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Chapter 1160: Meeting the Lin Family Again (1)

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"Haha." Bai Zhongtian burst into laughter before he walked towards Gu Ruoyun and exclaimed, "Little girl, even though this old man and I have been fighting for many years, I can't help but admire his talent! Even though he is more powerful than me, you, little girl, have given me relief. Come, let's head to this old fellow's mansion and reminiscence."

A year ago, he had journeyed to the Northern Block Territory to search for Gu Ruoyun. However, Gu Ruoyun was in closed-door cultivation at that time so he had nothing to show for his troubles. Bai Zhongtian never thought that nearly two years would have gone by after their last parting.

Both Master and disciple have not seen each other for almost two years.

"Alright." Gu Ruoyun agreed to the old man's suggestion. She then turned towards Ye Nuo who was standing outside the crowd and said, "Ye Nuo, let's go."

Ye Nuo passed through the crowd and headed towards Gu Ruoyun's side. His eyes sparkled as he stared admiringly at Gu Ruoyun. 

She was indeed his bodyguard Gu. Even powerful cultivators whose favor others have tried to obtain would admit their defeat to her. Looks like he had good taste that year to have discovered such a treasure.

"Little girl, is this your younger brother?" Bai Zhongtian looked at Ye Nuo who was walking towards Gu Ruoyun's side and exclaimed with surprise, "When did another younger brother like this come along?"

Younger brother?

Ye Nuo was aggravated when he heard this. He placed his hands on his hips before replying haughtily, "I'm most certainly not her younger brother, I'm her little husband!"

He had decided years ago that he would bring bodyguard Gu home as his wife! Only then would she be able to play with him every day! However, because Gu Ruoyun already has Qianbei Ye by her side, he had to settle for second best as her little husband.

"Little girl, what's the meaning of this?" Bai Zhongtian was bewildered and asked suspiciously as he looked at Gu Ruoyun.

Didn't this little girl already have a husband-to-be? What's up with this kid?

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and sighed exasperatedly, "He's a friend of mine from a few years ago. I never expected to bump into him when I arrived in the First City so I had let him tag along. As for whatever he's just said... Children's words carry no harm. Just don't make it into a big deal."

Ye Nuo pouted as if he was unhappy about Gu Ruoyun's explanation. Still, no matter what she says, it would not cause him to change his original intentions!

"All of you are welcome at my house," said Great Master Wu Yin. His expression no longer displayed its initial cold indifference but he looked unhappy whenever he was faced with Bai Zhongtian. "Old fart, we'll have this competition again on another day. When that time comes, you won't be allowed to call for back-up!"

This time, he has indeed fallen into that old man's trap.

Everyone knows that a disciple's cleverness would never surpass their Master! Hence, when he heard that this little girl was Bai Zhongtian's disciple, he had relaxed his caution. Who would have thought that this one error of his would invite so many regrets? He would never be able to make up for this in this lifetime.

"You want me to continue the competition with you? Do you take me for a fool?" Bai Zhongtian was filled with disdain. "You are now my servant, why should I still have to compete with you?"

"You..." Great Master Wu Yin was so angry that he nearly lashed out in rage. Indeed, he should not speak to this old man at all. Otherwise, he would be angered to death sooner or later.

"Let's go."

In the end, he took a deep breath and walked around Bai Zhongtian's side before leaving the crowd.

Once the group has left, the entire plaza became silent for a few seconds. The onlookers then exploded in a sensation.

"Where had that woman come from? She was actually able to refine pills like Great Master Wu Yin. More importantly, she's much younger than Great Master Wu Yin!"

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“Little husband” 😂😆😂 that’s the best title, but if QBY heard it, it be written on YeNuo’s headstone. Thanks for the chapter


Wow where did the whole crowd go all this time???? Lol


I hope yenuo finds his other half and settle down in gry clan


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Chapter 1161: Meeting the Lin Family Again (2)

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"I don't know, perhaps she's from a great organization. Those great organizations have a large number of powerful cultivators so nurturing such a young genius won't be a problem for them."

"That can't be right, isn't that fellow Bai Zhongtian her Master? If she's really from one of those organizations, her Master shouldn't be that weak, correct? Could it be that she's a self-made genius?"

A self-made genius?

The crowd sneered. A self-made genius? How can this be?

Even pill masters whose fame had spread far and wide would have had to study the art of pill refinement for more than ten years to be able to refine pills successfully! How old was that little girl? How could it be that she has become a pill master after studying a few books?

Aren't these the ravings of a lunatic?

Matters like this which are contrary to common sense can't possibly happen at all.

At Overlook Town.

