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Chapter 1198: Ruins, Inheritance (15)

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"What is it?"

Gu Ruoyun fell momentarily silent before she asked.

The Dragon Clan ancestor's voice slowly grew serious. "In the future, if the Dragon Clan encounters any danger, I hope that you can extend your hand and help them one time! I can't protect them anymore and I had hoped to find someone who can help them! The reason why I built these tests was to prevent humans with greedy hearts from entering this place. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I would end up putting the Dragon Clan into disastrous danger."

"If the Dragon Clan don't provoke me, I'll help you."

Gu Ruoyun slowly replied.

"However, if they hurt me first, forget about helping them, I will personally destroy them!"

The Dragon Clan ancestor was silent. After a long pause, he replied, "Little girl, I admire your moral traits. You are not like those humans who cheat and swindle. If you were to simply deceive me, you could receive the inheritance very quickly. However, you told me your true feelings in the end! I'll still give the inheritance to you. If the Dragon Clan truly does provoke you, it just proves that the Dragon Clan was useless now. Even if you weren't here, they could have crossed many others."

"However." The Dragon Clan ancestor paused. "I still believe in my clan members! The members of the Dragon Clan are very proud and powerful. They would never provoke a human unless the human had provoked them first. You can rest assured with that knowledge."

Gu Ruoyun nodded before she turned towards the spiritual beasts next to her and said, "Go ahead and obtain this inheritance."

"Yes, Master."

The spiritual beasts answered in unison and walked towards the altar.

Zixie, however, had remained by Gu Ruoyun's side and did not make any move towards the altar.

"Zixie, don't you need it?" Gu Ruoyun stared at Zixie in astonishment as she asked.

Zixie shook his head. "If I were to obtain the inheritance, that means that this won't be my own power. I should slowly absorb my source of energy and leave this inheritance to them. I don't need it."


Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and turned her gaze towards the Vermillion Bird and the others. She then raised her brow, "They will need some time to accept the inheritance. Let's wait here. Once that's done, we can leave this place."

Gu Ruoyun then slowly turned around. However, at that moment, she suddenly noticed that the black-robed man who had followed her into the inheritance chamber had disappeared.

She was shocked and her eyes filled with disappointment.

He had left, just like that?

Did he leave because I'm not in danger anymore so there's no need for him to stay?

Furthermore, he had left without even saying a word?

Gu Ruoyun sighed as a sense of exasperation appeared on her delicate and pretty features. "I am pretty sure that he was my big brother but I don't know why he won't acknowledge me."

Zixie fell silent for a moment before he slowly replied, "Perhaps he has his own reasons. You only need to believe that he won't hurt you, that's all."

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly and did not pursue the topic any further.

"The spiritual energy in these ruins is pretty good. I'm going to cultivate for a while as we wait for them to accept the inheritance."

After saying that, Gu Ruoyun slowly sat down and crossed her legs as a faint spiritual energy hovered around her body.

In the ruins, it was difficult to differentiate day and night so Gu Ruoyun did not know how long she had been cultivating either. As she was cultivating, her spiritual beasts completed their acceptance process of the inheritance one-by-one! They received great changes in their power level as well!

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There's no shortage in inheritance but there's a shortage in


Ohhh.. I wonder what upgrades did they get?


Can’t wait for her to find mother but how is hubby doing?


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Chapter 1199: Ruins, Inheritance (16)

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The Snow Wolf, Baobao, also received a fair share of the inheritance. Every spiritual beast has broken through to the Martial Saint rank one by one. Yan, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise's powers have even reached the late-stage Martial Saint rank! Though the power in the inheritance was not limited to certain clans, the Azure Dragon, who was from the Dragon Clan, had received better benefits than the other spiritual beasts.

Hence, he, who had been much weaker than the Vermillion Bird, managed to reach the mid-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state rank at the same time as the Vermillion Bird. He was only one step away from the late-stage!

"Master, Master."

The Vermillion Bird happily threw herself into Gu Ruoyun's arms. Her little face was like a pink powder puff, she was absolutely adorable. "I've finally reached the exceeding stage! From now on, you won't have to be afraid of those b*stards! Also, this fellow, the Azure Dragon, has also reached the mid-stage of the exceeding state just like me. He had managed to absorb a little bit more power than me."

She looked rather sulky as she spoke.

