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"That's right!"

The old man smiled coldly, "I have an ailment and my veins are blocked. Because of this, I'm unable to cultivate. If you can cure me of this, I'll give this holy spirit fruit to you. How about that?"

Hearing this, the woman in white robes next to Rongyue sneered as she glared at Gu Ruoyun disdainfully from head to toe.

"Little girl, even if you wished to go up against our Medicine Order, you should probably check your own abilities first! Do you really think that you'd be able to cure a disease that even our previous Order Master could not?"


The already noisy crowd grew increasingly excited as their eyes darted back and forth continuously between Gu Ruoyun and the disciples of the Medicine Order. 

"This old fellow seems to have some kind of history. He was actually able to mobilize the previous Order Master of the Medicine Order to treat his illness. However, if even the old Order Master had his hands tied over this ailment, I'm afraid that not even the Ghost Doctor can cure him at all."

"I know this girl. I think she's actually Gu Ruoyun from the Hundred Herb Hall. She is also the maternal granddaughter of Master Dongfang. This little girl was certainly blessed with good luck to obtain quite a few pills and further utilized their power to reach her current position! But just because she has good luck doesn't mean that she has great medical skills. After all, one can only grow more skilled in medicine as one ages."

A person's medical prowess largely depends on undergoing a long period of practical experience. This girl seems to be only around eighteen years of age. Based on how this looks, how could she possibly have the ability to cure an ailment that even the previous Order Master of the Medicine Order could not? 

Besides, the relations between the Dongfang family and the Medicine Order have grown increasingly strained over the years. In a time like this, it really looked as if Gu Ruoyun was intentionally giving the disciples of the Medicine Order a chance to embarrass her!

Unfortunately, when a person has too much confidence in themselves, they would be the one to suffer humiliation in the end. 

Yunyao furrowed her brows and glanced in annoyance at the chattering crowd. A sharp light flashed across her eyes which have now lost their former grace. 

From the beginning of it all, Gu Ruoyun did not seem to have noticed the disciples of the Medicine Order. She smiled faintly at the contemplative old man. 

"With regards to your ailment, I'm not completely sure of my capabilities. I am only 80% certain."

Gu Ruoyun never liked to overpromise. However, just as her words fell, a loud snigger was heard from the sides.

The white-robed woman's eyes were filled with mockery as she swept her disdainful gaze across Gu Ruoyun's calm face. 

"Little girl, you are indeed young and naive. You fancy yourself a genius just because you were able to participate in the Trials. Unfortunately, there are countless geniuses scattered around on this mainland. You are only a Martial King and that counts for nothing! With powers like yours, you are only fit to dominate a leading role in the secular world. Amongst the ranks of individual sects, orders, and factions, who would even pay attention to you?"

The sneer on her face grew even more pronounced as if Gu Ruoyun was some sort of enormous joke. 

"Our junior sister Rongyue of the Medicine Order is now a Martial Emperor, her medical skills are second only to her own Master. You are a person who relies solely on luck in order to reach your current level of strength. How could you possibly surpass a true genius?"

However, it was very clear that after the woman in white had finished speaking, an eerie aura began to rise in front of her and closely surrounded her. Her chest tightened and her face suddenly turned deathly white. 

"Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun patted Qianbei Ye's hand, pacifying his state of mine, "When a dog bites you, would you still want to beat her? Don't you hate it when your hands get dirty?"

Qianbei Ye felt that her words made a lot of sense. He nodded and slowly withdrew the eerie aura from his body. 

To him, Xiao Yun was always right. She can never be wrong!

And he only needs to listen to her. That was enough. 

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