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Chapter 1063: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (1)

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"Hehe, I never thought that Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu would have interest in a place like this as well?"

Just as the bickering between the two had come to a head, a malevolent laughter sounded from behind them. This laughter was like a magician's spell as it silenced the two old men.

The person who had spoken was a man dressed in gilded robes. Even though he was past middle-age, he looked like he was around the age of thirty due to proper care.

This man may not have Lan Ge's stunningly handsome looks but the structure of his brows shared some similarities with Lan Ge's features. Coupled with how he had addressed the two old men, it was not difficult to guess the man's identity.

This was the Master of the Lan family, Lan Shao! He was also Lan Ge's uncle!

Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly in her heart. The Nine Emperors' magnetism is certainly great to attract three of the  Four Great Families 1 of Main City here! Now, all that's left is the last one which is also the most mysterious family of all!

"What is this fellow doing here as well?" Old Man Jiang furrowed his brow and looked very impatient.

Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu looked at one another and both saw the vigilance in each other's eyes.

"Hehe," Old Man Gu was the first to react and he chuckled softly. His tone of voice was unlike the one of total disregard that he had used when speaking to Old Man Jiang. This time, his solemnity carried a sense of discourtesy. "So, the Master of the Lan family has arrived as well. However, may I ask where the Old Master is?"

Lan Shao had an indifferent smile on his face but his voice carried a sense of eeriness.

"My father is now in closed-door cultivation so he was not aware of the Divine Weapon's birth." A brilliant light flashed in Lan Shao's eyes as he slowly replied, "However, my presence here is enough for the Lan family. I'm sure that you are both here for the Divine Weapon as well. While I've always revered you, I won't give way this time."

Old Man Jiang burst into laughter. "The feeling is mutual, the feeling is mutual. Even if your father were here, we won't let him have the Divine Weapon either."

Lan Shao smiled. His eyes then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and his gaze flickered. "Miss, may I ask what your background is? Why have I never seen you before?"

If my observations are correct, it seems that these two fellows had been fighting over this woman.

I wonder what abilities she possesses which would cause a rivalry between these two?

"Master Lan, this little girl is an old friend of mine, you shouldn't be eyeing her."

Old Man Jiang saw through Lan Shao's intentions at one glance and frowned. He knows Lan Shao's tactics very well. If the Gu girl's talents were to attract his attention, he might use all sorts of schemes to drag her into the Lan family.

"Old Man Jiang, you're overanalyzing things. Since this little maiden is an old friend of yours, how could I possibly have the boldness to overstep my boundaries? I only want to know her name."

A light flashed in Lan Shao's eyes as he replied.

Once he knows the woman's name, he would have a way to find out her identity.


Old Man Jiang was stunned and stared hesitatingly at Gu Ruoyun.

Honestly, he really did not want to reveal the little girl's name. Otherwise, once Lan Shao has found out about her identity as the well-known Pill Master on the mainland, he would never ever let her off the hook.

"Nianye." Gu Ruoyun smiled as she stared at Lan Shao's shrewd eyes and said, "My name is Gu Nianye."

"Gu Nianye?"

Lan Shao fell silent, he was certain that he has never heard of this name in his life.

However, she must not have originated from an average background since these two old fellows have been competing over her. Once I've returned to the Lan household, I can have the powerful Lan family cultivators investigate her origins!

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Chapter 1064: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Lan Shao, who are you talking to?"

Suddenly, a cold and neglectful voice sounded behind Lan Shao.

Upon hearing that voice, the look on Lan Shao's face changed immediately and he even showed a never-before-seen sense of respect.

"Miss Bai Yin, I've just bumped into two acquaintances so we were chatting for a bit."

Bai Yin?

Those two words sent Gu Ruoyun into a daze. Her clear and cold eyes turned unconsciously towards the source of that voice and fell upon a woman whose white robes were fluttering in the wind.

At the same time, Bai Yin also clearly noticed Gu Ruoyun who was standing further ahead. She paused abruptly and her eyes turned into two icy daggers as she glared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun.

"What are you doing here?"

"Miss Bai Yin, do you know Miss Nianye as well?" Lan Shao was thoroughly flabbergasted.

He had intended to look into Gu Nianye's identity but he never thought that Bai Yin was acquainted with her as well!


Bai Yin was mildly shocked before she suddenly came to a realization.  This Miss Nianye that Lan Shao was speaking of was actually Gu Ruoyun! This is just great!She thought with glee . If Lan Shao were to find out that this woman was the same Gu Ruoyun who had risen to fame in the Medicine Sect's general meeting, I'm afraid that he would not listen to my orders in dealing with this woman.

After all, it had been so difficult to find this woman again. Naturally, I won't let her off so easily!

