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Chapter 1218: Wind Valley (15)

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Usually, he would never treat Elder Feng in this manner but now, he no longer cared about anything else! Besides, this old man was the cause of his son's tragic death. Why should he treat him with any courtesy?

"Valley Lord, please believe me this one time. Give me three days and I will return with a vigorous and lively Second Young Master to you! I only need three days!" Elder Feng held onto the Valley Lord's arm tightly as his eyes filled with determination.

The Valley Lord glanced at him indifferently. "Qing'er's heart has stopped, how could he still be alive? Besides, I can sense that the Resurrection Blossom in his body is missing. You should know the consequences that come with losing the Resurrection Blossom, he can't be saved!"

"Valley Lord, Gu Ruoyun has promised me that she would return in three days. She will turn the Resurrection Blossom into a Resurrection Pill and use it to save the Second Young Master! That's why she had used the silver needles to seal the Second Young Master in a state of suspended animation. If you pull the needles out, the Second Young Master will most certainly die!"

"Hehe," Elder Bai laughed icily before he spoke in a disdainful tone. "When did you become so naive? A Resurrection Pill? What on earth is that? I've never heard of it! She's asked you to give the Resurrection Blossom to her and you had actually helped her to do it? You're clearly going to kill the Second Young Master! Valley Lord, I believe that Elder Feng has deliberately gone against the rules. Please, Valley Lord, grant him a heavy punishment and avenge the Second Young Master!"

Elder Feng grew anxious. If he had known that this would happen, he should have informed the Valley Lord first. Perhaps the situation would not have gone out of hand.

However, how would Elder Feng have known that the usually desolate and overlooked North Park would draw Feng Xiaoxiao's attention?

"What do you want me to do to make you believe me?" Elder Feng was panicking as he exclaimed with sweat pouring down his face. "Valley Lord, if Gu Ruoyun really doesn't have any power, do you think that I would trust her? If you really don't believe me, I can make a wager. If Gu Ruoyun doesn't show up in three days, I will atone for my crimes with death!"

Elder Feng gritted his teeth. At this moment, he has placed all of his hopes onto Gu Ruoyun's abilities. His heart prayed endlessly that she would show up sooner so that he could be free from this situation.

"Elder Feng, this matter has nothing to do with you." A light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes as she said, "Besides, Yuqing is dead now and Wind Valley does not wish to lose a talent like you as well. I will not let you use yourself as collateral no matter what."

What a joke, why should I possibly wait any longer?

She was feeling rather suspicious. How could a person with Gu Ruoyun's intellect possibly walk into a trap? Now, the situation was obvious. Gu Ruoyun had really come here to cure Feng Yuqing! Why should Feng Xiaoxiao grant her those three days? What if she really does manage to save Feng Yuqing? Getting someone else to do her dirty work would not be so easy then.

"Eldest Lady, I know that you're doing this for my own good but I have no other choice." Elder Feng turned towards the Valley Lord and spoke with a serious look on his face, "Valley Lord, why don't you believe me just this once? If you pull out the needle, he will die! If you trust me, there is a chance that the Second Young Master will survive! If I have been so unlucky as to place my trust in the wrong person, I will find her even if I have to go to the ends of the earth and I will bring her back to you! I will then atone for my crimes with death!"

The Valley Lord's hand, which had been placed on the needle, paused. A strange light then flashed across his cold features. After a long pause, he retracted his hand and replied calmly, "Alright, I'll trust you this time!"

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Omg. Intense. 3 days faster go pass quick. I wanna see fyq survive.


Well, at least the Valley Lord isn't a complete fool.




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Chapter 1219: Wind Valley (16)

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Feng Xiaoxiao's expression changed and a vicious light flashed in her beautiful eyes. "We can't keep waiting like this, we must catch Gu Ruoyun immediately. I believe that she's not too far away! What if we wait and she was to escape, all that awaits Wind Valley then is a disaster. That woman's talents are too frightening and if we let her grow, Elder Feng would not be able to control her. So, father, I ask you to give the order to hunt Gu Ruoyun down and let Yuqing rest in peace!"


Feng Xiaoxiao threw herself down and knelt on the ground as she implored calmly.

"I beg you, Valley Lord, to hunt down the culprit and avenge the Second Young Master!"

