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The corners of Pang Ran’s eyes twitched as he stared speechlessly at Gu Ruoyun’s pretty and calm face, and took a few deep breaths to prevent himself from cursing.

This woman’s luck is far too good! First, she owns a mid-level Martial King White Tiger, and now even the snow wolf has had its breakthrough, constantly comparing one’s self to others will only make one angry!

Elder Zhao’s expression slowly returned to normal, he snorted coldly and said disdainfully, "It’s nothing more than a mere spiritual beast that has recently broken through to a mid-level Martial King. How could it possibly go up against a high-level Martial King? Merely a grain of rice in front of a bright light. yet it dares to go up against the sun and the moon. Since you’re looking for death, Gu Ruoyun, I don’t mind destroying this spiritual beast before destroying you!"


His aura erupted with a bang, and charged towards Baobao like howling wind and torrential rain, while lighting engulfed his body.

However, at that very moment, Baobao’s eyes displayed ridicule.

There was no mistake, it was sneering at him!

Such a human-like expression angered Elder Zhao even more, this snow wolf is about to meet its demise yet dares to act so smugly, it did not attach any importance to me!

"Arrogant disciple!"

Elder Zhao smiled coldly, raising a hurricane around his body, his entire being was engulfed within it, his white robes fluttering wildly, his expression clearly showing off, and a strong force pierced into his sword, preparing to strike Baobao head on.

Just then, a cold and solemn voice was suddenly heard from outside the Imperial Court, stopping the laughter midway in his throat. Unable to swallow or let it out, his face turned red. He nearly choked himself to death.

"Elder Zhao, what are you doing here?"

The old man’s voice was filled with anger, dissatisfaction, and skepticism.

When everyone turned their heads to look, they saw a man in a green robe streaking across the sky, coming from high above, and slowly descending upon reaching outside the Imperial Court. His dignified eyes brought unquestionable authority.

"Flying through the skies? A powerful Martial Emperor? Heavens, it’s a powerful Martial Emperor!"

Powerful Martial Emperors, they were like gods in the eyes of many, so unreachable and unapproachable, and in all of Black Tortoise Country, only one person had such power.

The Master of the Xia family, Xia Zhentian!

Who else but he could reach such powerful heights?

"Ma… Master…"

Upon seeing the old man, Elder Zhao began to tremble, nearly losing control of his body. And at that moment, Baobao fiercely lunged towards him and sent him flying. Elder Zhao ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood and grimaced in pain.

"So, you’re still aware that this old man is the Master of the family?"

Master Xia straightened his sleeves, a strong sense of intimidation emitted from his body. His cold eyes stared at the pale-faced Elder Zhao who was sprawled on the floor. He coldly asked, "Confess, who allowed you to cause trouble in the Imperial Palace?"


Master Xia’s voice was thunderous, booming loudly in Elder Zhao’s ears. He felt as if someone had punched his chest, and spat out another mouthful of blood. His elderly face was drained of color.

Even if he were a high-level Martial King, he would not be able to resist the intimidating might of a powerful Martial Emperor.

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