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"She's insane. This little girl is insane!"

Honorable Sir Tian Qi stomped his foot, he was utterly exasperated, "Does she want to die? What level is that pale dragon and what level is she at? Even I wouldn't dare pick a fight with that pale dragon. She's only a Martial King!"

A Martial King's level of power was probably no bigger than the gap between the pale dragon's teeth.

But her? He thought. She was nice and safe on the back of the phoenix. Based on his speed, the pale dragon would have no chance of attacking her. She had it good, and now she's given up her safety net to look for her own death.

Honorable Sir Tian Qi became extremely nervous at the thought. It's been a long time since a genius like her has appeared in the mainland, if she were to be killed... What a pity.


The pale dragon was in an extreme rage. It thrashed its body around, trying to throw Gu Ruoyun off its back. It then attempted to smash this human with a death wish into minced meat.

But Gu Ruoyun held onto a piece of the dragon's scale on its back with one hand and gripped her sword tightly with the other. She raised her sword and shoved it with all her might into the dragon's back.

The sharp blade pierced deep into the dragon's back, and its blood gushed out like spring water. The blood of the pale dragon was scorching hot, it caused a stinging, burning pain as it splashed onto Gu Ruoyun's skin.

But she did not stop.

She tore off the entire dragon's scale, and blood began to blur out the shape of the pale dragon's back. The pale dragon was going mad under the agonizing pain, its eyes were now filled with a savage and vicious light.


"Roar roar!"

The pale dragon howled continuously and the entire mountain range trembled. He wanted to throw Gu Ruoyun off his back but the latter was holding on too tightly. No matter how hard he tried, she refused to loosen her grip!

If this were to continue, I wouldn't have a single scale left, he thought. It would all be torn out by this evil human!

The pale dragon then began to thrash around with even greater force, groaning and howling with agony and anger. If Gu Ruoyun were to loosen her grip even for a second, she would certainly be smashed into minced meat.

Meanwhile, the spectators' nerves were stretched thin as they watched the young girl on the dragon's back anxiously.

The young girl's green robes were now dyed red from the blood. Sweat trickled down from her brow, and wisps of hair clung onto her face. She looked as if she was in a state of panic.

But not a single person looked at her with scorn.

Because this young girl was battling a legendary pale dragon!

Even Gu Ruoyun herself would never have thought that she would be facing this battle today. This carved a deep impression on the members of the Devil Sect who witnessed the scene. Many years later, they would proudly tell this story to their grandchildren.

They would say that the founder of the Devil Sect herself, at the rank of a Martial King, fought a pale dragon!

And they were fortunate enough to have chosen her as their Master and to witness this rare event.

Even if she had failed, it would still remain as a deep impression in the hearts of everyone present. For the young girl's courage was admirable and if it were up to someone else, they probably would have fled at the sight of the pale dragon, what more fighting it off?

"This is truly my contracted Master."

Zixie smiled with admiration and a sense of pride for a grown daughter in one's family.

He had watched her grow from a good-for-nothing into such magnificence. He could still remember the moment when she had just been reincarnated. She was so gullible and weak even a person who was not yet a Martial Warrior could easily trample all over her dignity.

Now, she stood at a pinnacle where others of the same age would find unreachable. Those who had once oppressed her, would they have imagined that such a day would come?

Gu Ruoyun's hand began to tremble from the pale dragon's mighty roar, there were moments when she felt tempted to loosen her grip. But when she thought of the consequences, she held on even tighter than before.

This was an obstacle in her journey to becoming a truly powerful cultivator, she must not give up so easily!

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