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He did not know Gu Ruoyun very well but he knew that this woman has not only saved his life but was also a highly trusted friend of both his father and Yu'er.

Now that Yu'er had disappeared, it's very likely that she would be the only one who can find him...

"Young Master Xia, could you explain the situation to me?"

Xia Zixi's gaze darkened upon hearing her question and he sighed softly, "My father is injured, and Yu'er... is missing."


Suddenly, a strong aura erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body and the young girl's originally calm exterior was now as cold as ice. Her voice was somber as she replied, "What did you say? What happened, why is Yu'er missing?"

"Aih," Xia Zixi sighed, "On the day when we parted ways, we managed to reach the foot of Heaven Mountain. But Elder Zhao, who had been chased out of the Xia Family, harbored hatred towards us and formed an alliance with the Weapon Refining Sect to bring harm upon the Xia Family. The two Martial Emperors from the Weapon Refining Sect along with the Sect Master himself arrived at our doorstep. In order to protect our family, my father fought with the both of them, and ended up seriously injured..."

His face was full of agony but most of it stemmed from his guilt and remorse.

"And Yu'er... He tried to protect Luo Li and suffered a serious injury in the hands of another strong cultivator from the Weapon Refining Sect. He ended up falling off a cliff, we don't know if he's dead or alive. This is all my fault. I couldn't even protect my own son, I'm truly a useless father!"

When she heard of Xia Linyu's situation, the aura from within Gu Ruoyun's body began to stir. A murderous intent rose and spread throughout the entire hall.

"The Weapon Refining Sect! Haha!"

She laughed maniacally as the murderous intent thickened in her body. Her apocalyptic aura stunned everyone present.

"I, Gu Ruoyun, hereby swear that this time, those who have harmed him will pay the price with blood. Even if I have to tear through the entire mainland and turn it upside down, I will not rest until they are all dead!!!"

In her previous life, she had not been able to protect him.

How could she allow the same tragedy to repeat itself in her current life?

I will destroy the families of those who dare to harm him, so they may never rise up again!

"Where are the members of the Weapon Refining Sect now?"

Gu Ruoyun raised her gaze. The young girl's eyes were now layered with a strong murderous intent.

"The members of the Weapon Refining Sect are now in Heaven City. But because the Xia Family members are protected by a Divine Beast, they dare not step forward. However, it's already been so many days and the Lord Divine Beast has yet to make his move. Hence, I believe that they will attack us very soon. Lady Gu, the Weapon Refining Sect has two Martial Emperors and around ten members in the Martial King rank. We cannot be careless."

Xia Zixi gently pursed his thin lips and his face showed great concern. After all, they had both dealt a serious blow to the only Martial Emperor in the Xia Family. Despite Gu Ruoyun's return, she may not be able to hold them back.

"Martial Emperor?" Gu Ruoyun sneered, "So what? This time, a Martial Honor has arrived. I will also make sure that they will all be annihilated!"

So what if they have Martial Emperors on their side? She thought furiously. I will kill anyone who dared to lay a finger on Yu'er! Speaking reasonably was of no use in this mainland, only painful punishment. Then they shall know that they should never even think of attacking my family!

Xia Zixi was astonished. Gu Ruoyun may have once displayed strong powers, but she was still a mere Martial King. How could a Martial King stand against an enemy far above her rank?

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