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It's been half a month.

Time had passed quickly.

Within half a month, the members of the Devil Sect's powers have increased significantly. Generally, most of them have risen one level higher but the most surprising of all was little Bai Chuan. Initially, he had merely broken through to the rank of a Martial Warrior. Now, he has stepped over all three levels in the Martial Warrior ranks and has reached the ranks of a Martial Knight! As time goes on, he will surely become a shining star.

"It seems that you've all reaped a lot of benefits this time."

Gu Ruoyun rubbed her chin as she observed the people before her and nodded with satisfaction, "I've agreed with the Honorable Poison Master to bring him to the Xia Family for a visit in half a month. Now that it's already been half a month, we should leave. And Bai Chuan... Moyu, allow him to follow you into the pill hall in the future. However, I don't want him to learn pill refinement, I want him to study poisons."

It was after meeting with the Honorable Poison Master that Gu Ruoyun had come to this decision.

Generally speaking, an eccentric old man at the ranks of Martial Honor need not worry about a newly minted Martial Honor! However, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi did not dare fight with the Honorable Poison Master not because of his own convictions, but because the Honorable Poison Master was proficient with poisons!

The Honorable Poison Master would probably still have an extra edge even when faced with a mid-level Martial Honor.

Hence, she wanted to train Bai Chuan into surpassing the Honorable Poison Master.

"Yes, Master."

Moyu joined her fists and bowed respectfully, "Do not worry Master, I, your subordinate, will ensure that Bai Chuan is well-trained. I will not allow his gifts to go to waste."

Gu Ruoyun nodded, "Good. The rest of you will return to the Devil Sect first. I should probably return to the Xia Family home as well. Baobao, Yunyao, you're responsible for scooping up the holy spirit stones and bringing them home."

It's been half a month since Yu'er and the rest have left, she thought, I wonder how he's doing...

Especially since Xia Qi was still in the Xia Family home!

She absolutely cannot let him get away.


A great change has come upon Heaven City since Gu Ruoyun's half a month absence. The streets were cold and desolate, the bustling stalls from before were nowhere to be found.

Gu Ruoyun frowned, she didn't know why but a sense of uneasiness began to fill her heart. All she wanted to do now was to return to the Xia Family home as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the great hall of the Xia Family home, Xia Zixi frowned, anxiety displayed clearly in his eyes. His once handsome face now looked pale and weak. He pursed his lips and asked, "Still no news of Yu'er?"

A man standing below his seat, shook his head, "Young Master, all signs point to a grim situation for the Little Master."

"No! Nothing bad could happen to Yu'er."

Xia Zixi sat numbly on his chair and muttered to himself.

Father is now gravely injured, and Yu'er is nowhere to be found. I must maintain the support for the Xia Family home, no matter what!

Furthermore, I believe that after surviving so many years of torment, Yu'er would not be in any danger!

Just then, a noise was heard from outside the door. Xia Zixi straightened up immediately as his eyes filled with excitement and surprise.

"Young Master Xia, it's been half a month. Has something happened to the Xia Family? What about Yu'er and Master Xia? Why do I not see them?"

Under the light of the setting sun, a young girl clad in green robes frowned as she stepped through the doors of the great hall. Her delicate and pretty features displayed an obvious sense of anxiety. She had forced herself to suppress her urgency and asked the question in a calm manner.

"You..." Xia Zixi felt his heart tremble, unloading all the burdens and stress he had endured in the past few days. His mouth twitched, "You've finally returned."

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