"That's right, I am acquainted with her." Bai Yin smiled icily and a cold light flashed in her eyes. "This woman shares similar features with the Grand Lord's wife so she had schemed to seduce the Grand Lord. It was a good thing that the Grand Lord is fiercely loyal to the Madam and had seen right through this woman's tricks. Hence, he had chased her out from the Red Lotus Territory! She is now like a fly who is being chased around by the members of Red Lotus Territory. What an extremely nauseating person."

As Gu Ruoyun listened to Bai Yin's words, she merely shrugged and stared at her with a forced smile.

She had met Bai Yin when she first arrived on East Peal Mainland. At the time, Bai Yin had been tagging along by her father's side. However, Bai Yin had offended her and her father had then sent Bai Yin back to the Red Lotus Territory to be punished.

However, I can't seem to figure out what she's doing here!

Besides... She doesn't seem to be aware that I'm actually Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter!

Bai Yin, naturally, would know nothing of the sort!

Previously, she had been imprisoned by Grand Lord Hong Lian. Later, she had taken advantage of Grand Lord Hong Lian's absence to escape. The objective of her escape was to find Gu Ruoyun and seek revenge!

I would never have lost the Grand Lord's trust if it had not been for this woman!

If it weren't for her, I would never have had to endure such great hurt and torture! Only the heavens know how horrifying Grand Lord's tactics were when it comes to punishing criminals. Each time I remember the experience, I would be completely filled with fear.

However, it was also because of Bai Yin's escape that she was unaware of Gu Ruoyun's true identity.

By the time she finally understands the situation, it would be late for regrets.

"Gu girl." Old Man Jiang glanced at Bai Yin and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. "Is there some sort of grudge between you and the emissary Bai Yin from Red Lotus Territory?"

He simply could not believe that Gu Ruoyun was the person which Bai Yin had just described.

Even though the Red Lotus Territory has great power, Gu Ruoyun was a Pill Master. Even the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley had wanted to invite her to Wind Valley. Simply based on this fact, one could tell that there was no need for her to seduce Grand Lord Hong Lian.

"Mm." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose. "We have a huge grudge indeed. However, I'm not aware of when she had been made an emissary of Red Lotus Territory?"

Bai Yin had once offended me. Knowing my father's protective nature, he would not possibly put her in any important position again.

This means that there can only one explanation — she was pretending to be an emissary!

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Chapter 1065: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A cold light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes at the thought of this.

She would have remained indifferent if Bai Yin had been impersonating someone else. However, she would not allow anyone to undermine Red Lotus Territory's good name! Hence, Bai Yin has put herself against the muzzle of a gun this time.

"I don't fully understand the details in this situation either." Old Man Jiang shook his head. "All I know is that this emissary Bai Yin had made an appearance not too long ago. She even had Grand Lord Hong Lian's token in her hand which verified her status even further. This emissary Bai Yin had previously sought out the Great Families and tried to make us swear fealty to her. Out of the four families, three of us had rejected her so she entered the only one which had not — the Lan family."

Old Man Jiang sighed. 

This Bai Yin is much too proud and conceited. If she wasn't a member of the Red Lotus Territory, no one would have even bothered to listen to her.

"The Grand Lord's token?" Gu Ruoyun laughed icily. "Old Man Jiang, you are too naive. Have any of you ever seen an actual token from the Red Lotus Territory? Don't you know that tokens can be faked?"

Based on her knowledge, only two real tokens exist in the Red Lotus Territory.

One of the tokens was with the Grand Lord while the other was a gift to her from the Grand Lord, given to her before his departure. Therefore, one need not think too far to know that the token which Bai Yin was using to represent Grand Lord Hong Lian was a fake!

Old Man Jiang was shocked. He then asked sluggishly, "Still, there shouldn't be anyone who would dare impersonate an emissary from the Red Lotus Territory. After all, Grand Lord Hong Lian has already reached the Martial Saint rank. Wouldn't it be digging your own grave to impersonate his subordinate?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently but did not say very much. Her clear and cold gaze then turned to look at Bai Yin as an almost undetectable murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

"Fake?" Bai Yin had overheard Gu Ruoyun's accusation. There was a contemptuous smile on her cold and distant features as she rebuked, "You dare accuse me of being a fake? Who was the person who had relied on her resemblance to the Madam and tried to impersonate her to seduce the Grand Lord? I, Bai Yin, as an emissary of the Red Lotus Territory, am authentic. As for this woman, she has no other ability aside from seducing men! However, Grand Lord is a noble man so you better stop thinking about him. Each time I remember how someone like you would concern herself with the Grand Lord, I would feel disgusted!"

Gu Ruoyun, you've outright refused the path granted by Heaven and had insisted upon the dead-end in Hell!

So what if you're a Pill Master? Since you've arrived in the Northern Block Territory, I won't let you walk out alive!

Bai Yin would gnash her teeth hatefully each time she remembered those rumors.

