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On a small hill, a group of men who were drenched in blood stared vigilantly at another group of men — emitting a strong aura of murderous intent, who tightly encircled the young man and girl in the middle of a formation, full of resolve and totally unafraid of death.

A few years ago, the Master had assigned them to the Little Master and ordered them to follow him like shadows. However, in order to avoid bothering the Little Master, they remained hidden.

Their lives belonged to the Xia Family and if the Little Master was in danger, they will ensure his safety even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

This was their mission!

"Brother Yu."

Luo Li tightly pulled on the sleeves of Xia Linyu's robes, her adorable doll-like features were filled with anxiety. She stole a glance at the young boy whose fair and delicate features remained calm. His clear and shining eyes showed no sign of wavering.

Thinking of Xia Linyu's calm demeanor and of her own cowardice and panic, Luo Li forcibly steadied herself and calmed down.

As long as Brother Yu is here, I'm not afraid of anything, thought Luo Li.

"Xia Linyu, I'd like to see how you're going to escape this time!"

A middle-aged man who led the opposing group laughed. His sharp gaze stared past the guards and straight towards Xia Linyu, "If you would obediently surrender yourselves, I might grant you a quick and easy death."


The sound of a clear, melodious laugh was heard and the corners of the young boy's lips curled upwards. A smile graced his handsome face while his voice sounded like a clear spring — beautiful and moving, ringing throughout this battle-worn hill.

"I have no hatred towards your Hundred Herb Hall, so why are you here to kill me? You've even sent such a large amount of troops."


The middle-aged man laughed, "What an ignorant little boy! It is simply because of the fact that you are the Little Master of the Xia Family that you must be punished with a thousand deaths! The Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun was my foster daughter. And she has been captured by your Xia Family! As her adopted father, I'm going to avenge her!"

Xia Linyu's face changed. His mind drowned out everything else in the man's speech, except for one particular sentence.

Gu Ruoyun is in the Xia Family Estate! She is at the Xia Family home!

Could it be that Grandfather had done something to her and caused the Hundred Herb Hall to dispatch its forces?

Xia Linyu panicked at the thought of this, his mannerism changed immediately, "You say that Gu Ruoyun is at the Xia Family home? Has something happened to her? This won't do. I need to return home!"

Yes, I must hurry home! Otherwise, knowing Grandfather's stubborn nature, what would happen if he raised his hand against her?

"Brother Yu..."

Luo Li bit her lip, feeling as if a needle had pierced into her heart. It was extremely hurtful.

When faced with danger, he never lost his head.

Even when there was no escape, he was fearless.

But at this very moment, Luo Li could see the dread and tension in Xia Linyu's eyes.

Just who is this woman they call Gu Ruoyun? I've known Brother Yu ever since we were children, but I've never heard of her name before. How is she able to cause such a huge reaction in Brother Yu?


The middle-aged man scoffed coldly, "Gu Ruoyun is already in the hands of your family. Do you think we'd let you get away? You will die here today! I'll have my revenge and wipe up this grudge!"

By now, Xia Linyu had stopped listening to everything else. All he knew was that Gu Ruoyun was in danger and that he must hurry back to the Xia Family home to save her! Hence, he lost all sense of rationality. Otherwise, he would probably be questioning the middle-aged man who has claimed to be Gu Ruoyun's foster father.

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