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When he thought about how he had been manipulated, Elder Huiyi was enraged. If Gu Ruoyun had ended up dead, the Xia Family could forget about inviting the Ghost Doctor to cure the Young Master's illness. In short, if she dies, the Young Master will also lose his life!

However, ever since the beginning, he never suspected Xia Qi. After all, Xia Qi had never shown any signs of dispute or forcefulness. He always displayed a personality that was content to live a simple life, treating his elder brother and nephews very well. How could someone like him commit such a heinous crime?


Master Xia scoffed coldly, he sent a frosty glare towards Xia Qi's direction and said, "Xia Qi, you'd better behave yourself. If I ever find out that you had anything to do with the matters concerning Yu'er and Zixi, I will not let you off!"

After saying his piece, he no longer bothered about what Xia Qi was thinking and turned his head to face Gu Ruoyun, "Little Gu girl, I've initially come looking for you to discuss a certain matter. Who would have thought that such a thing would have happened? Would you be willing to follow me somewhere?"

Gu Ruoyun pondered for a while before she nodded, "Sure, let's go."

Master Xia smiled gently but his face grew stern again when he faced Xia Qi. He spoke coldly, "Do nothing if you wish to remain free of suspicion. Xia Qi, this is my final piece of advice for you!"

Xia Qi watched Master Xia and Gu Ruoyun leave, then smiled.

So, do you think this is the end of it? No! I will destroy the relationship between the Ghost Doctor and the Xia Family! Only then will that short-lived ghost, Xia Zixi, die even sooner!


Inside the warm and comfortable study, one could smell the faint fragrance of books.

Upon entering, Master Xia turned to Gu Ruoyun and said, "Little girl, I know you have many questions. I've brought you here today for only one reason. Our Lord Lingxiao wishes to meet you."

"Lord Lingxiao?"

Gu Ruoyun stared blankly for a moment, then looked suspiciously at Master Xia.

In that instant, the Azure Dragon, who was still inside the phoenix cauldron, began reacting strangely. If he were not guarding Yunyao, who was in the middle of her breakthrough, he would have come charging out.

And if she remembered correctly, it would seem that the name of the Black Tortoise, one of the Four Divine Beast, was Lingxiao.

"That's right." Master Xia nodded, "The reason why the Xia Family has been able to stand tall without ever crumbling for so many years was because Lord Lingxiao had been watching over us behind the scenes. He would like to meet you. Would you like to follow me and meet him?"

Just a while ago, Lord Lingxiao had telepathically sent him an order to bring Gu Ruoyun to him. Seeing as Lord Lingxiao had made this move, it proved that Gu Ruoyun was indeed in possession of the two Divine Beasts.

After calming the excited Azure Dragon, Gu Ruoyun raised her head to reply but she was interrupted by the crashing sound of someone stumbling in panic into the study.

"Master, something terrible has happened. The Little Master is in trouble!"


Master Xia was enraged and pulled the man by his lapels, his elderly face was filled with anger, "What did you just say? Say it again? What's happened to Yu'er?"

"The Little Master he...he's been attacked."

The man replied, completely anxious.


A burst of fury erupted from the old man's body, violently slamming against the bookshelves nearby, "I'd love to see which damned fool had dared to lay his hands on my precious grandson, tell me, who did this?"


The man sent a careful glance towards Gu Ruoyun, "It was... The members of the Hundred Herb Hall."

The members of the Hundred Herb Hall? Master Xia's rage suddenly disappeared, his startled gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun. The girl's face resembled that of a demon — absolutely terrifying. It frightened him so much that his heart nearly trembled...

Then, he saw a gust of chilly wind, and the young girl mysteriously vanished. All he could see was a green shadow charging out of the door...

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