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Gu Ruoyun, who had obviously seen through Lan Yuge’s thoughts, quickly explained, "It was really due to pure luck that I had managed to reach the ranks of a high-level Martial King at its peak! I had received a strange treasure a few days ago which allowed me to break through within a month."

Pure luck?

Lan Yuge shook her head. She never believed in luck. Sure, Gu Ruoyun’s sudden rise in power in such a short time may have had something to do with it, but it couldn't be the only reason. Besides, when asked about their rapidly growing strength, many youngsters would attribute their success to hard work. They certainly would not admit that they had used enhancement tools. Yet, this girl had explained her breakthrough so quickly and simply, even using luck as an explanation.

Noticing Gu Ruoyun’s humility at such a young age, Lan Yuge finally understood how she could have grown into the success she has today…

"Maternal grandmother," Gu Ruoyun greeted as she stood up from Qianbei Ye’s arms, watching Lan Yuge walk out. "Your birthday celebration is tomorrow — let’s attend it together!"

Lan Yuge was slightly startled and her gaze full of sadness. "Yun’er, I’ve already told you. No matter what you say, I will never leave this mountain."

This was my punishment, she thought.

"Are you really that unwilling to see that old man, maternal grandmother?" Gu Ruoyun asked with her eyebrows slightly raised. "I understand that you’re punishing yourself by refusing to see your loved ones, but wouldn’t it be better to punish the ones who have truly wronged you instead? If you really want revenge for Mother, hiding in the mountains like a coward is not the way. Instead, you should bravely face reality and increase the strength of the Dongfang family! Only as a strong family can we avenge her."

Become stronger? Lan Yuge was startled. The power of that organization was extremely strong; would we really be able to fight back?

In the past, she would never have thought that this would be possible. But now…

Lan Yuge gazed at the young girl before her — her face was brimming with the brightest of smiles. She felt moved, perhaps this girl could be her only hope for revenge…

"Very well." Lan Yuge smiled, her eyes glistening. "I promise you I’ll go down the mountain with you tomorrow."

"Great! Then let’s wait until the birthday celebration to leave and let that old fart stay anxious for a little while longer." Gu Ruoyun blinked as she curled the edges of her lips up mischievously.

Qianbei Ye, who remained silent, had his bloodred eyes fixed upon the young girl’s shadow. His peerless beauty lit up with a warm smile, "Xiao Yun, no matter what you do or where you go, I’ll always be by your side."

The stars in the sky were scarce that night. The Dongfang family's courtyard was brightly lit by flickering candlelight.

Everyone had heard that the reclusive Lan Yuge who had hidden in the mountains would make an appearance today. In order to curry favor with this reputably powerful woman, many leaders from different powerful forces brought along their unmarried daughters to the dinner banquet with the hope that Lan Yuge would convince Dongfang Shaoze to choose one of them to be his bride.

Despite knowing each other’s snake-like intentions, general etiquette prevented everyone from displaying them and they all praised their rival’s daughters for their beauty, wit, and grace. At this point, Master Dongfang no longer cared for his dignified image. He glanced anxiously at the door and ignored all attempts from his guests to strike up a conversation with him.

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