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Chapter 1211: Wind Valley (8)

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Gu Ruoyun gently nodded. "I want to turn the Resurrection Blossom into a Resurrection Pill! At that point, I'll need you to help me watch Feng Yuqing."


Elder Feng nodded gravely.

Even though he was on Feng Xiaoxiao's side, Feng Yuqing was the Valley Lord's only son. If they could cure him, the Valley Lord would be very happy indeed.

"Once the Resurrection Blossom has been taken out, his life will be in danger. When that time comes, I will use a silver needle to seal his body. He will then appear to be dead! You must remember to not let anyone disturb him!"

Gu Ruoyun raised her head and looked at Elder Feng as she said, "I will then need to be in closed-door cultivation for three days! I will refine the Resurrection Pill in three days!"

"I understand, Master. Rest assured and go ahead, I won't let anyone disturb the Second Young Master." Elder Feng's intonation carried a determination like never before. His eyes were filled with assurance as he replied.

"You must remember to not pull the silver needle out. Otherwise, not only will his powers never return, he will die instantly!" A light of conviction flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she stared at Elder Feng's elderly face and issued the instruction. "Anyone who comes here must not be allowed to touch him!"

When Elder Feng saw the serious look on Gu Ruoyun's face, he felt very nervous. He made a secret vow that he would never let anyone disturb the Second Young Master.

"Find me a place where I won't be disturbed and I will refine a pill for him! Because the Resurrection Blossom has absorbed too much of his powers, it won't be easy for me to refine it into a pill. That's why I will need three days' time."

"Master, go to my territory. No one will disturb you there and you can refine the pill in peace." Elder Feng's elderly expression was filled with determination. "Don't worry, I will guard the Second Your Master for the next three days."

Gu Ruoyun nodded. "I will extract the Resurrection Blossom from his body now."

At South Park.

Unlike the desolate air in the North Park, the South Park's courtyard was bustling and exquisite. There was a multi-story pavilion and countless handmaidens and footboys were walking around the place.

At that moment in a side room at the courtyard, Feng Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows. Her beautiful, dignified features were enveloped with a light of indifference. After a long pause, she opened her mouth to speak, "Elder Bai, those people you sent last night have been gone for quite a while now. Why haven't they returned?"

Elder Bai knitted his brows. Logically speaking, those men should have returned very quickly after finishing their mission. Why have they not received any news?

"Eldest Lady, maybe they've failed?"

Elder Bai did not dare to imagine the answer to that.

After all, the men he had sent were all powerful cultivators of Wind Valley. If those men had failed, how much power does Gu Ruoyun have?

Feng Xiaoxiao's expression changed. "Elder Bai, have you forgotten what I've told you?" she replied with a cold look on her face. "You must succeed! There's no room for failure or it would bring a great disaster upon us. That woman's talents are far too horrifying. Even I cannot help but acknowledge that she is indeed an absolute genius!"

Unfortunately, she was unable to utilize a genius like her.

What was the point in leaving her alive then?

"Eldest Lady, don't you worry, I've instructed them to put the blame on Feng Yuqing if they fail! By then, if Gu Ruoyun does wish to exact her revenge, she would only take it out on Feng Yuqing. When she arrives in Wind Valley to collect Feng Yuqing's debt, she would certainly draw the Valley Lord's ire. We can then use the Valley Lord's hand to kill her!"

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Sigh, even a 10 year old can predict the flow of this novel.. but even so, I just can't bring myself to drop it. It's like a drug.


it stuns me XD to think that I thought that she had a brain … but its true what they say … being in love makes one dumb as bricks XD in this case extra dumb since the one shes in love with is GR father


Selfish stupidity is the driving force motivating the majority of the characters. The predictability of their actions is both annoying but entertaining. I’m just waiting on the face slaps. Thanks for the chapter


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Chapter 1212: Wind Valley (9)

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Feng Xiaoxiao's face, which was initially calm, changed greatly when she heard this. "Idiot!" she shouted angrily.

Her shout shocked Elder Bai into a daze. He simply could not understand what he had done to draw the Eldest Lady's ire.