After all, the Azure Dragon was the leader of the Four Divine Beasts. However, due to the fact that all four of them had suffered serious injuries, the Azure Dragon's powers had been reduced to zero. Even though he had managed to regain quite a bit of his power with great difficulty, he was still a far cry off from the Vermillion Bird's power level.

She, on the other hand, finally had the chance to show off in front of her Leader.

However, she never thought that the Azure Dragon would surpass her not too long after that. One could imagine how unhappy the Vermillion Bird was.

"Master, I've made a decision. I'm going to find the Vermillion Bird Clan's inheritance! This way, I can enjoy more of the power than the Azure Dragon." The Vermillion Bird pouted as she exclaimed indignantly.

The honest and good-natured Black Tortoise, Lingxiao, glanced at her and exclaimed, "You're the only Vermillion Bird Clan member in this world."

The Vermillion Bird felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured onto her, leaving a penetrating coldness in her heart. Her little face broke down defeatedly and she pouted sulkily at Lingxiao.

"I'm just telling things as it is."

Lingxiao rubbed his head at the sight of the Vermillion Bird's pitiful gaze and replied in a good-natured manner.

"Alright, the inheritance has been accepted. It's time for us to leave now."

Gu Ruoyun slowly rose to her feet, curled her lips and said, "You'd all better go back to the Ancient Divine Pagoda now and consolidate the power from your breakthrough."

After she said that, she returned all of them back into the Ancient Divine Pagoda without giving them any chance to react. She then headed towards the ruins' exit.

After she had left, the voice which had become quiet for a while spoke up once again.

"I don't know if giving the inheritance to this little girl would bring fortune or calamity to the Dragon Clan. I hope that no one in the Dragon Clan offends her. Otherwise, with Zixie and the Four Divine Beasts on her side, their powers alone could crush the Dragon Clan even without my inheritance. Even though Zixie's powers aren't at his peak now and the Four Divine Beasts have regressed greatly, the Dragon Clan would not be able to resist them once they've grown. If the Dragon Clan does offend her, I hope that this little girl would spare the Dragon Clan member's lives on account of this inheritance."

The Dragon Clan ancestor's voice became more feeble as if he was going to disappear at any moment.

"However, the inheritance has been passed on so it's time for me to leave forever."

He sighed, still feeling a certain fondness towards this world. However, in the end, he slowly passed on as if he had never existed in this world at all...

Outside the ruins, Gu Ruoyun stepped out and felt the warm rays of the sun. She smiled and murmured, "We've finally left that place and our harvest is rather generous this time. I never thought that the black dragon's body would still be here after such a long time. Since that's the case, I'm going to take it with me."


Just Gu Ruoyun carrying a dead dragon's body everywhere she goes. No biggie.

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The visual of her carrying a giant black dragon body over her shoulder as she walks back to town 😂😁😂 *Dont worry, just picking up some ingredients* 😉 Thanks for the chapter


Just imagine, Gu girl carrying a big dragon. 😅😅😅


Black dragon soup!


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Chapter 1200: Ruins, Inheritance (17)

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Gu Ruoyun then placed the black dragon's body into the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

The spiritual beasts who were in the middle of consolidating their breakthrough in the Ancient Divine Pagoda all jumped in shock from this sudden arrival. They then returned to normal when they saw the black dragon's body.

Gu Ruoyun also remembered to take the treasures that Elder Mei and the others had left behind. Now that there was no one left in the ruins and her spiritual beasts have accepted the inheritance, she does not need to be afraid of being attacked by the other spiritual beasts.

"Where do you plan to head to next?" 

Zixie's hoarse yet demonic voice rang out from within her soul.

Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she lifted her head to look at the sky and slowly replied, "I want to go to Wind Valley for a while. After all, I've promised Feng Yuqing that I would help to restore his powers. I've also agreed to meet Xiao Ye at Wind Valley."

It's been quite a while, I wonder if Xiao Ye has already arrived in Wind Valley...

"What did you say?"

In Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao, who was sitting on a chair, gently furrowed her willowy brows. A glint then flashed in her eyes. "You say that Gu Ruoyun has arrived in the First City?"

"That's right, Eldest Lady. I heard that she was involved in a conflict with the Charm Sect members outside the city gates. However, we lost all trace of information about her after she had stepped into the First City. We don't even know where she is now."

An old man joined his fists in front of Feng Xiaoxiao as he replied with reverence.

