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Pang Zihuang’s knees gave way, falling onto the dragon throne. His eyes stared disappointedly at Pang Fei, quickly turning into unquestionable resolution.

"Until the Master of the Xia family himself appears to verify this matter himself, We refuse to step down! Furthermore, We have already sent out Our recommendation for Pang Ran to the Master of the Xia family. So long as he does not provide Us with an answer, We will not be content!"

This time, before waiting for Pang Fei to speak, the white-robed man snorted coldly and glanced arrogantly at Pang Zihuang who was seated on the dragon throne. He replied coldly, "Our Master is currently preoccupied, why should he have to bother about small matters such as this? The Second Master’s opinion is enough! Pang Zihuang, our Second Master has received news of Your conspiracy with the Empress to kill an Imperial Concubine, is this how an Emperor should act? Since You have managed such matters so unfairly, Your tenure as Emperor is now at its end. From now on, this elderly man shall carry out the orders of the Second Master, and hand the Imperial Throne of Black Tortoise Country over to the Third Prince, Pang Fei. None are allowed to object!"


The hall burst into an abrupt discussion. The Xia family’s decision was simple too sudden, no one was ready for it! Generally, whenever the Xia family had something important to inform the Imperial Palace, they would send the Xia family chamberlain to make an announcement. However, with Elder Zhao now standing in front of everyone, it could not possibly be fake!

It would seem that this time, there would be big changes in the Imperial Palace…

The high-ranking officials who were loyal to Black Tortoise Country could not help but feel apprehensive, unsure of how the fate of the entire nation would turn out to be.


In this grave moment, a laugh could be heard from one side of the room. Pang Ran could no longer contain himself and burst out laughing. He pointed his finger at Elder Zhao, his eyes filled with tears.

"Haha, this is too funny. Who do you f*cking think you are? Is your surname Xia? Since when have the affairs of the Xia family been determined by an elder consul? Have the Xia family members all been exterminated? I’m really going to laugh myself to death, this really is a case of assuming unwanted authority on the basis of some pretext, I advise you to sprinkle your urine in accordance with your own appearance. It’s not your fault that you’re born ugly, but swindling others is! Hey, what are you guys waiting for? Throw this swindler out!"

He then gestured insultingly at Elder Zhao, who was so enraged that he began to tremble.

"You… You… How dare you? How dare you?"

How many years has it been? Elder Zhao thought.

How many years has it been since anyone has dared to act so impudently to me, ever since the Xia household took me in?

Very well then!

I will show this kid the true meaning of disparity!

"Idiot boy, do you think that this Imperial Palace follows your rules? You would dare act with such arrogance to your masters? Since your parents have failed to educate you, then I, your master will teach you some manners!"


A strong aura erupted from Elder Zhao’s body, causing Pang Ran to tremble, his face immediately turned pale and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He nearly went into paralysis.

So heavy!

At that moment, Pang Ran felt as if his body were crushed by huge mountain, he felt suffocated.


Pang Zihuang stood up immediately, wanting to beg for mercy, then He noticed a jade white hand gripping onto Pang Ran’s shoulder. Color returned to Pang Ran’s pale white face.

Seeing this, Pang Zihuang heaved a sigh of relief and a cold wind passed. Only then did He realize that He was drenched in cold sweat.

"So the Xia family’s elder consul is actually a dog who threatens based on its master’s power.

The corners of Gu Ruoyun’s lips raised slightly. She raised her head to look at Elder Zhao’s solemn old face and dryly said, "First of all, even the Xia family do not claim themselves to be the masters of the Imperial Palace of Black Tortoise Country, so what right do you have to call yourself the master? Second of all, Pang Ran’s parents are still alive, and yet you say you want to teach him a lesson in his parents’ stead, are you trying to substitute a generation? Have your own parents not taught you anything about modesty? If they have not, then I do not mind giving you a lesson or two. Third of all, you are an elder, isn’t bullying someone from a younger generation a bit too much?"

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