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Chapter 1204: Wind Valley (1)

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Gu Ruoyun was not an average person!

Most early-stage Martial Saints would be so frightened at the sight of so many exceeding state cultivators that they would be unable to retaliate.

Even if she does not have her spiritual beasts on hand, no one could stop her if she wanted to escape.

Regardless of how cautious Feng Xiaoxiao was, she had still underestimated her!

"I don't have any trouble with Feng Xiaoxiao yet she has sent her subordinates to kill me. Since that's how she wants to play, I have no choice but to push back." Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she slowly spoke. "Tianqiong, can you guys can handle these people?"


As soon as she had spoken, two figures immediately appeared by her side.

One of them was very handsome and has a stately look on his face, carrying the awe-inspiring authority of a sovereign who had descended from the sky. The other was a cute and petite little lolita. Her powder-puff face was absolutely endearing. However, her eyes do not display the innocent and pure look that most children would have. All they could see was a cold and distant bloodlust as well as an infinite amount of murderous intent.

"Master." The Vermillion Bird curled the corners of her lips as her large eyes stared at the members of Wind Valley seriously. "Leave these people to Leader Tianqiong and I. They're nothing but a bunch of ants. So what if they have a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state? I will still bash them up like dogs!"

Once she has finished speaking, the Vermillion Bird's tiny body suddenly charged towards the young man in front of her as quickly as a bolt of lightning. With a wave of her little hand, a ray of fire shot out from her palm and jetted straight towards the young man's face which was inches away from her.

Even though the little girl seems to be around five years of age, the young man who had experienced many battles could sense her power. He did not dare to show the slightest sign of carelessness. as he pulled his weapon out and brandished it at the Vermillion Bird's tiny body.


The Vermillion Bird lifted her hand to catch the oncoming weapon while a smile flashed on her adorable little face. "Tsk, tsk. Are late-stage exceeding state cultivators all that great? I don't think that you were even born yet when I had proclaimed supremacy over the four corners of the earth! Even the tiny little Wind Valley has delusions of forcing the Master of the Four Divine Beasts into servitude? What wild fantasies you've got! A person of my Master's noble standing cannot be controlled by tiny little Wind Valley. Even though my Master isn't powerful enough at the moment, she will surpass everyone in your Wind Valley sooner or later."

The Vermillion Bird has great faith in Gu Ruoyun.

After all, Gu Ruoyun had not originated from the First City. Instead, she had come from a far more lowly mainland. However, she has achieved such great accomplishments by the age of twenty-four and had single-handedly shot down this entire world.

From the ancient times till this day, who else could possibly achieve such greatness?

Funnily enough, Wind Valley sure has some good ideas to actually want to force her Master into servitude?

If her Master does submit to them, does that not mean that they, the Four Divine Beasts, would become lower than humans?


Their status would become twice below that of humans!

The Four Divine Beasts do not want this kind of ending.


A wave of energy shot out from the Vermillion Bird's small hand and pushed the young man several steps back. He looked absolutely shocked as he stared at the Vermillion Bird's cute face in astonishment. He could not comprehend why he, a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state, could not defeat a mid-stage Martial Saint!

"Do you know why you can't defeat me?" The Vermillion Bird pursed her lips. "That's because you humans use too many precious treasures to increase your power! It wouldn't be much of a problem if you had used those things once or twice but if you rely on them completely, that would result in an unstable foundation. That's why I can bash you up like dogs!"

The young man's face turned into an ugly shade before he finally said his first words since he smashed into the room, "Attack together! Kill them all!"

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Bash them up! I really want to see the so-called eldest lady’s reaction when they report that the assassination failed


Yup, Chichi is my favourite spiritual beasts ! Well, then again, Zixie is the best too hahaha


Show them whose boss Chi!!!


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Chapter 1205: Wind Valley (2)

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Upon hearing the young man's orders, everyone behind him immediately charged towards the Vermillion Bird in front of him. At that moment, the entire guest room was filled with a cold and eerie murderous intent.

Gu Ruoyun stayed standing on the large, ruined bed as she stared coldly at the situation. Her eyes flashed with a clear and cold light.

"Bunch of foolish humans!"

