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The crowd was completely silent. Everyone held their breath as they stared at Gu Ruoyun in complete disbelief.

What did the Honorable Sir Tian Qi mean? Was this young lady the powerful cultivator who had broken through to reach the Martial Emperor level yesterday?

Had this statement come from any other person, they would not have believed it. But since the remark was from the famous Honorable Sir Tian Qi, it was impossible not to believe it.

"I see you’ve already met Yun’er, big brother," Lan Yuge chuckled. "I guess there’s no need for formal introductions. Yun’er, meet your granduncle!"

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi’s face froze in place; his eyes darted towards Gu Ruoyun in surprise.

Am I hearing things? he wondered. What was the title that Lan Yuge had asked Gu Ruoyun to address me as?

"Ge’er, what do you mean?" He asked nervously. "Why are you asking the little girl to address me as her granduncle? Please don’t tell me that you’ve adopted this girl as your granddaughter behind my back."

If this were true, he smiled to himself, it would really be a world of good news. We’ll see how that shameless old Honorable Poison Master would try to steal her away from him now!

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi rubbed his fist in anticipation as he awaited Lan Yuge’s reply.


Master Dongfang cleared his throat and glanced at the Honorable Sir Tian Qi, "Honorable Sir Tian Qi, before anything more is said, I’d like to make an announcement. Since you're present, please bear witness to this announcement from the Dongfang family."

Upon hearing this, the crowd perked up and some even tried to guess what Master Dongfang would say next.

"Little sister," Lin Shao exclaimed. "This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Forget about whoever that woman is. If she's indeed Mistress Lan’s adopted granddaughter, even better; no one would fight you for Dongfang Shaoze’s attention then! The Head of the Dongfang family is about to announce his son’s wedding and no one else in the entire Dongfang City is more eligible to be matchmade with Dongfang Shaoze than you!"

Lin Yue’er smiled as she looked affectionately at Dongfang Shaoze.

All these years, this man has been the goal she had been fighting for her entire life. She's worked harder than everyone else to earn his affection.

Now, she thought, I’m going to become his wife. My long-cherished wish will soon be fulfilled…

"Come on, spit it out!"

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi glared at Master Dongfang.

If he hadn’t snatched away his precious little sister all those years ago, he fumed, she would have stayed by his side and would not have had to brave so many dangers including the grief of losing the apple of her eye.

Clearly, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi would never have bothered to put on a good face for the old man.

Master Dongfang’s face flushed with embarrassment. No matter how many grievances he has, he would not dare to speak his mind with his brother-in-law in the room.

"The announcement I’m about to make is the biggest news we’ve ever had in the history of the Dongfang family!" he declared.

The crowd cheered and clapped but the same thoughts played in their minds:

Biggest news? Wouldn’t that concern Dongfang Shaoze’s wedding plans? Who could the lucky girl be? Moreover, the Dongfang family has strong connections with the Spirit Sect. If this woman was going to become the mistress of the Dongfang household, she would never have to worry about getting oppressed for the rest of her life.

Lin Yue’er prepared herself for once Master Dongfang had made the announcement, she would stand up and express her gratitude to display a gentle and virtuous image. As Master Dongfang spoke, she was already getting up from her seat. She walked over with a huge smile.

"Thank you, honorable guests," Master Dongfang addressed the crowd. "For attending my wife’s birthday celebration. In light of the festivities, I would like to make an important announcement regarding this young lady."

The old man could no longer contain the joy he felt. His face broke out into a huge smile.

"I present to you my maternal granddaughter, the flesh and blood of my daughter, Yu’er! She's a precious pearl of the Dongfang family. Should anyone dare to lay a hand on her, the Dongfang family will follow them through heaven and hell and rain terror upon them!"

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