Elder Bai and the others have knelt down as well and cried out pleadingly.

"Enough!" The Valley Lord waved his hand as his stern voice echoed throughout the room. "Even if you catch her, Yuqing can't possibly be revived. Since that's the case, let's treat a medically dead horse as if it was still alive! I will believe them for now. If she doesn't show up in three days, I will make her understand the consequences of crossing Wind Valley! I will find her and kill her even if I have to go to the ends of the earth, heaven, or hell. I won't rest as long as she's alive!"


The aura within the Valley Lord's body dispersed, breaking the table in front of him and threw everything into disorder. His eyes were filled with a cold light while his voice carried a murderous air.

Elder Feng finally heaved a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that he has managed to protect the Second Young Master. All he needs to do now was to wait for her to return...

Master, I hope you won't let me down...

Elder Feng lowered his eyelids and secretly whispered in his heart.

"Eldest Lady."

Elder Feng turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. When he saw the extremely ugly look on her face, his heart shook.

Feng Xiaoxiao did not speak. She pursed her lips and her once gentle gaze was now frosty. Her typically delicate and dignified features no longer held their initial warm prettiness. In fact, it was replaced with cold and distant lines...

It was a good thing that everyone's attentions were now focused on Feng Yuqing. Hence, aside from Elder Feng who was next to her, no one had noticed the look on her face at all. Otherwise, they would probably reevaluate what they know of Feng Xiaoxiao's character...

Three days passed in a flash.

Gu Ruoyun wiped the sweat off her brow in the pill refinement chamber. Her eyes were focused upon the pill cauldron.

"I've finally managed to refine the Resurrection Blossom into a pill. Three days have passed and it's time for me to make my way over to the North Park and give Feng Yuqing this pill. I'm afraid that the silver needles will lose their effect if I delay any longer."

Perhaps the entire Wind Valley never thought that Gu Ruoyun was still in Wind Valley. She has been hiding in Elder Feng's cultivation chamber as she single-mindedly refined the Resurrection Pill.

After putting the pill away, Gu Ruoyun did not hesitate any longer and turned around to head out of the chamber...

However, once Gu Ruoyun stepped into the North Park, she sensed something peculiar which made her slow down a little. However, she ultimately continued to walk forward...

The three days have passed Elder Feng grew anxious in the room. Sweat rolled continuously down his face and his eyes would scan outside the door time and again. The concern in his eyes was evident.

"Elder Feng, I don't think she's coming now."

Elder Bai laughed icily as he spoke disdainfully.

Elder Feng's heart filled with panic when he sensed the increasing chill around the Valley Lord. He continued to pray endlessly in his heart, hoping that Gu Ruoyun would hurry back. After all, he had made the vow three days ago that if Gu Ruoyun does not return, his own life would be forfeit.

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GRY *Who said I wasn’t coming?* This should be fun 😈🍿🥤




I bet that as soon as they decide to pull the needle, Gu Ruoyun will appear


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Chapter 1220: Wind Valley (17)

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Elder Feng never thought that he would place his life in the hands of a young woman one day.

This was something that he had never expected at all.


Just as Elder Feng was beginning to panic in earnest, the tightly shut door was finally pushed open. A green-robed woman then entered the room, appearing before everyone's eyes.

Elder Feng nearly burst into tears at the sight of Gu Ruoyun. Heaven knows how much pressure he has had to endure over the past three days. He had been terrified by the Valley Lord who emitted an icy aura constantly and has had to endure Elder Bai's snarky comments as well as managing his anxious feelings for Feng Yuqing's well-being.

He has never been this emotional. At this moment, he felt that Gu Ruoyun was almost like his own mother and he nearly knelt on the ground.

"You're finally here."

He looked at Gu Ruoyun as he trembled. His eyes were filled with excitement but his voice was filled with exasperation, "If you had not come, these people would have slaughtered me."

Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and swept her gaze across the crowded room. She paused on Feng Xiaoxiao for a moment before she turned away and looked at Elder Feng again. "How is the task that I've given to you? Has anyone touched the silver needles?"

Elder Feng nodded his head vigorously. "I've successfully completed the task, there's no displacement in the silver needles from when you've left and right now. Please rest assured."

"Alright, I will begin the process of saving him now."