The Vermillion Bird laughed icily. Her body then slowly enlarged as the crowd watched, turning into a flaming Firebird and tearing the entire room to pieces.


The Vermillion Bird roared before she angrily hurled a mouthful of flames towards the humans in front of her. The ones at the lower rank of power were instantly burned to ashes from her flames. They never even had the chance to struggle...

"Now, I'm going to give you all a taste of the Vermillion Bird's firepower. Let's see if you foolish humans would still have the audacity to underestimate my Master!"

Each time the Vermillion Bird remembers the things that Elder Bai had said to Gu Ruoyun, she would feel infuriated. The flames on her body then burned brighter and brighter before it shot towards the entire group...

The young man's expression sank. With a wave of his sword, he sliced the oncoming flames in half.

As he was heaving a sigh of relief, the flames gathered towards him from both sides as if they had grown eyes and they would not rest until they had burned him to death!

"It seems that I don't need to do anything now."

The Azure Dragon Tianqiong slowly exclaimed. His handsome face carried a confident smile. "The Vermillion Bird can defeat these people on her own. Besides, it's about time we disciplined her..."

That young man might be at the late-stage of the exceeding state but since his foundation was unstable, he does not have the full power of a late-stage Martial Saint. He was only considered to be slightly more powerful than a mid-stage Martial Saint! Of course, if he were a fully-fledged late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state, both the Azure Dragon and the Vermillion Bird's powers were still enough to subdue him.


The young man tried to forcefully slice the flames in half again but each time he cut the flames, they would join back quickly and attack him again.

He began to pant from exhaustion as he stared at the Vermillion Bird behind the flames with an ugly look on his face. "Your struggle is meaningless! I'd advise you to give up. Otherwise, our Second Young Master will never let you off!"

Gu Ruoyun nearly burst into laughter when she heard the young man's words.

If it was not for the fact that she was acquainted with Feng Yuqing, the young man might have fooled her.

"You say that your Second Young Master of Wind Valley wants to kill me?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows as she stared at the pale young man with a forced smile.

"That's right!" The young man gritted his teeth and replied, "Our Second Young Master has taken a liking to you and wants to make you his concubine. That's why he had sent us to capture you! Our Valley Lord has always treasured the Second Young Master. If you continue to resist, Wind Valley will hunt you down and kill you."

Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eye.  What a good strategy, getting someone else to do your dirty work!

Once this fellow knew that he had failed his mission, he had pushed the blame onto Feng Yuqing. Feng Yuqing has a reputation as a perverted hedonist! Even if this were to get out, everyone would undoubtedly believe the young man!

If she knew that it was Feng Yuqing who had wanted to attack her, it would certainly create a dispute between Wind Valley and herself. The Valley Lord would then personally attack her in order to protect Feng Yuqing!

Unfortunately, in all of Feng Xiaoxiao's rigorous schemes and deep foresight, she never anticipated that Gu Ruoyun and Feng Yuqing would already have a predestined meeting...

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I'm curious. This battle takes place in her room, right? How big is the room to take up all the spaces for this battle?


Sorry man, but you're a bit late there with your excuse! Come again when you come up with a better one


Nice play but not working... not today *****! Not today... u aint fooling no one here... 😒😒😒😒


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Chapter 1206: Wind Valley (3)

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"You don't need to push the blame on Feng Yuqing 1 ," Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she continued, "Because I've already guessed the identity of the puppetmaster behind all of this! No one else would want to kill me aside from Feng Xiaoxiao."

The young man never thought that Gu Ruoyun would expose the truth at once. His expression changed but he stubbornly denied it, "I don't know what you're saying, we are not the Eldest Lady's subordinates. The Second Young Master was the one who had sent us here to capture you! It's best for you to come with us. Once you become the Second Young Master's concubine, you will enjoy endless luxuries and riches!"

"Go to hell!"

The Vermillion Bird's eyes spat fire when she saw that the damned humans had the audacity to humiliate Gu Ruoyun. She waved her hand and the flames, which were hovering on the side, once again hurled towards the young man.

This time, the young man could not defend himself on time. The flames were as hard as a hammer and tossed his body from the center of the guest room onto a wall, immediately carving a deep indentation in it.