"Are you not an idiot?" Feng Xiaoxiao slammed her hand on the table and exclaimed with an ugly look on her face. "How could a cunning woman like Gu Ruoyun possibly believe your false charges so easily? If you hadn't said a thing, she would not have any proof that Wind Valley had been behind it. Even if she has her guesses, she would not use these guesses to conclude Wind Valley's actions! Yet you had put Feng Yuqing's name right out. While it does kill two birds with one stone, it also reveals that Wind Valley was behind the assassination attempt!"

A raging flame burned in her heart as she continued her scolding with a cold look on her face, "Furthermore, you had met her that day and tried to recruit her. You then send assassins to her on the same night. She doesn't need to overanalyze things to know that we were the ones who had sent the assassins and not that good-for-nothing Feng Yuqing! More importantly, you want to use Father's hand to kill Gu Ruoyun? Do you think that scenario would be possible? That woman is so cunning, why would she walk into a trap? She would never walk into Wind Valley while her powers are at a weak stage and give herself up so stupidly!"

Just as Feng Xiaoxiao was chastizing Elder Bai, an anxious voice came rushing into the room.

"Eldest Lady, I have some news to report!"

Feng Xiaoxiao took a deep breath, looked at the person in front of her and asked, "What is it?"

"Eldest Lady, someone has just informed me that the woman you've been searching for, Gu Ruoyun, has arrived in Wind Valley. Furthermore, Elder Feng has brought her to see the Second Young Master..."


Feng Xiaoxiao was dazed as her pretty eyes widened, filled with disbelief.

Elder Bai was also dazed for several seconds before he burst into laughter. "Eldest Lady, you think too highly of this woman's intelligence. She's not as smart as you thought she was. She believed the Wind Valley assassins' words and has come to make Feng Yuqing pay. Hahaha!"

Feng Xiaoxiao racked her brain, trying to figure out a crucial point in all of this. However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not seem to understand why Gu Ruoyun would make her way to Wind Valley?

When has her intelligence regressed to such a degree?

Could she have believed in such an inferior lie?

"Impossible, this is definitely impossible!" Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head and fell silent. "There must be something that we're not aware of. A smart woman like Gu Ruoyun would never walk into a trap."

Elder Bai laughed disdainfully, curled his lips and said, "Eldest Lady, don't overestimate her! Based on my conversation with her yesterday, I could tell that she's not that intelligent! Now that she has come to cause trouble for the Second Young Master, she has clearly been fooled by our lies. However, I never expected Elder Feng to help her and lead her to the Second Young Master. Perhaps he has turned traitor?"

Elder Feng?

A glint flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes, she has finally found the unusual point in this matter.

"Elder Bai, I believe that something isn't right about this! I am well aware of Elder Feng's loyalty to Wind Valley so how could he have turned against us? All these years, the reason why I've never been able to truly recruit Elder Feng was because he is far too loyal to Wind Valley. No matter how unsatisfied he is with Feng Yuqing, he would never let anyone harm him. I believe that this matter isn't as simple as it seems."

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The show’s about to start. Got my popcorn ready 🍿 Thanks for the chapter




Actually not exactly as you said. She became a heir because the second master lost his ability. The Wind Valley Lord prefer his legal son for his heir, that's why Feng Xiaoxiao harmed her stepbrother


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Chapter 1213: Wind Valley (10)

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"Eldest Lady," Elder Bai sneered and his entire face was filled will ridicule. "Why don't we head over to the Second Young Master's residence? We'll know the truth if we don't we stay here and continue the confusion. The Second Young Master is already a good-for-nothing and is of no threat to you. Since that's the case, let's save him this one time. Perhaps we might even leave a good impression on the Valley Lord."

Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent for a moment before she gently nodded.

No matter what Gu Ruoyun's plans were, they only need to investigate to find out the truth...

"Come, let's make our way to the North Park and check on my beloved little brother."

Feng Xiaoxiao gently curled the corners of her lips as a cold light flashed in her eyes. She said nothing more and headed out of the room.

At the North Park.

Elder Feng was standing guard outside the side room's door like a statue. After his experience with Gu Ruoyun at the Medicine Sect's general meeting, he now holds a deep admiration towards her and would follow her orders through seriously.

A group of figures suddenly approached him from outside the courtyard. A light of astonishment flashed in his eyes and he walked up to greet them without thinking too much about it. "Eldest Lady, Elder Bai, what are you doing here?"

