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Chapter 1269: Love Rival (6)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Xiao Ye?"

Gu Ruoyun stared at the man before her as her eyes filled with mild excitement. "You're here?"

Qianbei Ye did not turn around. His gloomy gaze had remained fixed upon the people in front of him. A murderous intent then erupted from within him before he took a step forward and approached the group.

"Qianbei Ye!"

Murong Qian was shocked when she saw the man. She soon returned to her senses and was gripped with a strong sense of surprise.

"You've finally shown yourself. Don't you know how it was for me to find you?"

She had immediately changed her initially haughty demeanor and put on a coquettish act towards Qianbei Ye.

Her grandfather had advised her that if she wanted to have a man's heart, using force would be counterproductive. She had to use her gentle, womanly wiles to warm him up.

"Since you're here now, come with me, I don't care about anything else. As long as I have you, that is enough." Murong Qian smiled coquettishly as she stepped forward and reached out to grab Qianbei Ye's sleeve. However, before her fingers could touch him, she was horrified...

Aside from that man's gloomy and cold stare, most of his expression was filled with a blood-thirsty murderous intent. His red eyes showed no signs of emotion and looked as if he could strangle her at any time.

Murong Qian was dazed and she did not have the courage to make any further moves. Her eyes then filled with grief as if she was denouncing the man's cruelty.

"This hand of yours, you don't want it anymore?"

Qianbei Ye had lowered his head and looked at her outstretched hand before taking two steps towards her. A gloomy atmosphere erupted around them and his voice was completely devoid of warmth.

"If you don't want it anymore, I don't mind making it disappear!"

Murong Qian shivered before she bit her lip and scolded angrily, "Qianbei Ye, don't be so shameless! If you had not murdered my fianceé, I would not have wanted you to marry me in the first place! Even without you, there are many people lining up to become my husband. However, you don't know how to appreciate what's good for you. Elder, take him away. The more he refuses, the more I want to force him into my bed 1 !"

"My Lady!"

The elder's expression changed drastically and he looked at Qianbei Ye, shocked.

How much time had passed since they last encountered him?

This man's power has greatly increased from before. Now, dealing with him would be even more difficult.

"Elder, what are you standing around for? Get that damned b*stard!" ordered Murong Qian as she gnashed her teeth hatefully.

Why can't Qianbei Ye  fall for a good maiden like me 2 ?

However, once she has taken a liking to something or someone, she would not see any reason to give it up!

"My Lady, don't anger him!"

The elder quickly pulled Murong Qian aside when he sensed Qianbei Ye's murderous intent which pierced the air and stared fearfully at the frightening man. He gritted his teeth, stuffed a circular wooden token in her hand and said, "Here's a teleportation token, leave this place, quickly!"

"I'm not going anywhere!"

Murong Qian placed her hands on her hips and stubbornly exclaimed, "Even if I do leave, I'm taking this man with me!"

It was not an easy task for her to find him so how could she leave empty-handed?

"Xiao Ye, you really do love stirring up trouble everywhere you go."

Gu Ruoyun sighed exasperatedly before she smiled calmly.

She trusts Qianbei Ye but that does not mean that other women could covet her man!

"What did you just call him?"

Murong Qian has furious.

She would never allow anyone else to covet the things she wants!

Murong Qian glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun, "You have the audacity to address him as Xiao Ye! Don't you know that he belongs to me? No one is allowed to address him in such an intimate manner aside from myself. If you dare to address him in this manner again, I will have your body torn limb from limb by five horses!"


Okay I'm pretty sure Murong Qian is going to die at some point, or at least I hope so. But can't she just... drop dead right now? So annoying. *rolls eyes*

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Except for Mama Gu, all women of First City have been deranged, egotistical, moronic beings worthy to become burger patties or if not suffer on Chi burning flames!!dieee b**chheesss!!!🤨


Seriously, just die already ! Cut her hand so she wouldnt attempt to touch Xiao Ye and then just kill her in one shot.


This woman is obviously insane right😒 🤨 😑 There is no other explanation for this level of delusion Thanks for the chapter


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Chapter 1270: Love Rival (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was obvious that Qianbei Ye had rushed out to save Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning.

However, Murong Qian does not believe that they were acquainted.

To her, Qianbei Ye was trying to pick a fight with the Murong family. Hence, he had saved Gu Ruoyun because the Murong family was attacking her.

"My Lady!"

However, the elder could sense that the relationship between Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye was no ordinary one. Therefore, when he head Murong Qian's damning statement, his elderly face changed drastically once again and he hurriedly pulled Murong Qian behind him.

However, it was already too late...