"Are you sure that Feng Yuqing is the one who wants to kidnap me?" Gu Ruoyun turned towards the pale young man as she smiled and said, "If my memory serves, the trusted aide by Feng Yuqing's side are Feng Yi and Feng Wu. I've never seen any of you before."

The young man instantly widened his eyes and stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.

This woman actually knows who the Second Young Master's trusted aides are? Is she acquainted with the Young Master?

That's impossible!

Didn't Elder Bai mention that this woman had only just arrived in the First City? How could she possibly have met the Second Young Master?

"Also..." Gu Ruoyun paused and smiled icily. "I've already promised Feng Yuqing that I would heal the wounds on his body. I had come here to pay him a visit. Since I'm going to meet him soon, why would he send someone here to capture me?"

The young man's heart shuddered with every word from Gu Ruoyun's mouth. His face has drained of color and his mouth trembled endlessly.

Elder Bai had instructed them that if they should fail, push the blame onto the Second Young Master. However, Elder Bai never mentioned that this woman would be acquainted with the Second Young Master and it seems their relationship was a friendly one...

"Vermillion Bird, he knows too much. Kill him."

Gu Ruoyun slowly turned around and no longer spared the young man a second look.

As the young man's heart began to fill with fear, the Vermillion Bird laughed eerily. "Human, it never ends well for those who offend my Master! Besides, my Master has told you too much. There's no other option but to make you into a sacrifice..."


The flames carried a scorching heat and rained down towards the young man in an earth-shattering fashion. The young man did not even have the chance to speak before he was turned into ashes from the flames. Not even his body was left behind...

After that, the Vermillion Bird dealt with the rest of Wind Valley's members. After all, Gu Ruoyun had exposed the matter regarding Feng Yuqing to them too so she could not give anyone the chance to reveal this information!

"It seems that whether I help Feng Yuqing or not, Feng Xiaoxiao won't let me off." Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes as a clear and cold light flashed across them. " Since that's the case, I choose to stand with Feng Yuqing."

Feng Xiaoxiao's first assassination attempt had failed. Next, she would probably send assassins at the refined state!

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Feng Xiao Xiao, your death day is coming. Wahaha 😊


I wonder what Feng XiaoXiao reaction is like when she find out WHO's daughter Gu Ruoyun is...


Lol I knew it and I did say it idiot people come looking for her to get kill 😉


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Chapter 1207: Wind Valley (4)

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Hence, she was forced to retaliate!

"I don't go looking for trouble but trouble comes to find me anyways. In order to prevent giving Feng Xiaoxiao any more chances to hunt me down, I'll have to make Feng Yuqing the Young Valley Lord!" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her chin and smiled indifferently. "I'll make my way towards Wind Valley tomorrow!"

The end of the battle had attracted the attention of a few other people. However, by the time they had arrived, all they could see was a complete mess on the ground. They could not tell what had happened.

After all that, Gu Ruoyun gave the guest house a few gold pieces as compensation and moved into a different room.

At the foot of the mountain in Wind Valley, two guards noticed Gu Ruoyun's approach and blocked her way.


Gu Ruoyun stopped and replied indifferently, "Tell Feng Yuqing that Gu Ruoyun is here to see him."

"Gu Ruoyun? You're Gu Ruoyun, the one that the Eldest Lady wants to meet?"

Evidently, the two guards have heard of Gu Ruoyun's name and a sense of shock flashed across their faces. They quickly recomposed themselves and exclaimed bluntly, "I'm afraid that the Second Young Master cannot see you! You should come with us and see our Eldest Lady first!"

Gu Ruoyun's eyes sank. "I'm here to visit Feng Yuqing, not Feng Xiaoxiao. If you're going to stop me from meeting Feng Yuqing, I'm afraid that I shall have to force my way in."

"Damned girl, we've allowed you some dignity yet you choose to be shameless!"

Instantly, the guards' expression darkened and they glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun.

"Our Eldest Lady had shown you respect by asking to see you yet you don't know what's good for you. You're merely an outsider who had risen in the secular world. Our Eldest Lady wants to meet you because she holds you in high esteem. Otherwise, do you really think that you would be granted the opportunity to meet our Eldest Lady based on your position? There are way too many people who want to meet our Eldest Lady yet you dare to refuse the opportunity. Are you an idiot?"