Feng Xiaoxiao looked at Elder Feng who was standing guard and smiled. "Elder Feng, I'm here to visit Yuqing. After all, it's been a while since he has left the North Park. As his older sister, I should show some concern to my little brother, right?"

"Haha, there certainly isn't anything wrong with showing concern for the Second Young Master, Eldest Lady. However, the Second Young Master is unable to receive any visitors for now. Please come back in three days' time, Eldest Lady."

Elder Feng laughed. He was not completely aware of Feng Xiaoxiao's actions so he really thought that she had come here out of genuine concern for Feng Yuqing.


Elder Bai has long felt a strong dislike towards Elder Feng. He scoffed icily and said, "Elder Feng, I heard that you've brought an outsider into Wind Valley and led them to the Second Young Master's courtyard? What is your relationship with that person that you would give her so much help?"

"It's like this," Elder Feng did not spare Elder Bai a second look as he turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. "Eldest Lady, you've met that young lady as well," he said, "She's the woman who had defeated me in the Medicine Sect's general meeting and successfully refined a pill! She's here to restore the Second Young Master's powers. We are now at the crucial point of the process so please come back in three days, Eldest Lady!"

"Haha, what a joke!"

Elder Bai burst into laughter and butted into the conversation before Feng Xiaoxiao could reply, "How can you be sure that this woman is sincerely trying to help the Second Young Master? I heard that the Second Young Master had secretly sent assassins after her last night so she's here to take her revenge! I advise you to quickly step out of the way. What if something happens to the Second Young Master, do you think that the Valley Lord would forgive you?"

Hearing this, Elder Feng was completely dumbfounded.

The Second Young Master had sent assassins after Master? Why didn't Master say anything about it? Besides, knowing my Master's personality, if the Second Young Master really wanted to assassinate her, would she be talking cheerfully with him?

"Elder Bai!"

Elder Feng had treated Feng Xiaoxiao with courtesy but when it comes to Elder Bai, there was no need for him to remain civil.

Hence, he furrowed his brows and stared at Elder Bai irritably. "If you don't have any definitive evidence, don't speak without thinking! Gu Ruoyun is definitely not here to kill the Second Young Master, I believe that she can help him!"

He waved his sleeves once he had spoken and continued with a sunken look on his face. "Please go back, I've promised her that I won't let anyone disturb the Second Young Master!"

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Poor Elder Feng, he’s going to end up being disappointed by Xiaoxiao 😔 Hopefully Elder Feng and Yuqing will be ok and can hold out until GRay returns 😬 Thanks for the chapter


Elder Feng shouldn't have told them about Gu Ruoyun helping the second young master to restore his powers else they will surely attack her when she is busy refining the pill.


Elder Feng, you've said too much already


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Chapter 1214: Wind Valley (11)

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"Elder Feng!"

Elder Bai was enraged and he replied in a cold voice, "Do you know what you're doing? What benefits has this woman offered you to make you help her so much? If you continue to block us from entering, the Second Young Master's life will be in grave danger! Are you going to abandon him like this?"


Elder Feng scoffed and ignored the old man. His eyes then turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao.

"Eldest Lady, you of all people should know what kind of person I am! Even if I betray everyone in this world, I will never betray Wind Valley! Please believe me this one time! I would never want to hurt the Second Young Master!"

Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent. After a long pause, she raised her delicate and pretty features, looked at Elder Feng's elderly face and curled her lips indifferently. "Elder Feng, let us go in and have a look. As long as I can see that Yuqing is safe and sound, I'll leave!"

Elder Feng's expression changed greatly.

The Second Young Master was currently in a state of deathlike suspended animation. If they saw him now, it would be impossible to explain the situation to them!

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darkened at the look on Elder Feng's face. Could the situation be like what Elder Bai had said? Was Gu Ruoyun really here to murder Feng Yuqing? That cannot be right, she wouldn't be so stupid to kill someone in Wind Valley. Doing so would just be digging her own grave!

Besides, she had the ability to convince Elder Feng to trust her so much that he would stand guard outside the door and stop everyone from coming in...


When the group insisted on making their way into the room, Elder Feng quickly blocked their way and exclaimed with an ugly look on his face. "You can't go in! If you force your way in, you'll hurt the Second Young Master!"