Gu Ruoyun slowly walked towards Feng Yuqing who was lying on the bed. She then pulled his lips apart with one finger and stuffed the pill inside.

When the pill entered Feng Yuqing's mouth, it turned into a clear stream and flowed into his lungs.


A wave of energy erupted from Feng Yuqing and his entire body shook as if it had been shocked.

"Once I've removed the silver needles, he'll be able to wake up. The spiritual energy which had once been absorbed by the Resurrection Blossom will slowly return."

After Gu Ruoyun had finished speaking, she began to remove the silver needles from Feng Yuqing's body one by one.

Ever since Gu Ruoyun had entered the room, the Valley Lord had remained silent. However, his gaze was focused upon the woman's every move as the aura from his body grew more and more powerful. His grim features were cold and distant.

The hand which he had placed on the chair was clenched into a fist while his eyes filled with a sharp air.

If Qing'er does not awaken after she has removed the silver needles, I will make this woman join him in death!

Feng Xiaoxiao pursed her lips tightly and her expression was an ugly sight to behold. Her thoughts were vastly different from the rest as she does not want Feng Yuqing to awaken! If Feng Yuqing dies, both Gu Ruoyun and Elder Feng would die by her father's hand!


Gu Ruoyun raised her hand and removed the final needle. She then pulled out a handkerchief and slowly put the needles away before she slowly rose to her feet as her lips curled into a calm smile, "Alright, it's done."


The Valley Lord quickly rose to his feet. His eyes were fixed upon the man on the bed. At that moment, his breathing quickened and his eyes filled with anticipation.

It was clear that the Valley Lord dearly loves his only son despite the fact that the Second Young Master has a bad reputation and was a good-for-nothing...

The crowd watched as the man, who had been lying on the bed with tightly shut eyes, slowly opened them. He looked a little disoriented as if he could not understand what had happened. However, he was shocked when he saw the crowd of people around his bed. His vision then slowly became clear and bright.

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now repeat after me: patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue... god damn it, mass release pls


What now Feng XiaoXiao!!!!


there's no mass release for this novel????


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Chapter 1221: Wind Valley (18)

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"Father, what are you doing here?"

Feng Yuqing struggled to sit up. His face was just as pale as before. "Also, there are so many people..."


The Valley Lord's heart leaped when he saw that the man had opened his eyes. He then appeared in front of the bed in a flash and clasped Feng Yuqing's hand in a tight grip as he asked in surprise, "Are you alright? I thought you were..."

"Father." Feng Yuqing smiled. "I'm sorry, I had wanted to restore my powers so I asked Great Master Gu Ruoyun to cure me. I did not inform you of that and I'm really sorry, I won't do it again."

The Valley Lord was shocked and stared at the man in front of him with disbelief.

Is this really my hedonistic and infamous son?

Why do I feel as if he has turned into another person...

"After consuming the Resurrection Pill, your past injuries have now been healed."

The Valley Lord was still in a daze when a clear and cold voice slowly rang out, "Furthermore, your powers will be fully restored but it will take some time and you need to slowly regulate it! You can now try your luck at cultivating."

When Feng Yuqing heard this, he quickly crossed his legs and tried to regulate his aura.

Once he felt the surge of spiritual energy in his body, his expression changed from astonishment to joy. His voice was filled with excitement as he said, "I can really cultivate again, Great Master Gu Ruoyun, thank you so much! If it were not for you, I would never have had this opportunity."

The Valley Lord was even more excited in comparison with Feng Yuqing. After all, his son's injuries have been his greatest heartache over the years. However, he never expected his son's powers to be restored one day.

"Great Master Gu," He rose to his feet, faced Gu Ruoyun and said, "I have treated you rudely, please don't take it to heart. You've helped Qing'er which means that you've helped all of Wind Valley. I will remember this great kindness for the rest of my life and I will never forget it."

Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. "Fate had brought Feng Yuqing and me together which was why I had saved him. This is nothing compared to what he's given me."

If it had not been for Feng Yuqing, her spiritual beasts would never have been so fortunate as to receive the inheritance.

Her power would never have grown so quickly either.

"Lady Gu."