A short, tile-roofed house stood in the middle of a mountain not too far away from town. Its surroundings were deserted and weeds were growing everywhere, vastly different from the hustle and bustle of Overlook Town.

"Old fart, you're staying at a place like this?" Bai Zhongtian was a little shocked. Based on Great Master Wu Yin's status, why would he live in such a pathetic tile-roofed house? One should know that the number of organizations who wish to recruit him was too many to count.

Yet he has chosen to live in seclusion.

Great Master Wu Yin glanced at him indifferently before he replied arrogantly, "I don't like places with too much noise. This place is much quieter and more beneficial to my cultivation. Besides, we've known each other for so many years. Don't you know what I'm like? I don't like fame or fortune. My entire life is dedicated to studying the existence of pills. It's a good thing that I've succeeded! Of course, my success is closely related to the lack of nonsensical distractions to my mind."

He preferred the silence in the mountains in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the world outside. He would only be able to study the art of pill refinement whole-heartedly in the quiet here. 

"Someone is here!"

Suddenly, Great Master Wu Yin's eyes moved. He paused in his steps and his elderly features instantly filled with an icy chill while his eyes looked around keenly.


At that moment, countless figures descended from the sky and stood in front of the group.

One of the figures was dressed in green robes. His aura was like a sharp sword as if he was in the middle of killing a formless man.

However, Great Master Wu Yin did not move at all. His face was as cold and distant as ever as he said, "You again! I've told you, I like living in solitude and I won't join any other organization. You'd better leave now."

The man in green robes mildly sharpened his gaze as a cold light flashed in his eyes. "Great Master Wu Yin, as long as you join the Lin family, we will allow you to continue living in solitude. No one will disturb you under normal circumstances."

The Lin family?

Gu Ruoyun's heart shook violently when she heard those words. A murderous intent immediately flashed in her dark eyes.

However, the members of the Lin family clearly did not recognize Gu Ruoyun. All their eyes were fixed on Great Master Wu Yin.

"Apologies," came Great Master Wu Yin's cold reply. "I'm not interested in the Lin family. You don't have to come here anymore!"

"Great Master Wu Yin, if you join the Lin family, you will receive gold, silver, money, and valuables. You can taste the glory, splendor, wealth, and rank which many will never be able to enjoy! More importantly, the Lin family will search for whatever medicinal herbs you need. I hope that you can think it over carefully, you shouldn't give up on such a good opportunity. After all, staying here all on your own is very dangerous. What if you were to encounter some ruffians, no one would be able to run to you when you call for help."

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The Lin family will die soon


The Lin family sure is desperate.


Enemies really meet in a narrow road... tsk tsk


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Chapter 1162: Meeting the Lin Family Again (3)

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The green-robed man was about to pull out threats and bribes when he heard a soft giggle.

"What are you laughing about!"

The green-robed man bellowed angrily as he turned towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing behind Great Master Wu Yin.

He had to humble himself in front of Great Master Wu Yin. However, there was no need for that with this little girl! His offer has just been rejected by Great Master Wu Yin so naturally, he was in a very bad mood. Hence, he let all of his anger out onto Gu Ruoyun.

However, he had been waiting here for Great Master Wu Yin's arrival the entire time so he had not witnessed the scene in the plaza. Otherwise, even if he was given ten thousand doses of liquid courage, he would never have dared to vent his anger out on Gu Ruoyun.

"Based on what I know, Great Master Wu Yin has even rejected the offers of organizations like Wind Valley. Do you think that there's any possibility that he would settle for second best and join the Lin family? Yet, I never expected that the Lin family would go to such lengths to entice him! They would even use threats! There really isn't anything that the Lin family won't do."

Wu Yin eyed Gu Ruoyun curiously. He clearly heard the edge in the woman's voice and felt slightly suspicious. Could it be that the Lin family and Gu Ruoyun holds a grudge between them?

"Little girl, don't get involved in matters that don't concern you. Do you think that your status could be on the same rank as Great Master Wu Yin?" The green-robed man laughed icily before replied disdainfully, "I had treated Great Master Wu Yin with respect but there's no need for me to respect a little girl like you. I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you'll attract fire."

In the First City, the Lin family's name may be placed around the back of the crowd. However, they were also in the middle range amongst the ranks in the First City! When compared to the Martial Saints who have just entered the First City or idle cultivators, the Lin family was still much more powerful.

After all, only families with members at the rank of 'exceeding' would have the right to set up an organization.

Great Master Wu Yin stared at the green-robed man as if he was looking at an idiot. His elderly features have lit with a disdainful smile.