The guard laughed icily and stepped forward to grab Gu Ruoyun. "You are going to come with me and meet the Eldest Lady!"


Just as the guard approached Gu Ruoyun, a wave of energy exploded from her being and threw his body out of the way.

"Damned girl, you can go to hell!"

The other guard saw how his companion had been bullied and was instantly enraged. Just as he was about to step forward, an elderly voice chimed in, "What's going on?"

The guards shook upon hearing that voice. They quickly turned around to face the old man who was approaching them and replied with reverence, "Elder Feng, this woman from the secular world is treating the Wind Valley in a condescending manner! She even attacked us, what audacity! I..."

"Master, what are you doing here?"

Before the guard could finish his explanation, he was shocked into foolishness by Elder Feng's greeting.


Did I hear that right? Is Elder Feng calling this woman Master?

How can this be?

Who is Elder Feng? He's the Chief Physician of Wind Valley! His medicinal skills are incomparably powerful and he could even bring a dying man back from the clutches of death! Even the Valley Lord would treat him with respect yet now, the powerful Elder Feng is actually this woman's disciple? Isn't this woman the one that the Eldest Lady wants to attack?"

"Master, are you here to visit me?" Elder Feng hurriedly rushed to greet her. His elderly face no longer displayed the arrogance during their first meeting. In fact, it was replaced with admiration.

Elder Feng was the elder from Wind Valley that Gu Ruoyun had met at the Medicine Sect! He was the one who had a pill refinement competition with her and had lost to her in the end.

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Maybe Elder Feng can be redeemed as a person 😊 While Xiaoxiao is obviously a lost cause who will die soon, hopefully this old man has opened his eyes. Thanks for the chapters


Poor man gonna be disappointed


Hope so


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Chapter 1208: Wind Valley (5)

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However, when had she become his Master?

Gu Ruoyun was also in shock as she stared foolishly at the excited-looking Elder Feng who was running towards her. "This, are you mistaken? I don't think I'm your Master!"

After all, this old fellow had repeatedly gone against her back then at the Medicine Sect.

Now, has he not changed his stripes a little too quickly?

"Master, have you forgotten when we were at the Medicine Sect, I had especially paid you a visit before I left and asked to be your disciple. You had rejected me then but it's ok, I have confidence in myself! I'll make you accept me as your disciple sooner or later!" Elder Feng's entire face was filled with smiles and flattery as he spoke.

Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment and remembered that something like that had indeed happened. However, she had not accepted him as her disciple then.

"By the way, Master, why are you being blocked outside the gate?" Elder Feng seemed to remember something and he turned around to glare fiercely at the two dumbfounded guards. "You two useless things, can't you even recognize my Master? You had the audacity to block her way! Would you like to stop working here? If you don't want to work here anymore, tell me, I'll let you go to the back of the mountain and feed the wolves!"

The two guards jumped in fright and trembled all over. They never thought that Gu Ruoyun would be acquianted with Elder Feng.

When they remembered how they had treated Gu Ruoyun, the fear in their hearts deepened. They threw themselves and knelt down on the ground with a thud, trembling as they pleaded, "Elder Feng, please forgive us, we really didn't know that Gu Ruoyun is Elder Feng's Master. If we had known, we would never have been so bold even if you had given us a hundred doses of liquid courage."

"What's the use in you pleading with me?" Elder Feng laughed icily. "You should be begging her! If she agrees to spare you, I'll spare you!"

Upon hearing this, the two guards ignored all their dignity and hurriedly turned towards Gu Ruoyun to kowtow. They cried, "Lady Gu, we were blind and did not recognize you so we had offended you by mistake. Please forgive us."

Gu Ruoyun glanced at them in an indifferent manner before she turned away and looked at Elder Feng. "I'm here to see Feng Yuqing, please take me to him."


Elder Feng was shocked. 

How was I not aware that Master and the Second Young Master are acquainted with each other?

Actually, Gu Ruoyun has a reason for being bold enough to ask Elder Feng to lead her to Feng Yuqing.

She never forgot what that evildoer had once told her back at the Medicine Sect.

