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This time, it wasn't just the woman in white, even Rongyue's face turned a particularly unpleasant shade. She glared frostily at Gu Ruoyun who was feeding the holy spirit fruit to the little cat in her arms and her fists were clenched so tightly that they trembled. 

Her Master had obtained the news surrounding the holy spirit fruit with great difficulty. She had also made many preparations for the sake of acquiring the holy spirit fruit. She never expected that this devil incarnate would suddenly appear in their way. Furthermore, this woman had fed the fruit to a useless spiritual pet with no fighting power!

One should know that this was a holy spirit fruit. It's a spiritual treasure that countless cultivators yearned to own. Yet she'd given this treasure to a little cat.

She's deliberately humiliating me! She thought angrily. 

That's right, from Rongyue's point of view, it would seem like Gu Ruoyun had been doing this on purpose, all for the sake of humiliating her!

"Gu Ruoyun, are you doing this on purpose!"

Of course, Rongyue wasn't the only one who thought of it that way.

Before Rongyue could even open her mouth to speak, the ashen-faced woman in white next to her stared at Gu Ruoyun and said, "I know that you're only tagging along to Cloud City for the sake of taking revenge for the humiliation we've caused! However, regardless of how great your hatred towards the Medicine Order is, you should never have resorted to stealing the holy spirit fruit so recklessly! Such actions will cause you to become an enemy to all!"

Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and noticed the hurtful eyes of the crowd which were directed towards her. It was as if she had snatched away their baby.

"Since this holy spirit fruit belongs to me, I can give it to whomever I wish. Even if I were to burn it, that has nothing to do with any of you." Gu Ruoyun smiled coldly and stared at the woman in white whose face was full of hate and rage. "But I simply cannot understand this, I'm using something that belongs to me yet I'll become everyone's enemy? Or is it the fact that the disciples of the Medicine Order are so shameless that they would put someone off for one's own treasure?"

Hearing this, the crowd could not help but nod in agreement. 

Even though the old man may have been hoodwinked by the little girl, he had indeed given the holy spirit fruit to her as a gift. As such, it was the girl's right to give the holy spirit fruit to whomever she wishes. No matter how hurtful everyone else felt about it, they do not have the right to meddle in her affairs. 

As if feeling the disdain in the eyes of the crowd, the woman in white's expression changed and changed again. She tried to say something but was stopped by Rongyue who looked at her and shook her head. The woman in white then swallowed her words.

"Lady Gu," Rongyue slowly opened her mouth to speak, "I'm sure you know the current situation of the mainland. I can see that you have pretty good talent. If you had consumed this holy spirit fruit yourself, you might be able to serve the mainland in a positive way. Yet you've given it to a spiritual pet, isn't that a waste?"

Yunyao, who had just swallowed the holy spirit fruit and has yet to digest it, heard Rongyue's speech. A glint flashed across her eyes and her normally graceful gaze turned cold. She glared icily at Rongyue with a scornful look on her face. 

"I told you, I'm free to give this holy spirit fruit to whomever I choose. It has nothing to do with you. Besides, my breakthroughs in cultivation are not for the sake of serving the mainland. I'm only doing this for myself so you shouldn't hold me in such high esteem."

Gu Ruoyun stared calmly at Rongyue's arrogant face before retracting her gaze, "Xiao Ye, let's go have a look at what Linlang and the rest are up to."


Qianbei Ye nodded gently. His eyes had never left her from the very beginning.

"Wait a moment."

Rongyue tried to say something when suddenly a chilly wind charged sharply towards her. It felt as if a hand had reached out and pushed violently on Rongyue's chest. Before she could regain her senses, Rongyue was flung out of the area. 

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