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Lin Shao began to unconsciously hate Dongfang Yan, their camaraderie was now gone without a trace in the face of benefits.


Just then, a strong aura seeped into the hall and caused an abrupt change in Gu Ruoyun's expression.

"Xiao Ye? That's right. This aura is indeed Xiao Ye's. Who's he fighting with? Maternal grandmother, let's hurry out to have a look."

Just as she spoke, her figure turned into a gust of wind and charged through the door...

Under the night sky, the man's blood-red clothes fluttered in the wind while his silver hair was like silk. Enveloped in that imposing manner, his body seemed to be lit by the bloody red flames of a fiery pit. His phoenix-like eyes stared coldly at the man in the black robes who was standing in midair.

The man was straightening up his black robes. His forehead was drenched in cold sweat as he clutched his weapon tightly in his hand. He was anxiously staring in terror at the powerful, blood-thirsty yet handsome silver-haired man who looked like a devil. He was in such a panic that he nearly lost the grip on his sword.

When had the Dongfang family acquired such a powerful cultivator? I've never heard of him, he thought. He even detected my presence before I could manage to carry out my plans.

"Shi Tu? It's him!"

When his eyes fell upon the man in black robes whom Qianbei Ye had forced into a state of complete submission, Master Dongfang's expression changed immediately. "How had Shi Tu been able to get into Dongfang City? Could it be that the Dongfang family's guards are all a bunch of good-for-nothings? Unable to even notice an enemy's infiltration?"

However, he certainly never would have thought that the silver-haired man who had followed his maternal granddaughter would turn out to have such great power. Shi Tu to him was like a child, barely a few years of age, and was played like a toy in the palm of his hand.

"Xiao Yun."

Qianbei Ye was momentarily startled when he noticed the people approaching him from the back. He turned his head towards the young girl's pure and beautiful face and asked, "Can I kill him?"

His tone was simple as if he was asking if he could have a bowl of rice to eat.

"Little girl, is this man a friend of yours?"

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi furrowed his brows. He could not tell why but this man made him feel extremely uncomfortable as if merely standing in front of him was suffocating.

After all, he was already a Martial Honor. Therefore, this man has to be exceptionally powerful for him to feel this way.


The Honorable Sir Tian Qi paused and a shrewd light flashed across his elderly eyes.

Though this man's strength was extremely powerful, he was not in control of that power and he doesn't know why. Based on his current display of strength, he should be a Martial Honor at most. However, if one were to wait for him to be able to fully command his power, then forget about this mainland. Even in another more powerful mainland, not many would be able to match him in strength...

"Shi Tu? The Sect Master of the Weapon Refining Sect? Why would the Master of the Weapon Refining Sect be here?"

Gu Ruoyun's lips curled into a cold smile and a cold light flashed through her gaze.


Shi Tu's eyes emitted a strong, flaming rage but he gritted his teeth and stayed silent. His gaze was filled with disdain and scorn as if Gu Ruoyun had no right to ask him any questions.

"Not going to talk?" Gu Ruoyun smiled, "I believe that the Dongfang family has ways to make you talk. Xiao Ye, don't kill him just yet, hand him over to Master Dongfang. As for the final outcome in this, let the Dongfang family handle this personally."

After she spoke, Shi Tu's state of mind calmed down and his face twisted into a mocking angle. He was determined to stand victorious over the Dongfang family no matter what.

"Xiao Ye, I'm tired. Let's go."

Gu Ruoyun yawned, her pure and beautiful features looked exhausted.

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