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"Honorable Poison Master, you are mistaken. This is not the token of the Spirit Sect's elder. It's the token of a registered elder. This means that she would only be an elder in name, but not carry any of the responsibilities. I know that you've seen through this little girl's innate talent. So have I. Who would refuse the opportunity to have another powerful friend? Besides, once she'd grown stronger, she'll certainly bring great benefits for the mainland. Furthermore, one of the mandatory responsibilities of the Three Great Authorities is to find talented geniuses and provide them with opportunities to grow."

Honorable Sir Tian Qi curled his lip and thought, from my observation, this little girl doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would accept restrictions. How could I restrict her to the Spirit Sect? I will give her absolute freedom and allow her to grow as fast as she can.

Furthermore, she would not believe that growing up in a world outside of the Spirit Sect could be any worse than being in the Spirit Sect itself! This was different for every individual. For example, she has been able to grow in strength to such a degree in the outside world. Hence, this proves that growing in the world outside suits her better.

A bird locked in a cage would turn into a canary and will never be able to fly any higher. It can only be an object of admiration.

"Thank you very much," Gu Ruoyun kept the tokens and seemed to remember something. She turned to the Honorable Poison Master and asked, "Honorable Poison Master, I have something to ask you."

"Ask away." The Honorable Poison Master's eerie face broke into a smile and his voice grew warmer.

"How are you connected to the Xia Family of Heaven City?"

It was a question that she had always wanted to ask because based on Master Xia's earlier reaction, she knew that the poison in Xia Zixi had come from the Honorable Poison Master. So he'd know the person who was responsible for poisoning Xia Zixi.

"The Xia Family of Heaven City?" Honorable Poison Master wrinkled his brows and shook his head, "I've never had dealings with the Xia Family, why do you ask?"

"Oh, nothing much... Except that the Young Master of the Xia Family, Xia Zixi was recently poisoned and the poison which had infected him was a parasite dragon. I've heard that only the Poison Master, Tian Gu would have such a thing. So I wanted to ask you, Honorable Poison Master, to whom did you give this parasite dragon to?"

The Honorable Poison Master paused in silence, then replied, "That happened many years ago. I had only just broken through to the ranks of a mid-level Martial Emperor. I was constantly being hunted as I had offended too many people. At the time, I was seriously injured and a young man saved my life. That young man never told me his name. So in my gratitude, I gave him two things — one was the parasite dragon and another... Was the soul-snatching parasite."

The soul-snatching parasite was a kind of parasite that needs to feed on human life to survive. This was the reason behind the previous Little Master Xia's poor health and inability to cultivate. After consuming the life of its host, the soul-snatching parasite will also die (as there would be no more life in the host for it to feed on). Hence, when Gu Ruoyun's brother was reborn into Little Master Xia's body, he was able to cultivate once more.

"Do you still remember how he looked like?" Gu Ruoyun asked as a light flashed across her eyes.

"It was a long time ago and I'm sure that his looks would have changed. But I should be able to recognize him, more or less."

"Good," Gu Ruoyun nodded her head, "Can I ask you for a favor? In half a month's time, please come to Heaven City and help me testify against the culprit behind the poison!"

"I have no problem with that." The Honorable Poison Master replied casually. Even though the man had once come to my rescue, he thought, I've already repaid him for his goodwill. And we have lost contact ever since. So what would it matter if I testified against him?

"Then I thank you very, very much." Gu Ruoyun joined her fists and bowed with a smile, "I still want to explore Heaven Mountain a little more. I won't stand in the way of your flirtatious banter. Let's go, Moyu!"

Flirtatious banter?

Upon hearing this, the faces of both old men turned extremely black. The Honorable Poison Master screamed angrily,"Honorable Sir Tian Qi, I'm going to kill you!"

"What... What does this have to do with me!!!"

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi was outraged, he didn't do anything and this guy was screaming bloody murder and threatening to kill him, can't he give it a rest? Forget about it, there is no way out except hiding oneself away to escape.

The Honorable Sir Tian Qi hurriedly ran in the opposite direction at the thought of this without even bothering to look at the Honorable Poison Master's ugly expression.

Three days and three nights would not be enough to finish my fight with this Honorable Poison Master. It's best to peep at a few young ladies in the bathroom. That's certainly more appealing than facing that dried-up old tree bark!

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