This little girl's pill refining skills were clearly superior in comparison with my own. In the end, the idiots of the Lin family have caused trouble even before clarifying the opposition's identity. With idiots like these around, the Lin family may not survive for very much longer.

"Looks like the Lin family members still enjoy abusing their powers and bullying others, huh?"

Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as her clear cold gaze landed on the man in green's grave and stern features. She then coldly replied, "By the way, I forgot to mention something, Great Master Wu Yin has just lost in a competition to me. If you plan to make him join the Lin family, I'm afraid that's just not possible."

The green-robed man's expression turned cold and he turned his gaze towards Great Master Wu Yin. A fiery anger flashed in his eyes as he asked, "Is this true?"

"It's true." Great Master Wu Yin returned to his senses from Gu Ruoyun's response. He smiled coldly at the man in green as he faced his question, "I've indeed lost to this little girl. From now on, I will follow only her. Of course, even if I didn't lose to her, I would never swear fealty to the Lin family so you'd better forget about your plans. No matter how many times you visit, the outcome will remain the same."

Great Master Wu Yin straightened his sleeves fiercely and headed into the tile-roofed house. He never even bothered to look at the man's ashen face at all.

"My Lord, what should we do?"

The person next to him watched as the group enter the tile-roofed house and asked, "Master has given the order. This time, we have to bring Great Master Wu Yin back to the Lin family no matter what."

"Hmph!" The man in green robes scoffed icily and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. "This old coot Wu Yin has actually rejected the Lin family time and again! Unfortunately, the old man still has some prestige in the First City so I can't kill him. However, we don't need that damned little girl alive! We'll wait here for now. Once that little girl leaves, we..." 

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Cant wait for the next chapt. Its so interesting whatvwill happen next. Yow go Gu girl! Killem. 🔥


DUMB thats how they sound right now for not fully listening


You wouldn't dare! She's gonna kick ya ass


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Chapter 1163: Meeting the Lin Family Again (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The green-robed man made a chopping gesture as the look in his eyes became even more vicious. His entire body was radiating with murderous intent.

He may not be able to do anything about that old man, Wu Yin, but why should he be afraid of a little girl? They will wait until she leaves this mountain, that will be the time of her death! This was the price she has to pay for opposing the Lin family!

The group sat around a table in the tile-roofed house. Great Master Wu Yin poured some tea for his guests before turning towards Gu Ruoyun.

"Little girl, do you have a grudge against the Lin family?"

"It's more than a grudge," scoffed Bai Zhongtian. "They have an absolutely irreconcilable relationship! Those Lin family b*stards caused my precious disciple to become separated from her parents. Besides, they've been hunting her down to kill her! They simply have no manner of being powerful cultivators!"

It was obvious that Bai Zhongtian does not have a good impression of the Lin family. To him, the Lin family members were nothing more than the sons of b*tches who enjoys kicking people around.

Great Master Wu Yin was a little surprised. No wonder Gu Ruoyun's words had been a little sharp. This was the type of hatred she has for the Lin family!

"The Lin family are just purely evil creatures!" Great Master Wu Yin shook his head and sighed. "Not only had they caused a family to break up, they've even tried to kill every last person! However, little girl, you have just arrived in the First City after all. The Lin family's position in First City may not be very powerful but they have a substantial amount of powerful cultivators! If you do plan on going against the Lin family, you must be extremely careful."

There was a sense of care in his tone of speaking.

If a peerless genius like this were to fall by the Lin family's hands, it would truly be a great loss for the mainland.

"Little girl, what do you plan to do next?"

Bai Zhongtian turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked.

Gu Ruoyun sipped her cup of tea before she slowly put the teacup down. She then lifted her head towards Bai Zhongtian's worried expression and smiled calmly, "I plan to make a trip to Wind Valley."

"Wind Valley?"

Bai Zhongtian shook and his eyes filled with astonishment.

"That's right," Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Master, have you forgotten that I had previously made a promise to the fire spiritual beast? I promised that I would go to Wind Valley once I've arrived in the First City and restore the fire spiritual beast clan to freedom. Since I've made that promise, I must fulfill it!"

At this very moment, the woman's face was filled with determination while her clear and cool eyes shone with a moving light.

Bai Zhongtian fell silent. After a long pause, a smile appeared on his elderly face. "Little girl, rest assured and do whatever you like. I believe in your abilities. Whatever you plan to do, you will certainly succeed in the end!"

Gu Ruoyun lowered her head and wiped her lips. She continued to gently sip her tea before she spoke. Her voice was clear and indifferent as if a gentle breeze has just passed by.

"Master, I'll get Ye Nuo to go with you. It won't be convenient to have him tagging along. I can ensure his safety only if he follows you instead."


