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This was the Divine Trials, where many powerful organizations have gathered together.

Senior aunt Wei might have even snuck in to join in the fun, she mused.

This was her true motive in following the Medicine Order team into Cloud City.

She never thought that she would end up meeting someone acquainted with her senior aunt instead of senior aunt herself. That's good too, she thought, as long as the news reaches senior aunt, that is enough.

"Wu Yue," Gu Ruoyun rose from her seat and said, "Tomorrow, I will send someone to escort Wei Yiyi to Cloud City. You may follow the escort as well so when the time comes you may speak to her directly. However, with your absence, I don't know if the other members of the Medicine Order would..."

"Do not worry, Lady Gu. I'm not a participant in the trials. Even if I were to leave, the members of the Medicine Order would not have much to say."

Upon hearing that Wei Yiyi would be arriving soon, Wu Yue's eyes sparkled and she replied hurriedly.

"Alright, then come see me tomorrow."

Gu Ruoyun had nothing more to say after that and yawned, looking slightly fatigued.

Seeing this, Wu Yue did not linger any further. She joined her fists and bowed, "Thank you, Lady Gu. I shall take my leave."

She then turned around and left, closing Gu Ruoyun's bedroom door on her way out.

Under a beautiful, moonlit sky.

Along the quiet streets, a woman dressed in white, whose face was concealed by a white muslin, accidentally brushed Leng Yanfeng's shoulder. A peculiar feeling encircled his heart and he did not know why. Leng Yanfeng wrinkled his brows and turned his gaze towards the slowly disappearing figure in snow-white robes under the moonlight. A strange feeling seemed to take over his heart.


Even Leng Yanfeng could not understand why he would call out to a total stranger on the streets.

The woman paused in her steps and calmly replied without turning her head, "Do you need something, mister?"

"We... Have we met before?"

Leng Yanfeng turned silent for half a beat before asking as he stared at Wu Yue's shadow.

Wu Yue smiled and replied in the calmest of voices, "No."

She then hurriedly took off and disappeared from view, leaving Leng Yanfeng spellbound and in a daze.

This feeling was far too similar, too similar to what I've felt from junior sister Shi Yun's body all those years ago, he mused. Who was this woman?

Lost in thought, Leng Yanfeng's eyebrows were deeply creased. He resolved never to allow anyone to influence his junior sister Shi Yun's position in his heart.

The trade fair was the most magnificent event in Cloud City. Every year, many skilled cultivators would have their prized treasures displayed in a stall for all to see. If the barterer happens to have a treasure that the vendor happens to be interested in, then a trade will commence.

At this moment, in the middle of the Cloud City plaza, Linlang stared curiously at the cat in Gu Ruoyun's arms and blinked.

This was because she had previously seen a large white tiger turn into this tiny cat before her very eyes. There was only one type of spiritual beast that had the ability to shapeshift at will — the legendary spiritual beasts that had the blood of the Divine Beasts flowing in their veins!

She never imagined that this would have been just like the rumors have said, Lady Gu does indeed have a bold and powerful Divine Beast in her possession. As long as she was around, the Dongfang family could not possibly lose in the Trials this time!

"After the trade fair, you will all be placed under training for half a year. So if you have any weapons that you consider as your pride, find something to exchange for them. It will be very useful for your training later on."

As she spoke, the eyes of the group sparkled and they began to look around, searching amongst the weapons in their surroundings.


Suddenly, a flash of white robes caught Gu Ruoyun's attention and a cold smile formed on the corners of her lips. She said nothing more to Linlang and others as she started walking towards that particular direction.

Qianbei Ye, who had been walking by her side, chased after her as well.

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