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Actually, Master Xia had completely misunderstood the situation. After all, 'behaving immorally' could easily be misconstrued as 'rape'. Could it really be true that Xia Linyu would daringly take someone's virginity in broad daylight?

My own grandson, behaving like a domestic animal!

This is humiliating, this is far too humiliating!

"That's right!" Master Xia glared at the innocent-looking Xia Linyu. His anger was not to be trifled with, "My daughter has only ever shown him adoration, what's wrong with that? Yet he's beaten her to a pulp in public? My granddaughter's face is now destroyed thanks to his beating! The Xia Family must provide me with a fair judgment for his crimes."

Master Xia was in a daze. So when Master Hong had mentioned that his grandson was 'behaving immorally', he meant that Xia Linyu had punched his granddaughter?

Master Xia involuntarily let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness! That's not too bad! I assumed that he had really done something immoral. I mean, my grandson doesn't seem to have bad tastes so how could he possibly have done something immoral to a woman like that. I was nearly frightened to death. Why didn't you explain yourself clearly? I'm not young anymore, I'm not able to bear such shocking news." said Master Xia as he rubbed his chest like he had just received a horrible scare.

Master Hong trembled with rage, his eyes were spitting fire.

What did he mean by 'that's not too bad'? Master Hong thought angrily. My granddaughter was punched, yet he is rejoicing? As if the person who received a beating was not a member of his family?

"Master Xia, there is an old saying — all men are equal in the eyes of the law. Your grandson had raised his hand against someone and as the person in charge of the Xia Family, you are obviously shielding him. Wouldn't this action disappoint the powerful families of Heaven City? Who will pledge their fealty to the Xia Family then?"

Master Xia knitted his eyebrows impatiently, "I have urgent matters on hand, please move aside! Wait for my return, I'll settle this later."

The Ghost Doctor was barred outside the city gates and at this moment nothing was more important than curing Xia Zixi's illness.

Therefore he really wasn't in the mood to elaborate on the matter with this man.

"Master, I will not leave unless you provide me with a decision today!" Master Hong shamelessly sat down, "If you wish to shield Little Master Xia, then I have no say. But Master Xia, you should know that the Little Master has been rather intimate with a common girl. You say that if he has taken a liking to my granddaughter, he would have bad taste. So would it be considered tasteful if he stood next to a woman with no status? I won't make this difficult for Little Master Xia. Get that girl out here and give her to me so that my granddaughter can vent her frustrations on the girl. She's the main culprit."

"A common girl?" Master Xia glanced suspiciously at Xia Linyu, "Who is he talking about?"

Xia Linyu rubbed his nose, "That would be elder sister Gu."

"The Gu girl?"

Master Xia was in a daze and stared at Master Hong with an odd look in his eyes.

He actually thinks that Gu Ruoyun is a commoner with no status and wants to take her away for Hong Feifei to vent her frustrations on? If Gu Ruoyun has no rank, who else would be considered to have a rank in society?

Even when Gu Ruoyun didn't show off her two Divine Beasts, the Ghost Doctor is her disciple. That alone was enough to cement her position on the mainland.

Master Hong was stunned when he heard how Master Xia had addressed Gu Ruoyun. He took a closer look into his eyes and suddenly had a feeling that something was not right. But among the many powerful forces of Heaven City, he had never seen this girl before. So he had assumed that she must be a commoner with no status.

Furthermore, no outsider had ever been allowed to enter Heaven City!

"Alright, alright."

Master Xia waved his hand impatiently and turned a cold gaze towards Master Hong.

"That girl is an old acquaintance of mine, despite our difference in age. I cannot allow you to take her away."

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