Elder Feng may be arrogant and condescending to others but he has one good trait! That was his loyalty to Wind Valley! Do not judge him simply because he had stayed by Feng Xiaoxiao's side, this was because Feng Xiaoxiao was the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley. As an elder of Wind Valley, he was duty-bound to ensure her safety and listen to her orders.

That does not mean that he was Feng Xiaoxiao's trusted aide.

He had stayed by Feng Xiaoxiao out of his sense of duty to protect the soon-to-be heir of Wind Valley. She must not run into any danger!

If Feng Yuqing was the heir to Wind Valley instead, Elder Feng would do the same!

"Master, what is your connection to the Second Young Master?" Elder Feng eyed Gu Ruoyun in a peculiar manner as his heart filled with hesitation.

Knowing the Second Young Master's hedonistic ways, could he have fooled around with my Master and angered her enough that she would storm in here to kill him?

It's possible!

Elder Feng secretly came to this conclusion.

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I’m glad to see that Elder Feng isn’t Xiaoxiao’s fool. Maybe he can assist GRY in treating Yuqing, it’s a learning experience 😁 Thanks for the chapter


Hahahha, Its been always funny....when guys like elder feng reason out nonsense guesses in their minds 😄😄😁


I know right!!! Elder Feng is not bad after all.. Even though i hated him at the beginning 🙃


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Chapter 1209: Wind Valley (6)

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"I have some business with him."

Gu Ruoyun replied indifferently, clearly unwilling to reveal anything to Elder Feng.

Elder Feng suddenly felt apprehensive. He carefully eyed Gu Ruoyun, trying to figure out what the Second Young Master could have done to offend her which resulted in her storming into Wind Valley!

"Master, I'm not sure what grudge you have against the Second Young Master but no matter the Second Young Master's abilities, it does not change the fact that the Valley Lord loves him. Therefore..." Elder Feng exclaimed in confusion, "If you really want to cause trouble for the Second Young Master, the Valley Lord would definitely step out to protect him."

Gu Ruoyun's gaze landed upon Elder Feng as she slowly replied. "I've agreed to meet him here so just take me to him. That's all you need to do."


Elder Feng was thoroughly shocked. Is Master saying that she and the Second Young Master have an agreement? Could it be that their relationship is not what I think it is?

In the end, Elder Feng fortified his heart and said, "Come with me, Master."

"I am not your Master."

After hearing Elder Feng address her in that manner, Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows and said, "You don't have to call me that."

"No, no, no." Elder Feng shamelessly exclaimed. "Master, I know that my powers aren't strong enough and that's why you won't acknowledge me. It's alright, I'll work hard and earn the right to become your disciple."

A sense of exasperation flashed across Gu Ruoyun's face as she stared at Elder Feng's shameless face.

"Take me to Feng Yuqing first."

"Yes, Master."

When Elder Feng saw how she had not forced him to change his manner of address, his expression turned into one of flattery as he quickly led the way.

Elder Feng jabbered on and on the entire way and did not stop talking at all.

In the beginning, Gu Ruoyun had given him a few half-hearted replies. In the end, she could no longer be bothered and would rather keep her mouth shut, ignoring the old man's long-winded ramblings.

Previously, they had interacted while they were at the Medicine Sect as well. However, she never thought that the once proud Elder Feng would have such an annoying personality. She really could not understand how the members of Wind Valley could have tolerated him...

At the North Park. The scene was desolate and there were only two servants sweeping the fallen leaves in the courtyard.

Ever since the Second Young Master of Wind Valley's power had been crippled, he decided to move to the remote North Park that same year. No matter how much the Valley Lord had tried to stop him, it was useless! He had to leave him to it!

To ensure a peaceful environment for his only son, the Valley Lord had issued an order declaring that no one was allowed to enter the North Park. Hence, without Elder Feng's escort, Gu Ruoyun would never have been able to enter it!

"I never thought that the dignified Young Sir of Wind Valley would be living in a place like this."

Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she stared at the bleak and declining conditions of North Park. Her lips were curled into a small angle.

Elder Feng felt a little awkward. "Master, the Second Young Master had insisted on moving here. No matter how much the Valley Lord had tried to persuade him, it was useless. The Valley Lord had no choice but to leave him in his stubborn ways."

