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"However, I can now relax under these circumstances. I am tired, I'm going to rest now."

Master Xia sighed as he stared reluctantly at Xia Linyu before leaving in the opposite direction. But in contrast with his earlier tense mood, the old man's face was now filled with smiles.

Not too far away, Xia Qi's gloomy face stared coldly at the group from a distance. His eyes held a poisonous hatred and murderous intent.

He's still alive! He thought viciously. Those useless bastards, they've allowed the son of a bitch, Xia Linyu to walk home alive. They can't even take care of one small matter, what's the use of having them around?

Xia Qi shook his sleeves fiercely at the thought of this, he then turned and left with a darkened face.


It was very difficult for the siblings to finally meet. So naturally, they had a lot to tell each other. But before they could finish their conversation, Master Xia had sent his servants with an invitation for Gu Ruoyun.

Remembering the earlier information that she had received from Master Xia, Gu Ruoyun bid farewell to Xia Linyu for the time being and headed towards the study.

At this moment, Master Xia was standing with his hands clasped behind his back in the study with his back facing the door. Sensing a soft movement behind him, he turned and smiled at Gu Ruoyun.

"Little Gu girl, do you remember our discussion? Would it be alright if you could follow me to meet Lord Lingxiao?


Gu Ruoyun gently nodded her head, "Yunyao, Tianqiong, you should come along too."


Once she had spoken, two shadowy forms, one white and one green, materialized from behind Gu Ruoyun and turned into two figures standing next to the young girl.

The white-robed Yunyao looked as elegant and graceful as a chrysanthemum flower and a fair smile hung on her incomparably beautiful face. Her gorgeous eyes were like limpid pools of black water, she was an absolutely moving and thrilling sight to behold. The Azure Dragon was dressed in azure-colored robes, looking handsome and sophisticated. His only imperfection was his blinded eyes, which were dark and expressionless.

"So these two are... Lady White Tiger and Lord Azure Dragon?"

Master Xia was startled. Having one divine beast in the Xia Family could preserve the family name for generations, yet this girl has two.

"Master Xia, please lead the way." Gu Ruoyun smiled and replied.

Master Xia was abruptly brought back to his senses and made an inviting gesture, "Little Gu girl, please follow me. I'll take you to Lord Lingxiao."

Hearing this, Yunyao and Tianqiong grew extremely excited. They did not expect to find the Black Turtle, Lingxiao, so quickly!

At this rate, they would only need to find the Vermillion Bird to complete the four friends!


In a secret chamber, the walls were decorated with pictures of the Four Divine Beasts. The details of the artwork were amazing and very life-like.

Deep within the chamber, an elderly man clad in green robes sat cross-legged with his eyes closed on a stone pedestal. The old man was extremely good looking. There was not a single wrinkle on his face*. If it were not for his white hair and beard, no one would suspect that he was an elderly man.

As if sensing two familiar auras approaching him, the elderly man opened his eyes and his lips twitched. His eyes fixed firmly on the doorway of the stone chamber.

Suddenly, a shock of white silk entered, followed closely by a man in azure robes. The old man suddenly grew very excited.

"Leader, Yunyao!"

His ancient voice was filled with excitement and his eyes lit up, fixed squarely upon the pair.

"Lingxiao, it really is you."

Yunyao's heart leaped as she rushed towards Lingxiao, "You... What happened to you? How did you become this way? Furthermore..." Yunyao asked suspiciously as she gazed upon Lingxiao's snow-white hair and beard with a blank expression.

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