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes flickered. She then gently stroked her chin and chuckled, "Elder Bai, I want you to send out scouts with Gu Ruoyun's portrait to find her. If a woman like her is in the First City, she can't possibly have disappeared into hiding. The only explanation for this is that she's using an alias! If that's the case, finding her would be a little more challenging. Furthermore, once you've found her, don't touch her yet. I want you to do what you can to entice her to join Wind Valley."

She then paused before she continued to speak, "Gu Ruoyun had previously rejected Wind Valley's invitation because she was outside the First City. No matter how unsatisfied Wind Valley was, we had to abide by the First City's rules. That was why she had felt secure enough to refuse. However, now that she has arrived in the First City, things are now completely different! You will first use gentle measures and if that doesn't work, do it the hard way. You must make her join Wind Valley even if you have to use bribes and threats!"

"Eldest Lady, what if even bribes and threats don't work?"

Elder Bai questioned as he looked at Feng Xiaoxiao. 

Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent. After a long pause, she lifted her pretty gaze and a murderous intent flashed in her eyes. "Gu Ruoyun has a personality that is difficult to control. Honestly speaking, I cannot guarantee that I would be able to control her. I should never have to resort to such measures on a genius from the beginning but she's more than a genius, she's a pill master too! If the pills that she had refined during the Medicine Sect's general meeting ends up in the hands of Wind Valley's enemies, it would certainly bring Wind Valley a lot of trouble. Thus, I have no choice but to do it this way. You must do everything you can to pull her to our side. If you really can't accomplish that, you have no choice but to kill her to make sure that she cannot join our enemies."

Feng Xiaoxiao's fist was tightly clenched before she took a deep breath.

Honestly speaking, Feng Xiaoxiao does not want to have Gu Ruoyun killed at all. Not only because she feels a certain tenderness towards Gu Ruoyun's talent, more importantly, if the assassination was to fail, she would certainly bring Wind Valley an infinite disaster.

Unfortunately, she has no other choice.

It was Gu Ruoyun's fault for becoming a pill master.

Furthermore, she holds such precious pill formulas in her hands!

Hence, if they cannot entice her, they can only kill her.

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I love how villains always blame others for their crimes. *It’s their fault I have to kill them* 🙄😑 Let’s see who we’ll that works for Xiaoxiao 👿 Thanks for the chapter


What happen to the smart cookie? Well, at least she knows she better kill her on the first try. But sadly for her, our girl always come out on top.


Keep on looking lol she is coming just wait a bit and she will kill you soon 😉


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Chapter 1201: Ruins, Inheritance (18)

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"Elder Bai!" A murderous light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes as she said, "You must remember one thing, kill her only when you have a hundred percent gurantee! If you don't have that guarantee, don't make any moves. I won't give her even the slightest chance at all!"

"Understood, Eldest Lady!"

Elder Bai joined his fists. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and said, "By the way, Eldest Lady, I have a rough sketch of the person you're seraching for."

Instantly, Feng Xiaoxiao's breathing quickened and the space between her brows which had held a murderous intent was instantly replaced by excitement.

"What did you say, you have news of him?"


Her hand slammed heavily onto the desk as she rose to her feet in excitement. Her eyes were fixed squarely upon Elder Bai.

"Eldest Lady, I've scoured through the mainland and only one person matches your description!" Elder Bai looked at Feng Xiaoxiao. "The Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory!"


Feng Xiaoxiao was in shock.

The man that she has been searching for was the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory?

That glorious man with unlimited potential who even shocked the First City!

Feng Xiaoxiao gently pursed her lips and slowly closed her eyes. "I understand, you may leave now."

As the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, she has long heard of the genius who had appeared on the mainland! Perhaps Grand Lord Hong Lian's power does not count for much in the First City 1 , he had once utilized his power as a high-level Martial Supreme to escape despite being surrounded by countless Martial Saints at the time. He even managed to kill two Martial Saints in the process. This news was far too shocking.

This was how she had first heard about Grand Lord Hong Lian!

However, evidently, she has never met him!

Feng Xiaoxiao certainly never expected the man whom she had met when she left the First City for a trip to the secular world was actually the infamous Grand Lord Hong Lian!

"After being separated from you for so many years, I've finally found you."

Feng Xiaoxiao opened her eyes and a hint of sadness drifted through her gaze. "However, I never thought that you would turn out to be Grand Lord Hong Lian. According to rumors, Grand Lord Hong Lian already has a wife. Furthermore, he has been searching for her for more than twenty years..."

Yet, she just had to fall for a married man!

