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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 41: Qianbei Ye Gets Jealous (3)
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Inside the courtyard, the atmosphere was particularly low. Qianbei Ye was showing an aggrieved expression on his handsome face, he was acting like a small beast that had been bullied.

“Xiao Yun, he touched your head just now. Can I also touch your head as well?”

Gu Ruoyun was startled: “Did you hit your head?”

Qianbei Ye became even more aggrieved: “Why is it that he can touch your head, but I can’t?”

“Xiao Ye, if you continue to make a fuss, I’ll get angry.” Gu Ruoyun darkened her expression purposefully, saying somewhat fiercely: “Since you’ve chosen to follow me, you have to listen to me, understand?”

Having heard this, Qianbei Ye showed a trace of nervousness as he carefully said: “I won’t make a fuss anymore, I’ll be very well-behaved and obedient. Xiao Yun, please don’t get angry with me, please don’t chase me away, okay?”

Seeing that the man was being this careful, Gu Ruoyun’s heart softened: “Alright, I’m not angry anymore, let’s go.”

“Xiao Yun, you’re a nice person.”

Qianbei Ye smiled; with this smile, he surpassed the level of those beauties that had been said to cause the downfall of nations. It was as if his surroundings were filled with fireworks, he was exceedingly elegant.

Gu Ruoyun gazed at him in a trance; she had never thought that a man could be this beautiful when he smiled. Anyone would stop breathing upon seeing that smile. It was as if he was the most beautiful colour in the world and anyone who stood by his side was only fit to be his foil.

Of course, this was on the premise that he remained silent…

The moment he spoke, everyone’s fantasy would be destroyed.

“Xiao Yun, I’m scared of the dark, I don’t want to sleep alone. Can I just sleep with you?”


“Xiao Yun, why is your body different from mine? What’s that swelling on your chest? Can I touch it?”


If Gu Ruoyun had not personally felt the seal in the man’s mind, she would have definitely suspected that he was faking amnesia to take advantage of her!

How was this considered simple curiosity? This was clearly him flirting with her!

Gu Ruoyun had to take a deep breath to suppress the urge to toss him out.

“If you are not going to shut up immediately, then get out of here!”

At this time, in the great hall of the Gu family, Old Man Gu was sweeping everything breakable on the table to the floor. His face was so overcast that it seemed as if rain would fall any second. Even Gu Panpan, who was usually favoured, stood to one side and did not dare to say a single word.

“Gu Ruoyun! Good! Very good!”

Old Man Gu sneered: “She is actually this unfilial! It is indeed her parents’ early death that led to her lack of upbringing, otherwise how could our Gu family have produced such a disappointing bad apple? I knew something like this would happen! I shouldn’t have let Tian’er marry a woman with an unknown background! Otherwise how else could they have given birth to a bastard like that!”

His son, Gu Tian, had been the entire mainland’s top genius, shocking the whole world with his talent. Gu Tian had become a martial king at an early age, and Old Man Gu had hung all his hopes on him. If he hadn’t died, how would the Gu family have fallen to this level? If he hadn’t died, maybe the Gu family would have already walked out of Azure Dragon Country and been competing with powers like the Weapon Refining Sect.

“It’s true that every outstanding man must have a good woman behind him. Not just someone who would later become a burden! If Tian’er had not married that woman with a questionable background, then he definitely wouldn’t have been reduced to such a fate- without even a corpse to bury!”

From his words, it was obvious that Old Man Gu was not sad for his son’s death, but was only lamenting that the Gu family had lost a talent of such magnitude.

However, from beginning to end, the old man had not known the true identity of Gu Ruoyun’s mother. Back then, her mother had concealed her identity to marry Gu Tian because the Dongfang family had already investigated the ins and outs of the Gu family, as well as the old man’s character. As a result, they had threatened to disown Dongfang Yu if she insisted on marrying Gu Tian!

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