Without even waiting for Bai Zhongtian's reply, Ye Nuo jumped and exclaimed angrily, "Bodyguard Gu, don't think that you can kick me away like this. I'm staying with you!"

What a joke!

It has been so difficult to finally find her and I still haven't brought her home to be my wife. How could she possibly leave just like that? I'm never going to leave her side anyways!

"I believe that the Lin family members are already waiting at the bottom of the mountain to cut me off." Gu Ruoyun smiled. "These people won't have the courage to touch Great Master Wu Yin so they can only pick on a pushover. Unfortunately, in their eyes, I am the pushover that they can pick on whenever they wish."

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part of me is very glad they are too stupid to ask the name of their target before picking fights..


Imagine all those splendid colors when all of them come out... I really want to see Lin's family reaction when they expect to see only ONE little girl~~


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Chapter 1164: Meeting the Lin Family Again (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Great Master Wu Yin and Bai Zhongtian looked at each other and saw a solemnness mirrored in each other's eyes. How could they have forgotten about this? Knowing the Lin family's nature, why would they just let Gu Ruoyun get away? They were most likely waiting for her at the bottom of the mountain.

"Do you need any help, Gu girl?"

Great Master Wu Yin furrowed his brows and asked.

"There's no need, I can take care of it on my own. " Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "However, I just can't feel at ease with Ye Nuo by my side so he should join you two. I have too many enemies. If he tags along with me, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect him."

If she were to run into trouble, Gu Ruoyun has absolute certainty that she would be able to escape. However, if she were to bring Ye Nuo along, she would not be so sure.

"Bodyguard Gu."

Ye Nuo tugged Gu Ruoyun's sleeve and lifted his head pitifully to look at her. He was absolutely filled with grief, like a poor little thing which had been abandoned by his mother. "I promise that I won't make any trouble, I'll be good. Don't throw me away, okay?"

His pretty little face stared at her anxiously and pleadingly with his big, bright eyes.

"Absolutely not," Gu Ruoyun rejected him ruthlessly. "It will be very dangerous if you were to come with me. I have the ability to protect myself on my own. If you come along, that may not be true."

Ye Nuo's little face looked absolutely defeated and he was completely dejected. He slowly loosened his grip while his lip had lost all color from him biting on it too hard.

"Then... I'll wait for you here. Once you're done with your business, come back for me, okay?"

Gu Ruoyun nodded solemnly, "Wait until I'm certain that I have enough power, I'll come back for you."

This time, Gu Ruoyun had not brought Xiao Hei along. Instead, she had left Xiao Hei with Wei Yiyi and the others and had chosen to come to the First City on her own. She could not bring Ye Nuo. Furthermore, she has no way of sending him away when danger arrives.

Hence, she chose to leave Ye Nuo behind.

A light flashed in Ye Nuo's eyes and he asked with uncertainty, "Bodyguard Gu, will you really come for me once you're done with your business?"

Staring at Ye Nuo's hopeful gaze, Gu Ruoyun nodded her head again.

"I'll be back."

"Alright, I'll wait for you here. You're not allowed to lie to me."

She did not know why but when she heard Ye Nuo's words, she could not help but remember the freckle-faced maiden that she had met at Windfall Village.

At the time, she had also promised the little maiden that she would return to teach her medicine after completing her business.

Who would have thought that their one goodbye would be their last!

"Master, you should hold on to these pills. You can use them in times when you need to save your life." Gu Ruoyun pulled a porcelain bottle out and placed it on the table. She then pondered for a moment. She did not feel assured so she pulled out another two middle-class spiritual weapons. "Hold on to these two spiritual weapons for now. You protect your lives in times of danger, no matter what."

Bai Zhongtian stared blankly and unblinkingly at the spiritual weapons Gu Ruoyun had just pulled out. He looked like a big grey wolf which had run into a tasty little white rabbit and was nearly drooling.

"Little girl, you have so many good things. Why had you not paid your respects to your Master by giving them to me earlier on?"

In contrast with Bai Zhongtian, Great Master Wu Yin's face carried an obvious sense of shock. He seemed to be struggling with himself.

"Gu girl, there's no gain without pain. I don't think it's a good idea for me to hold on to your spiritual weapon."

Gu Ruoyun had her own motivation when she chose to give them the two spiritual weapons. She does not want the tragedy of Windfall Village to happen all over again. At the very least, these two old men's powers should increase greatly with the two spiritual weapons in their hands.