A powerful energy, as sharp as a sword drawn from its sheath, slammed onto Murong Qian's body.

Murong Qian was sent flying out of the way like an arrow released from a bow and thrown onto the frigid ground.


Murong Qian spat out a mouthful of blood. She rose to her feet with a pale look on her face and quickly pulled out a broken yellow armor from her robes.

Her grandfather had given this yellow armor to her. As long as she wears this armor, she would be protected from any attack! However, this yellow armor has now been destroyed by Qianbei Ye's attack. If it had not been for that yellow armor, she would have been killed by his attack immediately! 

This man really wants to kill me!

Murong Qian bit her lip hard as she staring fixedly at Qianbei Ye's peerless features. She then gritted her teeth and said, "Qianbei Ye, you will regret looking down on a good maiden like me!"

"My Lady, run!"

The elder roared his command at Murong Qian before he transformed into a sharp sword and charged towards Qianbei Ye.

The elder sensed an eerie and cold aura just as he reached Qianbei Ye. Suddenly, a hand landed on his head.

"You had taken advantage of my absence and tried to hurt my woman."

Qianbei Ye curled the corners of his lips and smiled creepily. "The Murong family must disappear from this world because of your actions."


Qianbei Ye only moved his hand slightly for the elder's head to explode like a balloon. Blood and brains stained the ground but that man's features had remained cold and gloomy.

It was as if he had just cracked an insignificant egg...


Qianbei Ye actually called that damned b*tch his woman!

Murong Qian gritted her teeth as she pulled out the teleportation token which the elder had given to her, snapping it into two forcefully. A ray of light then descended upon her, followed by her maniacal shriek which echoed throughout the Lin family courtyard...

"Qianbei Ye, you will become my man sooner or later! I will never allow you to have any other woman. She must die!"

Qianbei Ye's expression sank as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

"The Murong family..."

Now that someone from the Murong family has declared their intention to kill Gu Ruoyun, he would never let them live!

"Who on earth are you?"

Wen Luo's eyes were filled with terror. The man before him has a horrifying amount of power.

The elder from the Murong family's power was around the same level as Wen Luo but, in that man's hand, he had only needed one move to land a killing strike...

The Murong family elders looked at one another before they all tried to escape.

However, how could Zixie, who had been standing in midair, possibly give them that opportunity?

The Flames of World Devastation descended from the sky. The elders who had failed to escape were instantly turned to ashes by the Flames of World Devastation. They did not even have the time to beg for mercy...


Wen Luo shut his eyes and laughed scornfully, "I confess that you all have great abilities. However, you're not even worth mentioning when compared to the Great Protectors! The Great Protectors' powers are far beyond your imagination. It will never end well for you if you go up against us."


Why... Why isn't Murong Qian dead... -_-

On a separate note, I'd like to thank my patreons for buying me a cup of coffee. It really gives me a good buzz during these lonesome nights when I'm burning the midnight oil to rush out the translations for you guys. :) If you'd like to buy me coffee, please head on over to:

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i realy hope the yin palace from the 'slutty prince' ends up being the last protector clan so that there's at least one sensible one among the three


take a hint … he doesn't like you ...stop being stupid … this murong idiotic girl is like the Grand Princess from Ghost Emperor dandy wife :))


QBY, im very disappointed with you. She is still alive ! She should have been dead !


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Chapter 1271: Love Rival (8)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Wen Luo raised his hand before slamming it onto the top of his skull. The others watched as his body slowly collapsed to the ground.

Qianbei Ye knows that Wen Luo was speaking the truth.

The Murong family members who were here this time were not on par with the ones he had faced previously! Based on his current measure of power, even if he had faced the previous group, they would not need to forcefully raise their powers in order to be evenly matched with him in battle...


Qianbei Ye did not give Wen Luo's body a second glace as he turned around and walked towards Gu Ruoyun's side. He then reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace.

His previously dark and gloomy gaze was now filled with absolute tenderness while his silvery hair danced softly in the wind. It was such a magnificent and peerless sight that it could drive all living things to madness.

"I'm back."

Yes, he was back!

He has returned to see her.

"Xiao Ye..." Gu Ruoyun gently lifted the corners of her lips and smiled at him. "Welcome back."

She did not ask him why he had not kept his promise because she knows that Qianbei Ye would have his reasons for not making it back to Wind Valley on time.

She chooses to trust him no matter what.


Grand Lord Hong Lian cleared his throat and chimed in with a melancholic voice, "Can you two exercise a little restraint, can't you see that there are other people here?"

"Yun'er," Dongfang Yu chuckled as her eyes continued to measure Qianbei Ye from head to toe. "Aren't you going to introduce him to me? Is this..."