Feng Xiaoxiao felt a throbbing pain in her heart at the thought of this!

"However, I don't want to give up! After all, I've been searching for you for so many years. Even if you once had a wife, I want to try and see if I can enter your heart."

Besides, his wife was missing. This would be her chance 2 ...

Gu Ruoyun leaned against an old tree in a shady mountain range before she slowly opened her eyes and sighed. "I never thought that the First City would turn out to be so big. It's even more vast than the mainland outside. I've walked for nearly ten days and I'm nowhere close to Wind Valley at all. I don't know if Xiao Ye is waiting for me there now."

If she wishes to reach Wind Valley, she would need to go through Wind City! Wind City was also an organization which belongs to Wind Valley!

Gu Ruoyun rose to her feet at this thought and turned her gaze towards the sky. A dark and obscure light flashed in her eyes as she said, "It's getting late, I need to keep going. I hope I'll reach Wind City before it gets dark."

Without any further delay, she headed down the mountain.

A large and ancient gate stands tall and silent under the sky, simple and dignified as it guarded the entrance to Wind City. However, two guards were holding a portrait in their hands and diligently surveying every newcomer in Wind City outside the gate. When they realized that the woman in the painting was not there, they shook their heads and allowed the newcomers to enter Wind City.

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Why does everyone who wants to gain Hong Lian's favour decide to kill ruoyun? It's a consistent theme


I wonder what her face is going to be like when information catches up about our MC being the Lord’s daughter? Is she going to try and scramble to find the elder that she just gave permission to try and kill our MC? How would she hold onto the hope to woo papa Gu if she is trying to kill his daughter? Who was the one person everyone from first city has been told to never offend? The sacred order’s Sacred Lady? Mama Gu? These people have no clue what kind of hornet nest they are reaching into.


Oh sure, lust after a man right after you ordered a hit on his daughter


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Chapter 1202: Ruins, Inheritance (19)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


The two guards quickly checked the portrait in their hands once Gu Ruoyun appeared. They looked at each other before turning their gaze towards Gu Ruoyun.

"Miss, our elder wishes to see you."


Gu Ruoyun frowned as she asked, "What does your elder want with me?"

"This isn't something that we know. If you want to know the reason, come with us to meet our elder!" The guard sighed with relief. They never thought that they would find the woman in the portrait after so many days of inspection.

This way, they could give their elder an explanation.

"Lead the way."

Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment before she agreed to see the elder of Wind Valley.

She wants to find out why the elder of Wind Valley wishes to see her!

One of the guards made a welcoming gesture and led the way. The other guard had stayed behind to watch the gate.

At Wind City.

An old man sipped his tea as he sat in front of a table in a guest house's room. When the room's door was pushed open, his brows moved a little and he turned his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun who had followed the guard into the room.

"Lady Gu, I've been waiting for you."

The old man mildly curled the corners of his lips and smiled at Gu Ruoyun who had just entered the room.

Gu Ruoyun's expression slowly sank as she looked at the old man in front of her and asked, "How did you know that I would be here?"

"Hehe," the old man chuckled. "Actually, I've sent men with your picture to many places other than Wind City to look for you. I never thought that I'd actually find you. Lady Gu, I've asked you to come here because I wish to discuss something with you."

"What is it?"

Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows and asked.

"Wind Valley has taken an interest in your talents so we'd like to invite you to join Wind Valley. What do you think, Lady Gu?"

"Apologies." Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly but her eyes remained just as clear and cold as ever. "I've already rejected your offer back at the Medicine Sect! My answer remains the same, I won't join Wind Valley 1 so you better give up."

Elder Bai's eyes sharpened as a near-undetectable light flashed through his eyes. The corners of his lips had remained fixed in a smile. "Lady Gu, think about it. Joining Wind Valley will only bring you benefits and no disadvantages! Besides, you're aware of Wind Valley's prestige. As long as you're willing to pledge your allegiance to Wind Valley, we can give you a position where no one else is above you but our Master. Furthermore, no one would have the courage to touch you in the First City."

He paused before he continued to speak, "Furthermore, Lady Gu, your powers are at the level of an early-stage Martial Saint and there're countless powerful cultivators in the First City. You can imagine the dangers that you will face. If you agree to join Wind Valley, I assure you that no one would dare to cause trouble for you. My Lady has always appreciated talented individuals so she won't treat you unkindly."

