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Only those who have explored Heaven Mountain would know of the dangers that lay within.

Besides being a home to strong and powerful spiritual beasts, there were also countless booby traps.

At this moment, a loud crash was heard from Heaven Mountain, bringing the journey of the group to a pause.

Xia Zixi waved his hand and spoke with a serious look in his eye, "Everyone, there's been a situation Be alert!"

Just as he had finished speaking, countless spiritual beasts emerged from the thicket. They roared loudly and charged ferociously towards the unwanted guests.

Shua, shua, shua!

Everyone drew their weapons, their eyes fixated on high alert upon the group of spiritual beasts charging towards them.

"Moyu, you protect Bai Chuan. Yu'er, stay close to me. Don't leave my side."

Gu Ruoyun wrinkled her brows. She sensed that the lowest rank among the spiritual beasts were Martial Generals, and there were more than ten Martial Kings amongst them! Furthermore, they had only just stepped into Heaven Mountain. How many more dangers would they be facing on the road ahead?

"So many spiritual animals, I reckon they should be feeling at ease." Hong Yun sneered. It was because of Gu Ruoyun that Xia Linyu had revolted against Feifei. How could he not know of this? Hence, he was against Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning.

But he simply could not understand why Ba Zhentian was shielding her as well.

Forget about the Luo Family, especially since the members of the Luo Family have always been a practical bunch. Because of this woman's one act of medicinal miracle, they would certainly fawn over her. However, Ba Zhentian was not that kind of a person. As long as you were not a person who deserved his admiration, he wouldn't care about you no matter how powerful you were.

But Hong Yun soon fell into a daze...

For the quiet woman who was standing by Gu Ruoyun's side protected the ten-year-old boy with one hand and swung her sword with the other. The sharp edge of its blade shone brilliantly and a Martial King level spiritual beast fell onto the ground, rolling and coming to a stop a few meters away. One could estimate that if she were not protecting the boy, that spiritual beast would not simply be flying off.

"This is... Martial King?"

Hong Yun widened his eyes, so surprised that he was rendered speechless.

I'm already at such an advanced age, yet I've only just broken through to the rank of Martial King, he thought. But this girl is already a Martial King at such a young age? Furthermore, as a Martial King, she was willing to listen to the orders of a little girl?

Just where did this little girl come from?

Hong Yun regained his senses and quickly used his sword to block the sharp claws of an incoming spiritual beast. He then turned to Hong Feifei, who was under the protection of the Hong Family members, and asked in a low voice, "Feifei, do you know who that girl is? What's her name?"

To have a Martial King willingly follow her orders, if this girl was not from the Dongfang Household, then she should be from the Weapon Refining Sect! She might even be from the Three Great Authorities...

Hong Feifei heard his question. Before she could recover from her shock, she bit her lip and replied, "I don't know who she is, but she's certainly not from anywhere powerful. If her origins were uncommon, then she would not have been so indifferent on the day I offended her. Aren't all disciples from powerful organizations extremely arrogant? She was clearly afraid of me so Little Master Xia stood up for her."

Hong Yun squinted his eyes and observed Moyu as a glint of light passed through his gaze.

"It's a pity for this Martial King to stay by her side, Feifei, if the situation was exactly as you've said. We must bring this Martial King over to our side, especially since she's only twenty years old!"

What would a Martial King in her twenties mean?

It meant that once she has reached the rank of a Martial Emperor, she would definitely be on an extremely high level!

If the Hong Family could have a Martial Emperor on their side, why would they need to rely on the Xia Family's every word to survive?

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