Feng Xiaoxiao quickly steadied her emotions before she slowly approached Gu Ruoyun. She then smiled and said, "Ever since the first time we've met, I knew that you were not a simple woman. I never thought that Yuqing's body would be restored to health thanks to your treatment. If there's anything that you need in the future, let me know. I will go through water and tread on fire without hesitation!"

"Thank you." Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly. "There's no need for that. By the way, I had run into a few assassins yesterday. It's a good thing that a powerful cultivator had happened to pass by and saved me. As long as Wind Valley doesn't try to take my life like those assassins, I am already grateful enough."

Feng Xiaoxiao's expression changed drastically when she heard the implication in Gu Ruoyun's words. However, her face quickly went back to normal with a warm and breezy smile on her pretty and delicate features.

"Lady Gu, you are Wind Valley's benefactor, why would Wind Valley bite the hands that feed us? You won't need to worry too much about that!"

"Xiaoxiao." The Valley Lord was very satisfied with Feng Xiaoxiao's words. He then nodded and said, "As the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley, you must take good care of Great Master Gu throughout her stay here! She must never be allowed to suffer any grief."

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Am i the only one enjoying xiao xiao suffeeing from the inside? :D


Sigh, my thoughts, exactly, this guy is dense too, how did he lead his family for so long again?


Exactly ! He does not understand sarcasm much


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Chapter 1222: Wind Valley (19)

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"Father, don't worry, Lady Gu and I can be considered as old acquaintances. I will certainly take good care of her."

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes were full of smiles as she turned her gaze towards Gu Ruoyun and slowly curled her lips. "Lady Gu, what do you think?"

"The Eldest Lady of Wind Valley must be very busy. I reckon that you won't have time to entertain me." Gu Ruoyun's face lifted into a calm smile. "I'm not expecting Wind Valley to entertain me, I can handle myself."

The Valley Lord nodded. "If you insist, Lady Gu, I won't force you. I will send my servants to make arrangements for you in while. If there's anything you need, Lady Gu, just send someone to inform me. I will definitely fulfill your every request."


This time, Gu Ruoyun did not argue and agreed instantly.

"Also, to help speed up Feng Yuqing's recovery, I'll need to prepare a few more pills. Please help me make arrangements for a pill refinement chamber after this so that no one is allowed to disturb me."

Pill refinement?

Elder Feng's eyes lit up when he heard this. "Master, will you let me aid you? Don't worry, if you're not willing to teach me to refine pills, I won't learn on the sly. Besides, based on my level of intelligence, even if I did try to learn on the sly, I might not be able to get anything anyways. However, I'd like to stand next to you and observe you during the pill refinement process. This has been a lifetime hope of mine. Master, please indulge me."

There was a pleading look on Elder Feng's face and he stared at Gu Ruoyun beseechingly once he has finished speaking. 

Even if he does not know how to refine pills, it would be an honor for him to be able to stay by a pill master's side! Even to witness the birth of a pill would be enough for him!

Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she nodded her head. "Alright."

Elder Feng nearly leaped when Gu Ruoyun voiced her agreement. He then exclaimed in excitement, "Master, if any odd jobs come your way, leave them to me. I won't let you down."

Gu Ruoyun shrugged but did not say anything more. The Valley Lord burst into laughter at the sight of this. His face no longer displayed his initial grim stateliness as he said, "Lady Gu, as a token of our gratitude, my medicine storehouse is open to you. You may take whatever medicinal herbs you need. If you need to take all the medicinal herbs, that's fine too."

To him, the entire medicine storehouse was nothing compared to Feng Yuqing's full recovery. Gu Ruoyun has helped to restore Feng Yuqings powers, gifting her the entire medicine storehouse was minor compared to that!

"If there's a need, I won't be modest about it."

Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly as she replied.

She would definitely not modest about it. After all, the next pills will be refined to help restore Feng Yuqing's body...

"Father," Feng Xiaoxiao tried to speak but hesitated.

"If there's something you wish to say, speak."

The Valley Lord's face once again reverted to its stately air as he turned towards the confused-looking Feng Xiaoxiao.

"Father, I have a request." Feng Xiaoxiao spoke hesitantly. "For my birthday next month, can you help me extend an invitation to someone?

"Oh?" The Valley Lord raised his brows and noticed an inkling based on Feng Xiaoxiao's bashful face. He smiled calmly and said, "I wonder who you would like me to extend this invitation to?"