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes flickered but her expression continued to display a gentle smile. That smile was like the wind, ethereal and faint.

"Elder Feng, don't forget that you're a member of Wind Valley."

Feng Xiaoxiao may have been smiling when she said these words but the frostiness in her voice made Elder Feng's body shake.

"You've stayed by my father's side for so many years, you should know how much he treasures Yuqing. Even after Yuqing had turned into a good-for-nothing, he still protected him! If anything bad were to happen to Yuqing, can you bear the responsibility?"

She lifted her head but there was no longer a gentle smile on her face. Her beautiful eyes were now filled with a stern air. 

Elder Feng's expression shook before he frowned and said, "Eldest Lady, no matter what you say, I will not let you in for the sake of the Second Young Master's safety!"


Elder Bai burst into laughter again. "Elder Feng, are you sure that you want to do this? Fine, since that's the case, we're going to storm right in. I'd love to see what you've done to the Second Young Master!"


Elder Bai's body turned into a sharp sword before he charged towards Elder Feng.


Elder Feng pulled his weapon out and blocked Elder Bai's attack. The sheer force of their encounter caused an explosion, turning the surrounding trees into dust.

"I've told you, I'm not letting you in!" Elder Feng's expression darkened and he snapped fiercely, "If you insist on doing so, I have no choice but to raise my hand to stop you! Elder Bai, you should think this through thoroughly. Offending someone like me who is constantly by the Valley Lord's side won't end well for you!"

"Haha!" Elder Bai burst into laughter. "You've joined forces with an outsider to try and harm the Second Young Master, this is a single drawn offense. Do you think that you will have any position in the Valley Lord's heart to speak of? All these years, you've used the Valley Lord's trust to rain tyrannical abuse over Wind Valley. Everyone had to give way to you but I never thought that you would be so ungrateful until you wouldn't even spare the Second Young Master! I've already sent some men to inform the Valley Lord of this. You will receive the Valley Lord's wrath very soon!"

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I really hope Elder Feng can hold out against these two and protect Yuqing. GRY needs to hurry 😬 Thanks for the chapter


cant GRY just use those formations?so no one could find yuqing?


Go Elder Feng! You can do it, otherwise Gu Ruoyun won't even consider having you as a disciple


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Chapter 1215: Wind Valley (12)

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Elder Feng's expression changed over and over again.

Elder Bai's words made sense to him!

No matter how much the Valley Lord trusts him, there were some taboos which he could never violate!

That taboo was the Second Young Master!

If Elder Bai had really summoned the Valley Lord, he might not be able to stop these people at all. However, the Master had mentioned that no matter what, he must prevent anyone from disturbing the Second Young Master. Otherwise, if they removed the silver needle, the Second Young Master could never be revived from the dead even if the gods were to arrive!

"Eldest Lady, I've stayed by your side for so many years, don't you trust me at all?"

Elder Feng turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao. His face was filled with disappointment as he asked in a bitter voice.

"It's not that I don't trust you, I'm just worried that you've been deceived by Gu Ruoyun." Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darkened. "Therefore, I will only leave after I've seen Yuqing. Don't worry, I just need to see him once. If I see that he's safe and sound, I'll lead everyone out of here."

Elder Feng shook his head and shut his eyes.

"Eldest Lady, I know that you're worried about the Second Young Master but I really can't let you in! Otherwise, the Second Young Master's life will be in danger!"

Three days!

He just needs to hold on for three days. Once Gu Ruoyun returns, this misunderstanding will be wiped off.

"Get out of the way!"

Elder Bai bellowed and waved his hand fiercely towards Elder Feng's chest.

The power from his hit was sharp, enveloped in a faint layer of spiritual energy. His eyes were filled with ferocity and no longer displayed their initial gentleness.


Elder Feng scoffed as he watched Elder Bai closing in on him. He raised his hand to stop Elder Bai's hand as he exclaimed gloomily, "I won't touch the Eldest Lady but with you, I have no need to exercise patience!"


Their hands clashed against one another. Elder Bai's body stumbled backward as a sliver of blood trickled from the corner of his lips. He then glared icily at Elder Feng.

In all of Wind Valley, Elder Feng's powers were second only to the Valley Lord. Elder Bai was no match for him!


