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Outside the hall, a pale-faced Xia Zixi leaned against the doorway for support while he smiled weakly. His eyes swept across every face in the meeting hall, his voice was soft and gentle, like the quiet trickle from a stream of water.


Master Xia fixed his gaze upon the man outside the hall and an excited smile appeared across his elderly face, "Xi'er, your body..."

"I'm alright now."


Xia Zixi's words were like a violent commotion and pierced through the hearts of everyone in the room. A long time passed before they all regained their senses.

What did Young Master Xia say? Thought one of them.

His body is healed? Thought another.

One must understand that many doctors have issued Xia Zixi a death sentence and that even the Ghost Doctor found herself with her hands tied. Who could possibly be able to cure his disease?

Suddenly, everyone remembered Xia Qi's big revelation...

An eighteen to nineteen-year-old girl had actually been able to cure a disease that even the Ghost Doctor herself could not. Just where did she come from? The crowd thought in unison.

Xia Qi's face turned into a particularly ugly shade. He fixed his gaze onto Xia Zixi's gently smiling face as he clenched his fists and his eyes revealed a bone-deep hatred! Master Xia saw the hatred in his eyes when he turned to face him. Xia Qi had not been able to retract the sinister gaze in time and Master Xia's gaze sharpened.

At this moment, Xia Qi felt a great pressure next to him and a wave of nervousness swept up from deep within his heart. He quickly reverted to his usual expression, hanging a gentle smile on his handsome face.

"Big brother, congratulations on getting your health back."

Xia Qi smiled as he stepped forward and patted Xia Zixi's shoulder, "You've made us all very worried. It's a good thing that you're alright now, otherwise, the Xia Family would have plunged into chaos."

"Thank you for your concern, second brother."

Xia Zixi smiled and replied courteously, "Your big brother's life is much more secure than you think. I won't be dying anytime soon."

A hint of darkness flashed quickly through Xia Qi's gaze.

However, he cannot react blindly before the arrival of the Weapon Refining Sect.


Master Xia laughed but upon noticing Master Hong, his eyes turned cold again, "Master Hong, is there anything else you'd like to add?" He asked coldly.

In that instant, the color on Master Hong's face changed from green to white. He took a deep breath and extinguished the raging flames in his heart.

"All will be as you command."

In a crucial turning point such as this, Xia Zixi is now cured! There wouldn't be so many issues if he had died instead.

As for the rest who stood on Master Hong's side, they all meaningfully moved their seats sideways upon realizing the sudden turn of events, as if the further they were from Master Hong, the better it was.

"Alright, since you have no other concerns, then you may return to make preparations. We will leave after one day."

The journey to Heaven Mountain would be rife with danger. Hence, Master Xia gave everyone a full day to make their preparations.

Hearing this, everything rose from their seats and took their leave respectively. No one paid any attention to Master Hong. They did not even bother to look at him...


Just as all the powerful families had returned to their respective homes to prepare themselves for the journey ahead, a group of people arrived outside the gates of Heaven City. The leader of the group was a pure and beautiful girl who held a saber in her right hand, accompanied by a rosy-cheeked little lord on her left. But the little lord had an unusually mature and serious air about him, his rosy cheeks did not have any of the childishness that most children his age would have.

"Go to the Xia Family and report... That the members of the Hundred Herb Hall have come for a visit." After a bit of thought, Moyu decided on using the name of the Hundred Herb Hall instead.

After all, not many people knew that the Devil Sect and the Hundred Herb Hall both belonged to the same person.

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