He paused for a bit before he turned towards the quiet side room in front of him and said, "We're here, this is the Second Young Master's residence! Master, I still don't know how you and the Second Young Master know each other. Such a powerful person like yourself shouldn't be acquainted with a good-for..."

The words 'good-for-nothing' nearly slipped out but Elder Feng managed to stop himself in time. He chuckled and his eyes darted back and forth. "I'm really curious, how do you know each other"

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Anybody knows how far along are we in this novel? Are we even half-way done? 😅


Hahahaha, I love Elder Feng's strategy of worming his way inside Gu Ruoyun's good graces, whittle away her resistance by chatting ceaselessly until she finally gives in just to make him shut up, good ploy dear man, at least someone in this family is not beyond saving.


Good for nothing club meeting.


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Chapter 1210: Wind Valley (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Ruoyun smiled and did not say much. She then pushed the door open and entered the room.

A man dressed in embroidered robes was sitting in front of a desk in the room. He had a book in his hand and was reading quietly. He became aware of Gu Ruoyun's arrival and his handsome face lit up with a smile. "You're here?" he exclaimed in a frail voice.

Gu Ruoyun nodded, "I'm here to fulfill my promise and help you to restore your powers."

"Alright, I've been waiting for you."

He smiled gently but his eyes showed his excitement.

Elder Feng listened to their conversation and his head felt foggy as he asked, "What are you saying? Restoring whose powers?"

Furthermore, he does not know why but the Second Master seems very different today...

Only now did Feng Yuqing notice Elder Feng who was standing close behind Gu Ruoyun. He was shocked but he did not comment on it.

"Lady Gu had once promised me that she would come to Wind Valley and restore my powers! I've been waiting for her for a while now."

Elder Feng was dazed and he turned towards Gu Ruoyun with an astonished look on his face. "Master, is this true?" He asked in disbelief. "Can you really help restore the Second Young Master's powers?"

Usually, Elder Feng looks down upon the hedonistic Feng Yuqing but at the end of the day, he was the Second Young Master of Wind Valley and the only son! If his powers had not been crippled, the position of Young Valley Lord would never have fallen into Feng Xiaoxiao's hands!

Hence, when he heard that there was a chance to heal Feng Yuqing's injury, his heart filled with excitement.

"Let me have a look at his injury first."

Gu Ruoyun slowly approached Feng Yuqing. The two men then watched as she gently checked his pulse. After a long pause, she released her grip and said, "He had sustained heavy injuries at that time. Did you make him consume anything with a Resurrection Blossom?"

She looked calmly at Elder Feng as she slowly asked.

Elder Feng was shaken and nodded. "That's right! I had used the Resurrection Blossom to save his life! Are you saying that there was something wrong with thr Resurrection Blossom?"

"No!" Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "If you had not used the Resurrection Blossom to save him, he might not be alive right now. However, the Resurrection Blossom need to absorb his spiritual energy in order to grow. This is the real reason why he has turned into a good-for-nothing."

"Can he be saved, Master?"

Elder Feng felt melancholic, he never thought that he was responsible for crippling Feng Yuqing's powers!

Of course, as Gu Ruoyun said, if Elder Feng had not used the Resurrection Blossom to save Feng Yuqing's life, the Second Young Master would be dead by now!

"I have a way to help him." Gu Ruoyun then turned towards Feng Yuqing. "Your powers are being absorbed by the Resurrection Blossom! As long as we pull the Resurrection Blossom out, I can restore his powers..."

Hearing this, Elder Feng continued to speak dazedly, "If we do this, without the Resurrection Blossom, the Second Young Master would..."

He did not finish the rest of his sentence but Elder Feng knew that Gu Ruoyun understood what he meant.

"His wound isn't much of a problem," said Gu Ruoyun as she curled her lips calmly. "I can heal it!"

Even without the Resurrection Blossom, Gu Ruoyun was certain that she could heal Feng Yuqing.

"Is there anything I can help with, Master?"

Elder Feng's eyes lit up when he heard Gu Ruoyun's explanation. He then stared at Gu Ruoyun with adoration. "I, your disciple, will do everything I can to help you in whatever you need."

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