Feng Xiaoxiao furrowed her willowy brows and narrowed her eyes as she glared at the two elders icily. "It won't help matters if you two fight here. We will make a decision when my father arrives!"

After saying her piece, she turned towards Elder Feng and asked, "Elder Feng, I'll give you one last chance. Will you let us pass? If you're really going to wait for my father to arrive, his anger isn't something that you can handle."

"I'm sorry, Eldest Lady, I can't let you pass."

Elder Feng continued to block the way to the room and his face was serious as he stood tall like a sculpture. "I believe that in three days, you will understand that my actions were the right one! Prior to that, I can't let you pass!"

Feng Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and laughed icily. "Alright, I hope that you won't regret your decision! However, Elder Feng, I really never thought that you would turn out to be that kind of a person! I am sorely disappointed in you!"

The woman's gentle voice was tinged with clear disappointment and caused Elder Feng's heart to tremble.

He closed his eyes for a long while before opening them again. A wave of determination filled his eyes but he did not say another word.

"The Valley Lord has arrived!"

A loud cry echoed throughout the sky. The crowd watched as a handsome man in white robes traveled through the air. He has a tall and imposing body and emitted an air of domineering stateliness.

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Hopefully the Valley Lord is smart enough to recognize Xiaoxiao’s character and trust in Elder Feng 😬 Thanks for the chapter


Blinked twice and the chapter was over....🙁🙁


True that. Gah.... just want to slap those people for him.


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Chapter 1216: Wind Valley (13)

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Two armed guards were standing behind the Valley Lord. Neither of them showed any sign of emotion on their face as they guarded him loyally from behind.

One of the guards was the person who had announced the Valley Lord's arrival.

The white-robed man slowly walked towards them. A domineering atmosphere of the highest quality spread out with every step that he took, causing everyone around him to lower their heads.

This was a refined state cultivator, just that one bout of coercion could easily subdue others.

"Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?"

The Valley Lord's eyes scanned across every face from all for corners of the area as he spoke in a cold and distant voice.

"Reporting to the Valley Lord," Elder Bai sent Elder Feng an ugly glare as he turned towards the Valley Lord and replied, "Elder Feng has conspired with an outsider in an attempt to harm the Second Young Master. That outsider is implementing a form of horrible torture upon the Second Young Master in that room. Elder Feng has refused to let us in and does not allow us to check on the Second Young Master at all! Please, Valley Lord, support our cause!"

Upon hearing this, the Valley Lord's cold and distant eyes turned towards Elder Feng before he asked with a cold bite in his voice, "Is this true?"

"Valley Lord," Elder Feng joined his fists with an ugly look on his face. "It's like this. You probably remember that genius, Gu Ruoyun, whom I've mentioned to you before. Gu Ruoyun has arrived in Wind Valley and can help restore the Second Young Master's powers. That's why I'm helping her."

Elder Bai sneered and exclaimed disdainfully, "Elder Feng, if it's really as you've said, why won't you let us see him? If she really does have the power to save the Second Young Master, we won't disturb him but you? You won't even let us look at him. Aren't you conspiring with her to harm the Second Young Master? What else could it be?"

"This..." Elder Feng was at a loss for words. He then continued, "Valley Lord, please believe me. My days here reflect my loyalty to Wind Valley! I would never have any intentions of hurting the Second Young Master! If you really insist on barging into the room, the Second Young Master will die!"

The Valley Lord fell silent and no one could tell what lay beneath his cold features. He did not say a word.

"Father." Feng Xiaoxiao looked at Elder Feng before she walked towards the Valley Lord. Her voice was light and gentle like the wind as it slowly echoed throughout the silent courtyard. "I trust Elder Feng, he would never hurt my little brother."

Elder Bai was in shock, he never thought that Feng Xiaoxiao would help Elder Feng. Were they not supposed to deal with Gu Ruoyun? Clearly, Elder Feng has now chosen to stand on Gu Ruoyun's side.

Why was Feng Xiaoxiao backing Elder Feng now?

Elder Feng never thought that Feng Xiaoxiao would ultimately stand up for him and sent her a grateful look. After all, based on his earlier behavior, it was already good enough that Eldest Lady had not complained to the Valley Lord about him, what more stand up for him.