There was an indifferent smile on Gu Ruoyun's face. Her gaze remained clear and cold as she exclaimed, "I enjoy my freedom and I don't want to be restricted. I appreciate the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley's kind offer but I must turn it down once again!"

"Lady Gu." Elder Bai's eyes sank. He slowly steadied his emotions and replied with a small smile. "You should stop rejecting Wind Valley's offer. I'll give you one more chance to think it over. Besides, I can assure you that Wind Valley won't restrict your freedom. You only need to supply Wind Valley with pills on a regular basis and that would be enough. Wind Valley will help you to take care of everything else. The freedom that you want? Wind Valley can give it to you."

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Why does anyone with the surname Bai strikes a bad chord on me?


Shamless clan ever. Just need to send pill for regular basis? Ur *sshole greedy peeps! Why almost all antagonist in this novel this shameless? Really anger me to death 😑 all of them!! All of them!! Really bad for my own heart ah


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Chapter 1203: Ruins, Inheritance (20)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A clear and cold light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes but her lucid and elegant features remained as indifferent as ever.

"In my opinion, joining any organization would cause me to be restricted! Hence, I will never agree to your request."

Besides, it was not worth giving up her freedom to devote her service to one mere Wind Valley alone.

"Since that's the case, Lady Gu, I hope that you won't forget your decision today."

Elder Bai's eyes sank and his voice no longer held its initial amiable tone. Instead, it was now tinged with a chilly air.

"If there's nothing else, I'll leave now."

Gu Ruoyun glanced at Elder Bai as she spoke in an indifferent tone.


Elder Bai scoffed before closing his eyes and did not say anything more. Gu Ruoyun did not delay anymore either as she immediately turned around and headed out of the guest house room. She had not bothered to turn back and look at Elder Bai the entire time.

A murderous intent flashed across Elder Bai's eyes as he stared at Gu Ruoyun's disappearing figure. He had balled his hand on the table into a tight fist.

"Gu Ruoyun, I had given you one more chance. Since you didn't value it, don't blame Wind Valley for being merciless!"

Night time.

Under the clear moonlight.

Gu Ruoyun was seated on the bed with her eyes closed in meditation in a room at the guest house. A faint spiritual energy circled around her and seeped into her body as she inhaled and exhaled.

Just then, she felt a sudden peculiar movement. Her brows twitched and she slowly opened her eyes.

"I never thought that someone would cause trouble for me the moment I set foot in Wind City. However, I wonder who on earth they could be?"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Suddenly, countless figures smashed through the window and entered the room to stand in front of Gu Ruoyun.

Gu Ruoyun stared at the unwelcome guests before her and smiled indifferently. "Shall I guess who you are? Only Wind Valley is aware of my arrival in Wind City. If my guess is correct, you must be Feng Xiaoxiao's assassins! I never intended to become mortal enemies with Wind Valley yet you won't let me off."

From the moment Elder Bai had asked to see her, she knows that Wind Valley would definitely make a move against her.

She never thought that they would move so quickly!

That was right! She had previously refused to help Feng Yuqing because she does not want to have a total falling-out with Wind Valley.

However, that does not mean that she had made that decision because she was afraid of Wind Valley. Instead, she believes that there was no need for her to cause trouble for herself for the sake of someone whom she had just met!


The young leader of the group scoffed icily and did not reply to Gu Ruoyun's question. Instead, he attacked her immediately.


A fist landed and the entire bed shattered into pieces. Gu Ruoyun rose to the sky and moved threateningly towards the group with a cold look in her eye.

"You've sent a group of assassins at the exceeding state to deal with an early-stage Martial Saint like me! Wind Valley has really overestimated me."

Elder Bai had followed Feng Xiaoxiao's orders exactly. If he wants to move against Gu Ruoyun, he has to kill her in one strike. Otherwise, it would lead to endless trouble. This time, he had pulled out the big guns! The lowest ranked amongst the assassins sent to carry out this task were at the early-stage of the exceeding state!

Hence, Gu Ruoyun could not help but sigh in grief. She was not exactly on friendly terms with Feng Xiaoxiao but she could not help but admire this woman.

This woman was not the type of person who was extremely conceited or entitled. Instead, she was cautious in everything that she did. Feng Xiaoxiao knows that if she does not kill Gu Ruoyun this time, she could never be able to control her in the future! Hence, that was why the assassins she had sent were all cultivators at the exceeding state including one who was already at the late-stage of the exceeding state.

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