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"What’s taking them so long? Ge’er should be here by now! Is that girl even reliable? No, I must go have a look."


As he saw his father behaving so anxiously, Dongfang Shaoze quickly grabbed his hand and said in exasperation, "Father, if you go now, she might change her mind. It’s best that we wait. I know Yun’er well and she’d never make such a promise unless she was 100% sure that she could fulfill it."

"That’s true…"

Master Dongfang stopped his tracks but continued to steal glances at the door. Cold sweat formed on his palms.

"Oh, right!" He shot an anxious look at his son and asked, "How do I look? Do I look handsome? Do you think your Mother would like this?"

Dongfang Shaoze was speechless.

Was this really my cold, stern and stately father? He wondered. He seemed to lose all sense of rationality when it comes to matters concerning Mother.

At that moment, the entire hall fell silent. Master Dongfang froze and carefully turned his head as he felt a familiar presence that he had long missed. He blinked in disbelief as he stared at the fairy-like woman clad in blue. His eyes brimmed with tears of joy as he rubbed his fist vigorously, completely at loss for words.

The moonlight poured down from the heavens, casting a brilliant glow on the woman’s soft and lovely face which left everyone in the room breathless. Her beautiful crescent-shaped eyebrows were enough to capture a person’s heart and soul. Her lips were turned upwards and held an indescribably elegant charm. It was as if she has had some sort of surgery - this woman looked as if she were in her twenties but in truth, she was about fifty to sixty years old. Next to her stood an eighteen-year-old woman in green robes who carried an air of indifference. Her eyes were like dark, bottomless stars and held a cold gaze. Despite standing next to the peerless beauty of Lan Yuge, her looks were certainly not inferior.

Rather, in some respect, more superior.

Who was this girl? Why had she appeared with Lan Yuge?

Everyone was whispering excitedly as they stared in complete puzzlement at Gu Ruoyun. In fact, the strange girl’s appearance drew too much attention, for everyone was imagining the impossible!

"Little sister, this was the woman that Dongfang Shaoze had brought home," Lin Shao explained to the pretty lady next to him. However, the sight of the woman walking next to Lan Yuge made him frown involuntarily.

Who was this woman and why was she with Lan Yuge? Has the Dongfang household accepted her relationship with Dongfang Shaoze? Would the dignified Dongfang family actually accept a woman with unknown origins?

There has to be some sort of mistake.


Master Dongfang's heart leaped. He hurriedly walked up to greet Lan Yuge, all the while rubbing his hands with uncertain joy.

"Ge’er, you’ve finally come home!"

Heaven knows how much he had missed her all these years. It would seem that only the cleverness of his maternal granddaughter had coaxed her to return home. His heart was filled with joy at the thought. Noticing the puzzled stares of his guests, he restrained himself and coughed in embarrassment as he glared sternly at Gu Ruoyun.

"Considering how much you’ve helped me today, I will overlook your past mistakes."

Hearing this, everyone now understood the situation.

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