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Hearing this, the imperial bodyguard next to Him rolled his eyes.

Your Imperial Majesty, You've already mentioned this matter to the Retired Emperor, thought the guard. However, it's very obvious that You'll never have the chance to shirk off the Dragon robes now. Otherwise, the Retired Emperor will serve You with whips.

"Oh that's right, why are you here, goddess? And..." Pang Ran blinked, and just as He was about to ask another question, his eyes suddenly fell upon the doll-like young girl behind Gu Ruoyun. His eyes sparkled as He hurriedly rubbed His greasy hands on His robes before holding out His hand towards Luo Li, stammering, "This... Young lady, my name is Pang Ran. I'm a loyal supporter of the goddess. May I know your name? Would you be willing to join me for dinner? I'm willing to share my favorite red roasted pork with you."

His entire head was drenched in nervous sweat as He spoke, His eyes could not help but stare at Luo Li's blushing yet melancholic, doll-like face.

However, Luo Li felt a strong urge to vomit at the thought of the bucket full of greasy red roasted pork. She hid behind Gu Ruoyun and cried out in dismay, "I don't want red roasted pork. I hate greasy things."


Pang Ran felt His heart break into a million pieces.

After all, no one had ever been able to touch His heart ever since He was a little boy. But upon meeting this adorable young girl, He finally understood the meaning of 'love at first sight'. But she actually hates red roasted pork...

Pang Ran felt His body flutter in the wind, floating into an all-time low. Luo Li's words kept ringing in His ears...

"Pang Ran, we were just passing by. We didn't expect to meet you here but it would seem that you're doing pretty well. So, I guess we should continue our journey." Gu Ruoyun smiled, then turned to Luo Li and said, "Luo Li, let's go."


Luo Li's eyes lit up. She nodded her head vigorously, wishing that she could get as far away from this damned fatty as possible.

The trio disappeared straightaway but Pang Ran was still in a daze from the previous blow. His gaze was sluggish and lifeless, "She hates red roasted pork, hates greasy things, that also means, she hates me..." He mumbled.

Pang Ran pulled his brains out, his entire face was filled with anguish, so heartbroken that He wasn't even interested in His favorite red roasted pork anymore, He waved His hand towards the imperial bodyguard and said, "Let's go back to the palace."

"As You command, Your Imperial Majesty."

The imperial bodyguard's eyes lit up, he wanted to thank that young girl with a doll-like face. If it weren't for her, His Imperial Majesty would not return to the palace so obediently...

Outside the restaurant, Gu Ruoyun paused in her footsteps and looked at the blue skies, "I promised my uncle that I would go to him once I've settled everything here, but now we need to make a stop along the way. Luo Li, I'll arrange something for you later on when we're there."


Luo Li lowered her head and replied, showing no objections towards Gu Ruoyun's words...


At the Qin Mountains, one of the most fearsome places on the mainland.

Of course, three years ago, the Qin Mountains was just like any other mountain range. However, at the present moment, countless booby traps had appeared within the Qin Mountains. Even a Martial Emperor would find themselves unable to leave after falling into one of these traps.

Soon enough, everyone began to isolate the Qin Mountains as one of the most dangerous places to be and no one dared to enter the place.

But no one could have imagined that the newest organization of the mainland, the Devil Sect, which had reached the level of notoriety in the span of one night, had stationed themselves within the dangerous Qin Mountains. The booby traps that had been scattered around the Qin Mountains, were all planted by the Devil Sect.

Because of this, after three years, no organization has managed to discover the headquarters of the Devil Sect no matter how hard they had searched.

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