family had not expected this! They all stared in astonishment at Linlang. 


Linlang trembled in fury and her eyes filled with tears. 

She would never have thought that Gu Ling would reveal her origins in such a public place. 

The more she thought of this humiliation, the paler her face became. Tears now overflowed her eyes. 

Gu Ling had done it on purpose. He had purposely exposed her origin as a servant so that the Dongfang Family members would know where she came from and completely humiliate her at the same time. 

This was the consequence of her actions in rejecting him!

Just as Linlang began to feel a wave of panic in her heart, she felt a hand on her back. The warmth it emitted brought Linlang a small sense of calm. 

"Seeing as Linlang has already been accepted as Elder Changjin's disciple, she is a member of the Dongfang Family. The Gu Family does not have the right to address a disciple of the Dongfang Family as a servant!"

Gu Ruoyun lifted the corners of her lips and smiled calmly, "As for Linlang's parents, we, the Dongfang Family, will not make any demands towards the Gu Family. I only ask that the Gu Family would treat them with honor and have them personally sent to the Dongfang Family!"

Linlang was in a daze as she raised her tear-filled eyes towards Gu Ruoyun. 

Honestly, all these years, she had missed her parents who had remained in the Gu Family residence. However, it was the Dongfang Family who had taken her in when she was in dire straits and given her the opportunity to expand her abilities. So, she had never thought of troubling the Dongfang Family to invite her parents to join her in the family. 

Seeing as the Gu Family was so powerful and was equally matched with the Dongfang Family at the time, how could she drag the Dongfang Family down with her personal issues? Hence, even her Master knew nothing of her past and she had endured the longing she had for her parents all on her own. 

But now, Gu Ruoyun's words brought a warm surge of current through Linlang's heart. She could no longer hold back her tears.

She hurriedly covered her face, trying to stop the overflowing tears from rolling down her face. 

"This crippled spirit weapon is indeed pretty good but as you said, it does not suit you. When the time comes, I'll give you an even better weapon."

Said Gu Ruoyun who had turned towards Linlang. 

Linlang wiped the tears off her face and nodded, "Thank you, Lady Gu. I don't need anything especially good as long as it's can be wielded easily."

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