A woman like her knows nothing more than to entice men... What abilities could she possibly have to refine a pill successfully? She had only been lucky! If I, Bai Yin, had pill formulas and pill refinement scrolls, I would definitely have been able to refine pills as well.

So, she's not all that great anyways.

"Gu Nianye."

Lan Shao's face had sunk when he heard Bai Yin's furious retort. "On account of Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu's presence, I don't wish to be calculative with you," he spoke in a malicious voice. "Let me leave you with some advice, the Red Lotus Territory has great power. As Grand Lord Hong Lian's emissary, Bai Yin is not someone that you should underestimate! Old Man Jiang, since she's your friend, you should educate her as well. What if Miss Bai Yin were angered and caused the cultivators from Red Lotus Territory to be immediately dispatched to the Northern Block Territory? If that happens, it would be a punishment that we can't pay!"

If Lan Shao had intended to entice Gu Ruoyun in the beginning, he no longer had any intentions of the sort now.

Translator's Thoughts


Hi guys, I'm sorry for the delayed chapters. I've been going through a family crisis at the moment and I've been having some trouble with balancing my schedule in between. I'll try to catch up as much as possible. ❤

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Chapter 1066: A Second Encounter With Bai Yin (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"That's right."

Old Man Gu laughed icily. "Lan Shao, I'm going to let you off with a warning as well on account of your status as a member of the Four Great Families. This girl is gifted beyond compare and her prospects are limitless. Perhaps, one day, you'll regret the decision that you've made today!"

"So what if she's exceedingly talented? She would need to remain alive for that day to come."

Lan Shao completely disregarded Old Man Gu's warning.

Based on that madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian's way of doing things, he would never leave any opportunity for growth amongst his enemies. This little girl should not possibly be able to survive much longer.

Of course, it had probably never crossed Lan Shao's mind that Gu Ruoyun was actually Grand Lord Hong Lian's flesh and blood.

As her father, how could Grand Lord Hong Lian possibly lay a finger on his own daughter, the person he had yearned for bitterly for so many years? By overlooking this one detail, Lan Shao would face an even greater regret in the future!

"Old Man Jiang, do you have any news about that Divine Weapon?" Gu Ruoyun asked as she turned towards Old Man Jiang.

Old Man Jiang chuckled. "We've already launched an investigation in a mysterious cave a short distance away from the Celestial Mountain Forest. Besides, I can sense an aura which is different from any other in that mountain cave. If my guess is correct, the Divine Weapon should be inside that cave."

A mysterious cave?

Gu Ruoyun was stunned.

What a coincidence! A mysterious cave has appeared just as I've unsheathed the Nine Emperors?

Gu Ruoyun fell silent as she thought about this and a light flashed across her eyes.

"Old Man Jiang, may I come with you to explore the cave?"

"Haha, if you're interested in the Divine Weapon, Gu girl, we can stay together. Honestly, I'm not too comfortable about just letting you head off on your own. We don't know how many bandits might scheme against you along the way."

Old Man Jiang then burst into laughter. His eyes had glanced towards the ugly look on Lan Shao's face as he spoke.

Even though Gu Ruoyun had previously helped Wen Yan to win the battle against the Snow Jade Bandits, Wen Yan had not told Old Man Jiang about her using the fire spiritual beast and the Vermillion Bird in battle.

Besides, no one had known about the time when she had used the Vermillion Bird to win the battle against the fire spiritual beast before claiming that fire spiritual beast as her own back during the Medicine Sect's general meeting either.

After all, in contrast to her position as a Pill Master, these details were simply not worth mentioning.

Hence, Old Man Jiang was completely unaware of Gu Ruoyun's true scale of power. It was also because of this that Gu Ruoyun had felt moved by his protectiveness.


Lan Shao scoffed and did not say much. However, his dark eyes showed the discontent in his heart.

Red Lotus Territory.

Grand Lord Hong Lian was standing in the study with his hands behind his back. He wore a crimson robe and his expression was cold and emotionless against the gentle breeze. However, his voice softened when he said his daughter's name, whom he dearly misses.

"Do you know where Yun'er has gone to?"

The man behind him replied with reverence from a half-kneeling position on the floor, "Reporting to the Grand Lord, it seems that the Eldest Lady has journeyed towards the Northern Block Territory."

"The Northern Block Territory?" Grand Lord Hong Lian fell momentarily silent. His eyes then turned to look at a patch of sky outside the window as his cold and grim gaze filled with gentleness. His deep voice rang out once again, "It's just as well, I've finished my business for the time being so it's time for me to seek her out now. Bei Ming, you shall be in charge of matters in the Red Lotus Territory in my stead for the time being. If there's anything important, send word to me in the Northern Block Territory."

His precious daughter has been away for a good few months now. Only the heavens know how much he had missed her over these past few months.

After all, that was the first time they had seen each other after being separated for over twenty years. If it had not been for the fact that he did not wish to impede her, he would never have wanted her to leave at all.

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