"However..." Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darted back and forth. "Based on my understanding of Gu Ruoyun's character, that woman is very smart and also very cunning! Elder Feng had taken pity on your love for your son and trusted Gu Ruoyun's words easily. He's not in the wrong, it's the latter's fault for being too cunning! Elder Feng means well but Gu Ruoyun would never save Yuqing. Just last night, Yuqing had sent his men to capture Gu Ruoyun and make her his concubine. Think about it, based on their current connection, why should Gu Ruoyun save him?"

Feng Xiaoxiao no longer cared about Gu Ruoyun's intentions here. As long as she was here in Wind Valley, she could manipulate her father to kill her!

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If the Valley Lord can easily be manipulated then he's really stupid!


He doesn't deserve to be the Wind Valley Lord if he can be easily fooled by people


Oh no. Elder Feng must be in trouble. That Feng XiaoXiao is really Grr! Makes my blood boil in anger.


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Chapter 1217: Wind Valley (14)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Besides, Elder Feng was so adamant about preventing them from entering the room. That proves that they could not see Feng Yuqing now. Otherwise, if it really was as he had claimed, Feng Yuqing's life would be in grave danger.

Hence, she has to enter the room and kill two birds with one stone!

If Feng Yuqing dies, her father would never let Gu Ruoyun get away with it!

An undetectable murderous intent flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's pretty eyes when she thought of this.

It goes without saying that Feng Xiaoxiao was very intelligent. She knows that the Valley Lord trusts Elder Feng a lot. If she had tried to frame Elder Feng, the result would work against her. Hence, she had no choice but to absolve Elder Feng of his mistakes and push all the blame onto Gu Ruoyun.

This way, her father would not believe Elder Feng and would only think that he was being manipulated.

"Elder Feng, step aside."

Indeed, after hearing Feng Xiaoxiao's words, the Valley Lord's eyes turned towards Elder Feng as he issued the order in a low, hoarse voice.

"Valley Lord?"

Elder Feng's body stiffened from where he was standing in front of the door. He stared at the Valley Lord's icy features in astonishment. "If you go in, you will end up hurting the Second Young Master."

"Elder Feng, it looks like Gu Ruoyun has really has bewitched you with the waters of oblivion. That's the only reason why you would believe her so much." Feng Xiaoxiao's gaze darkened as she spoke in an icy voice, "If you continue to try and stop us, perhaps Yuqing is already dead! He was once in danger and we had managed to save his life with great difficulty. Do you want him to die again?"

"Step aside!"

Just as Feng Xiaoxiao had spoken, the Valley Lord's cold voice rang out once again.

If it were anyone else who wanted to enter Feng Yuqing's room, Elder Feng would stop them no matter the cost.

However, this was the Valley Lord!

Elder Feng's lips filled with bitter agony. He then shook his head in exasperation and sighed but ultimately stepped aside and let them pass.


The Valley Lord pushed the door open and walked in very quickly. Upon entering the room, the first thing he saw was Feng Yuqing whose entire body was pierced with silver needles from head to toe. At this moment, Feng Yuqing was lying silently on the bed as if he were dead.


The Valley Lord's shocked face drained of color as he rushed towards Feng Yuqing. When he placed his hand to check for Feng Yuqing's breathing, his expression turned cold. A dense, cold air then erupted from his entire being.

"Elder Feng, I've told you before, that woman does not have any good intentions. Now, she has caused the Second Young Master's death! Hand the woman over. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you this time!" Elder Bai exclaimed, taking joy in Elder Feng's calamity.

He has never liked this old man. Just because Elder Feng had the Valley Lord's trust, he has always been condescending. Sometimes, he would even ignore the Eldest Lady! This was great, he had trusted a woman's lies too easily and has thoroughly offended the Valley Lord.

Perhaps the Valley Lord would consider him guilty and kill him for his part in this!

The Valley Lord took a deep breath and reached his trembling hand out to remove the silver needles from Feng Yuqing's body. His heart was now clenched in a tight grip and filled with a fiery rage.

"Valley Lord."

When he saw that the Valley Lord was about to pull out the silver needles, Elder Feng's expression changed greatly. He then quickly rushed forward and grabbed the Valley Lord's outstretched hand. "Valley Lord, you must not pull out the needles. If you do so, the Young Valley Lord will die!"

"Get out of my way!"

The Valley Lord's body was shrouded in a cold air as he spat icily.

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