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Master Xia nodded his head and smiled, "I understand. From now on, I will supervise and urge the younger generations of the Xia Family to work hard in their cultivation so that even when Lord Lingxiao leaves, the Xia Family will still remain immortal, forever."

He did not know why, but Master Xia had a feeling that Lord Lingxiao will follow in this little girl's march and leave. Once that happens, the Xia Family can only depend on themselves...

"Good, I'll take my leave then. Take care. Xiao Ye, Luo Li, let's go."

Gu Ruoyun joined her fists in a salute before walking out the of the door, slowly disappearing from Master Xia's line of sight.

Master Xia watched her as she left and muttered to himself, "Perhaps, not too long from now, the entire mainland shall know Gu Ruoyun's name. Even the Three Great Authorities can only gaze at her existence..."

Be that as it may, Master Xia would never have guessed that his prophecy would come true. Not too long after, the mainland would be entirely dominated by the Devil Sect! Even the Three Great Authorities would depend on the Devil Sect for survival...


In Black Tortoise Country, along the bustling streets, a furious roar could be heard.

"I'm the Emperor! What f*cking right do you have in prohibiting me from eating meat? That guy is only a Retired Emperor, what right does he have to stop me from eating meat? If you listen to that b*stard, I will destroy all of you this instant! Damn it, I want to eat meat!"

Outside the restaurant, Gu Ruoyun, who happened to be passing by, overheard a familiar voice. She cocked an eyebrow and looked in. Instantly, a large body appeared within her line of sight.

Pang Ran had placed both hands on his hips and was pointing angrily at the imperial bodyguard's nose. His eyes were spitting fire, he wished that he could chop the imperial bodyguard into eight pieces.

The imperial bodyguard looked utterly helpless. This little Emperor was great and all but he simply loved eating meat far too much. He simply wouldn't be happy without it. However, the Retired Emperor had given the order that no one was permitted to allow him to eat meat. Otherwise, they would be punished by carrying a hundred wooden planks.

"Your Imperial Majesty, the Retired Emperor has issued the order. This subordinate is powerless."


Pang Ran was hopping mad as he roared, "I'm the Emperor, he only counts as a ball! If you continue to listen to that bastard, then you'd better stay far away from me!"

This was so infuriating! He thought. That guy is not even a ghost! He's already gone on a honeymoon with my Imperial Mother, yet he still sends people to monitor me!

In the ways of the world, even eating red roasted pork was such a difficult feat.

Just as Pang Ran was about to fly into madness, the sound of a faint laugh was heard. It was filled with flattery, "Pang Ran, it's only been a short while since we last saw each other, how could it be that you've grown so much fatter?"

Pang Ran was startled. He turned his head to find a smiling face in front of his eyes. He blinked repeatedly before charging towards Gu Ruoyun with arms wide open.

"Goddess, I've missed you so much!"


Suddenly, a figure in blood-red clothes appeared, blocking Gu Ruoyun from Pang Ran's view. The figure's silvery hair made him look like a deity.

Right now, the man's incomparably beautiful face was as cold as ice and the aura from his body begin to stir. Before Pang Ran could even reach Gu Ruoyun, he was flung aside by that powerful, typhoon-like aura. His nearly 120 kilogram body slammed into a wall, causing it to collapse.

But despite sustaining such a heavy impact, Pang Ran stood up again as if nothing had happened. He rubbed his nose and said, "Goddess, didn't you say that as long as I became the Emperor, I could eat meat? Now I'm already the Emperor but they still refuse to allow me to eat meat. Since I cannot have meat, I no longer want to be Emperor. Anyone can have the throne if he wishes."

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