"It's Grand Lord Hong Lian," Feng Xiaoxiao's face blushed red. "I heard that Grand Lord Hong Lian has arrived in the First City as well. I want to ask if you could help me invite him to Wind Valley as a guest.

Grand Lord Hong Lian?

Upon overhearing this, Gu Ruoyun, who was just about to leave, suddenly paused in her footsteps as a peculiar light flashed in her eyes.

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Anyone notice a coolness in Valley Lord’s attitude towards Xiaoxiao that wasn’t there just a few chapters ago? After all, he’s got his son back now. Serves her right 😈




Maybe GRY can hang around and have a family reunion 😁😉. Waiting on that show to start 🍿 Thanks for the chapter


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Chapter 1223: Wind Valley (20)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Are you talking about the same Grand Lord Hong Lian who's fighting against the Lin family?" The Valley Lord was astonished. "Grand Lord Hong Lian is indeed a genius. I remember that he was only a Martial King when the Lin family began to hunt him down but he's grown to this stage under those circumstances. Now, the Lin family themselves are having a headache because of him. Xiaoxiao, are you interested in Grand Lord Hong Lian?"

Feng Xiaoxiao nodded. "Father, Grand Lord Hong Lian is the man I've been searching for. The funny thing was, I didn't know it was him."

"Xiaoxiao," said the Valley Lord as he furrowed his brows. "I do admire Grand Lord Hong Lian and I won't object to having him as my son-in-law. Based on his talents, as long as he trains with Wind Valley diligently, it won't be a problem. However, Grand Lord Hong Lian already has a wife. Do you plan to become his concubine?"

"No," Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head and replied. "Grand Lord Hong Lian's wife has been missing for over twenty years, no one knows if she's dead or alive. She might not even be in the land of the living anymore. Humans live for a very long time, does he plan on staying alone forever? That's clearly impossible! I believe that I have a chance of becoming his wife. I have confidence in myself."

Even though the news of Gu Ruoyun's identity as Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter has spread throughout the mainland, this news still has not reached the First City. Hence, Feng Xiaoxiao was blissfully unaware that she was scheming on someone's father right in front of their own daughter.

If she had known of Gu Ruoyun's identity as Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter, she would never have brazenly discussed this matter out in the open.

The Valley Lord thought for a moment before he slowly replied, "Grand Lord Hong Lian is a little advanced in his age but I do admire him very much. He's probably the only person from the secular world who holds my admiration! If you wish to marry him, I won't have any objections. I can help you to send the invitation. However, whether the Grand Lord wishes to marry you or not, that depends on your abilities. I can't help you there."

"Yes, Father."

Feng Xiaoxiao joined her fists. When she lowered her head, her eyes were filled with smiles.

She has a good amount of confidence in her own abilities. There will be time for that later. She believes that she could slowly influence him in time.

After listening in to the conversation between the father and daughter, a queer look appeared in Gu Ruoyun's eyes but she ultimately kept quiet.

She had been worrying about how to inform her father about her whereabouts. Since Wind Valley is going to invite her father, she could just wait for him here. Once she meets her father, it will be time to find the Lin family to seek revenge...

"Grand Lord."

In an inn, a figure appeared out of thin air with a whoosh behind the red-robed man who was standing in front of a window. "Members of Wind Valley have recently been looking for you, Grand Lord."

"Wind Valley?"

The man gently raised his brow and slowly turned around. A cold smile then formed on his grim features. "Why is Wind Valley looking for me?"

"Apparently, it's the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley's birthday and they want to invite you, Grand Lord, to join the celebration."

Eldest Lady of Wind Valley?

Grand Lord Hong Lian fell silent. "If I remember correctly, this Eldest Lady of Wind Valley has caused trouble for Yun'er once. Since that's the case, I'm going to pay Wind Valley a visit! I want to see what they want!"

One can cross anyone but never cross this madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian!

This madman has been known to hold a grudge. Feng Xiaoxiao had once caused trouble for Gu Ruoyun in the Medicine Sect and he has not forgotten about this matter. Hence, this was why he had accepted Wind Valley's invitation this time all for the sake of a chance to avenge his daughter!

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