Gu Ruoyun was just about to reply when Grand Lord Hong Lian cut her off.

"This damned kid has been intertwined with our precious daughter countless times. However, he hasn't completely passed all of my tests so I am not acknowledging him as my son-in-law for the time being."

What a joke.

I want my daughter to stay with me for a few more years. Why should I let this damned kid off so easily?

"I think he's alright." Dongfang Yu smiled with satisfaction. "Let's not interfere in this matter, they can handle themselves. What do you think, Brother Tian?"


Grand Lord Hong Lian was still feeling very reluctant. Before he could complete his sentence, he caught Dongfang Yu's look.

"Brother Tian," Dongfang Yu raised her lips into a smile as she turned around to look at Grand Lord Hong Lian. "How about I sleep at Yun'er's room for the next few days and you can sleep on your own? I'm worried that Yun'er feels lonely and does not have anyone to talk to."

A threat!

This was indeed a threat!

There was no way Grand Lord Hong Lian would miss the hidden meaning behind Dongfang Yu's words. He forcefully took a deep breath and glared at Qianbei Ye. "You're lucky, kid, even my wife is on your side. Since that's the case, I am forced to accept you."

It was bad enough that he had not seen Dongfang Yu for so many years. Therefore, he must have good relations with her at night. How could he let her leave so easily?

Fine, fine. Daughters will get married sooner or later. This kid is rather powerful and is quite infatuated with her. At least my daughter wouldn't run into any grief if she stays with him.

"Thank you, mother-in-law."

The man's peerless and beautiful features lit up with a smile while his eyes filled with banter. "Since that's the case, father-in-law, mother-in-law, would you agree if I were to take Yun'er as my wife?"

"We'll have the wedding ceremony after Shengxiao has rejoined us." Grand Lord Hong Lian then fell silent for a moment before he replied. "However, I'd like to give you one last test. If you can pass that, I won't stop you from marrying my daughter anymore."


And in Qianbei Ye's mind, he's all: Now's my chance... ( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) Also, just wanted to drop a note to let you guys know that the raws seem to get Yun'er and Yu'er mixed up quite a bit. So I will amend this in the translation accordingly. :)

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But spinny we all know it won’t happen after all there’s a formula that is some random event pops up to stop him every time


Oh Gu Tian, you are such a cute and doting father... But too bad, you lose to a woman's threat 😂


Every. Damn. Time.


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Chapter 1272: Love Rival (9)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What's the test, father-in-law?"

Qianbei Ye raised his brow as he asked.

"Before you get married, you can't have any intimate relations with my daughter 1 . If you can put up with it, I'll agree to let her marry you."

Gu Ruoyun could not help but rub her nose when she heard this. She had promised Qianbei Ye the last time they had parted that she would give him a child when he returned! However, she never expected her father to make such a decision.

Gu Ruoyun lifted her head and looked at Qianbei Ye as if she was waiting for his answer.

"Alright, I promise."

Qianbei Ye carefully considered this and agreed to Grand Lord Hong Lian's request.

There will be ample time for that later. He was not too anxious about that moment. Forget about suppressing about his desires, even if he had to give up everything he has, he would have no regrets as long as he could take her home as his wife.

"Remember your promise, kid." Grand Lord Hong Lian finally smiled but did not forget to send Qianbei Ye a stern warning. "If I ever find out that you've touched my precious daughter, you can forget about becoming my son-in-law! If you can't even endure that, I will never be able to believe in your sincerity towards my daughter."

"Don't worry, I won't touch her before our wedding."

Of course, it would be an entirely different case after the wedding.

After all, she would have already have become his wife. So playing fast and loose would be expected...

"Yu'er, let me take care of the rest of the Lin family members. You should go back to the guest house and rest with Yun'er."

After Grand Lord Hong Lian had issued his warning to Qianbei Ye, he then turned towards Dongfang Yu and spoke gently.

Dongfang Yu nodded. "Alright, we shall wait for you back at the guest house."

She then walked towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye. However, her expression sank when she turned around.

Master had previously mentioned that the Lin family isn't the true instigator. There was an even more powerful force backing the Lin family.

If my guess is correct, that force should be the Wen family!

Otherwise, they would not have appeared in Forest City...

"The Great Protectors?" Dongfang Yu laughed bitterly before she sighed softly. "It seems that the road ahead is going to be a long one."

At the First City.

The Governor's Palace.

Seated at the table in the meeting room were the Masters of the Three Great Protectors as well as the First City's Governor.

