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The implications behind that last sentence caused Linlang to turn very red in the face. The rest of the Dongfang family's disciples were rubbing their fists, eager to pick a fight.

"This was simply an intolerable display of bullying. What's so great about the Gu family? The most powerful young disciple was only a high-level Martial King! I simply can't understand what they're so pleased about."

"It's not their place to make thoughtless remarks about the Dongfang family! And he wants to bully Linlang! He simply doesn't place any importance on us!"

"He would only dare to let out this spate of nonsense in Cloud City! If this were anywhere else, he wouldn't have dared to say a word!"

"Alright!" Dongfang Changjin wrinkled her brows as she swept her gaze across every face of the Dongfang disciples who were ready to pick a fight, "Gu Ling's powers are indeed strong. Besides, to be able to become a high-level Martial King at such a young age does give him the right to strut around and show-off! If you can't swallow the way he speaks, then defeat him in the Divine Trials!"

Linlang gritted her teeth said nothing more.

All these years, she has had to endure the humiliation from Gu Ling every time during the Divine Trials. Unfortunately, her powers were no match for his and she could only choose to tolerate it!

If... She thought, if I could just surpass him...

Linlang's eyes hardened with resolve at the thought. She must surpass him no matter what. Otherwise, she would forever remain living with his insults.

"Xiao Yun, these pastries are delicious. Here, let me feed you."

From the start, Qianbei Ye did not seem to have noticed the altercation. He carefully raised a pastry to Gu Ruoyun's lips as his eyes filled with a satisfied smile.

In his eyes, even the boundless universe could not be compared to the happiness in her every twinkle and smile.

However, Gu Ruoyun could not understand why but she seemed to sense a pair of eyes filled with envious hatred staring twistedly towards her. But when she turned around, the gaze disappeared. So she quickly retracted her gaze and swallowed the pastry that Qianbei Ye had raised to her lips.

In a dark corner, a woman dressed in white coldly watched Qianbei Ye's every move. Her jealousy was like ten thousand ants which were climbing all over her heart. She wished that she could stab Gu Ruoyun's skull a hundred times over! But she gritted her teeth and suppressed her impulses.

"Gu Ruoyun. She actually had not arrived with the Xia family but had followed the Dongfang family team instead. No wonder the Dongfang family would actually oppose me, it seems that they have an unshakeable connection with Gu Ruoyun!"

Shi Yun sneered and spoke hatefully, "This Gu Ruoyun is truly a bane! She has caused so much harm to me and to such a tragic degree! At least some good came from my disaster, having inadvertently met someone from the Spirit Sect. As long as I have that silly little boy dancing in the palm of my hand, he will certainly kill Gu Ruoyun for me!"

And this Trial shall be the place of her death!

"Gu Ruoyun, so what if you are a genius? How are you going to oppose the Spirit Sect with your powers? Even if your elder brother was the heir to the Spirit Sect, unfortunately, he is unable to make an appearance. And before he emerges, you will already be dead!"

And she shall die by my hand! she thought. Shi Yun's smile grew increasingly more eerie and sinister. At this moment, she recalled how she had fallen from her status as a dignified fairy into such poverty! If it weren't for this woman, she could not possibly have ended up becoming homeless!

Just as Shi Yun was gnashing her teeth in anger, Leng Yanfeng watched her from behind with his eyes filled with resolve.

As long as it was something that junior sister Shi Yun desires, I shall fulfill it for her! he thought to himself, even if she were to walk the wrong path, I will help her along the way!

All of this was because she had pulled me out of the darkness once!

It was her hand that saved me. As such, I will have no regrets even if I have to give her my entire life!

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