A handsome-looking man was seated at the Master's seat at the foremost of the table. He was dressed in white robes and his features were cold and stern, carrying a sacred and inviolable air. His fingers drummed against the table, giving off a rather nerve-wracking feeling.

"I heard that there was an incident at Forest City recently?" The Governor swept his glare across the group as he asked in a neutral voice.

Everyone in the group felt their hearts skip a beat. They had been trying to figure out what would have caused the secretive Lord Governor to emerge. It seems that he has heard of the matter in Forest City?

"It's like this." Elder Ouyang glanced at the other two people in the room before he slowly explained, "A while ago, Grand Lord Hong Lian had gone to the Lin family to exact his revenge! He had violated the First City's rules by clashing with the Wen and Murong family as well. They had joined forces to deal with Grand Lord Hong Lian and his party. Who would have thought that those two people were so powerful? they then caused the tragic deaths of cultivators from the Wen and Murong family. Only Murong Qian had managed to escape."

However, Murong Qian has suffered an enormous shock which caused an abnormality in her mental state. 

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MurongQian’s mental state wasn’t caused by shock, she was always an idiot 🙄😑 Thanks for the chapter


Daddy Gu's test though. Hahaha. Poor QBY, he wasn't even starting to make a move again yet and he was already stopped. Forget about all the interruptions in the past. Hahaha. QBY really do love our GRY.


Murong Qian wasn't "normal" to begin with, maybe this abnormal state means she will actually be logical?! ... Probably not, but I can hope right lol.


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Chapter 1273: Love Rival (10)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Due to Murong Qian's current state, the Murong family's Master was extremely angry and had decided to send powerful cultivators to destroy the group so he could vent his frustrations over his precious granddaughter's treatment!

"This matter was originally the Lin family's fault." The Governor stared at the crowd calmly before he continued to speak in a dignified manner. "Would this have happened if the Lin family had not committed so many sins? Don't assume that I'm unaware of the Lin family's actions. Did they think that they could keep it all from me just because they had not sent out their best cultivators?"

Elder Wen shivered and quickly lowered his head.

After all, he was the one who had indulged the Lin family all these years, giving them the audacity to send cultivators out to assassinate people from the secular world.

"I can let bygones be bygones for past mistakes but you aren't permitted to commit the same mistake twice. As for the matter surrounding the Lin family, let it be. No one is allowed to involve themselves in this any further!" The Governor calmly declared before he turned towards the sour-faced Murong elder. "I know that your granddaughter had been hurt and that you are out of sorts. However, even if you're not happy about it, you will still have to tolerate it. This matter was the Lin family's fault in the first place. If this gets out, people will think that the First City's Governor's Palace is bullying others!"

He had to use the Lin family's past sins as an excuse to warn them because the Secret Order would never allow him to expose Dongfang Yu's identity! If they continue to attack Grand Lord Hong Lian and Dongfang Yu, he was afraid that they would soon draw the Secret Order's ire.

The Secret Order was so powerful that even the First City's Governor has to give way to them.

Besides, Dongfang Yu was the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order...

"Governor, would the Murong family members have died for nothing then?"

The Murong family's elder scoffed, clearly not satisfied with the Governor's decision.

The Governor frowned and sent him an icy glare. "Murong Yang, you should be aware of the Murong family's movements more than anyone else. Hence, I'd advise you to educate your granddaughter. If she ends up crossing someone that she shouldn't cross, I won't shield you."

Murong Yang's elderly features were now a particularly ugly sight. He scoffed again but did not object to the Governor's words anymore. He restrained his resentment and kept it all in.

"Grand Lord Hong Lian, Dongfang Yu, their daughter, and Qianbei Ye..."

Murong Yang sighed internally when he thought of those names. He then muttered viciously, "I won't let them get away!"

Even though Murong Yan had only uttered these words in his heart, the Governor could see his thoughts from his face. He laughed icily. Looks like it's time for me to give the Murong family several tasks. Otherwise, this old man would never leave Dongfang Yu alone so easily.

"You are dismissed."

The Governor then rose to his feet as he stared icily at the group.

"I was the one who had appointed all of you as the Great Protectors in the First City. That's how you had got the position in the first place! If you continue to commit sins, it may be time for us to change the members of the Great Protectors."

After saying his piece, the Governor straightened his sleeves. He then turned around and left without a second look back.

Murong Yang took a deep breath, turned around towards Elder Wen and asked, "Are you going to put up with this resentment?"

Elder Wen's eyes flickered as a sharp light flashed from within. He suddenly laughed but there was an eerie bloodlust in his smile.

"Put up with this? How can I possibly put up with it? As long as Grand Lord Hong Lian is alive, the Wen family will die by his hand sooner or later. He must be killed!"

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