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Yes protect little husband ❤️❤️


It's that box that contains another world in it that she got in badlands


Hmmm.. Can ruobai and ye nuo together..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think both of them matched for each other...😅😅😅


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Chapter 1165: Meeting the Lin Family Again (6)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bai Zhongtian has been acquainted with Great Master Wu Yin for so many years and he knows Great Master Wu Yin's character very well! Since her Master had not said anything, that proves that the old man could be trusted.

"This spiritual weapon is not a gift to you. Instead, I'm hoping that you can protect my Master and Ye Nuo with it. You are the most powerful one here which is why I'm giving you this spiritual weapon." Gu Ruoyun instructed solemnly as she turned to face Great Master Wu Yin.

Wu Yin took a deep breath and put the spiritual weapon away. He then smiled and said, "Gu girl, don't worry. As long as I'm alive, I won't let these two die. You can rest assured and complete your task. There's no need to worry about us here."

"Alright, since that's the case, it's time for me to leave. Master, I'll come to find you when I'm done."

After saying her piece, Gu Ruoyun turned around and walked out of the tiled-roof house. She did not turn back to look at Ye Nuo at all.

Ye Nuo bit his lips and watched Gu Ruoyun as she left. His eyes were filled with reluctance as he stared at her with yearning 1 . 

A gentle wind rustled through the leaves of the trees at the foot of the mountain.

Gu Ruoyun paused in her footsteps before she turned to face the forest which did not have a soul in sight. She then exclaimed calmly, "Sorry for making you wait so long, you can come out now."


As soon as she had spoken, countless figures jumped down from the branches of the trees and surrounded Gu Ruoyun in a tight circle. 

A smile appeared on Gu Ruoyun's face as she stared at the group who had descended before her. "I wonder what business do all of you have... Waiting for me here?"


The green-robed man scoffed coldly as his eyes filled with murderous intent landed on Gu Ruoyun's face. "Damned girl," he replied coldly. "You dare to interfere in the Lin family's matters! We can't do anything to Great Master Wu Yin so we'll let off some steam on you!"

He simply could not believe that Great Master Wu Yin would have lost to this little girl. After all, from his point of view, a proud person like Great Master Wu Yin would never agree to become someone's servant! Hence, this little girl must have allied herself with Great Master Wu Yin to stop the Lin family's nagging.

Does Great Master Wu Yin really think that the Lin family members would be that stupid to believe in a few lies? This was simply too funny!

Now, he was going to make this little girl understand that nothing good comes from opposing the Lin family!

"That depends on whether you have the ability."

Gu Ruoyun turned her gaze towards the green-robed man as a sharp, cold light flashed in her eyes.

"Haha, you are only an early-stage Martial Saint yet you dare to spout such conceited nonsense in front of so many of us!" The green-robed man burst into laughter before an eerily cold and murderous aura exploded from his being.

His aura was like a sharp knife which could cut through the earth and split bamboo into splinters, creating a quick and forceful atmosphere.

Gu Ruoyun turned towards the sharp knife-like aura as a cold light flashed in her clear and cool eyes. She slowly raised her hand and in a moment, the surrounding wind gathered in front of her and clashed against the knife-like aura which had been charging towards her. That powerful energy exploded, razing everything within a hundred kilometers around them.

"Mm?" The green-robed man was shocked. A disdainful smile then flashed across his eyes. "I didn't expect this. Your powers aren't too bad, you were actually able to use your early-stage Martial Saint powers to smash my attack to pieces! Unfortunately, I had not used the full extent of my powers! If I had attacked with all my power, I'm afraid that you would have fallen."

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Yeah, people his age tend to mistake infatuation and admiration for love. He needs to come to terms with the fact that she isn't interested in him romantically and only sees him as a little brother figure. He needs to start seeing her as a big sister and not a marriage target.


Lol hopefully he will find someone that will be good and caring ❤️❤️


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Chapter 1166: Meeting the Lin Family Again (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Ruoyun moved her wrist as she stared at the green-robed man disapprovingly. She then smiled calmly as she said, "Since that's the case, show me the power of a mid-stage Martial Saint."

Upon reaching the rank of Martial Saint, the progress into every level was equal to a whole character's worth of change! For example, cultivators at the early-stage Martial Saint rank would never be able to defeat a mid-stage Martial Saint. That was why the green-robed man had acted so snidely towards Gu Ruoyun.

Besides, he was also leading a group of early-stage Martial Saints who were on the same level as Gu Ruoyun.

Hence, he believes that Gu Ruoyun would never be able to escape from him no matter what!

"Alright, I shall make you understand the distance between you and the Lin family right now!" Murderous intent erupted from the green-robed man and quickly filled the atmosphere. He then moved in front of Gu Ruoyun with a whoosh before he slammed his fist heavily at Gu Ruoyun's head. The speed of his movement was so swift that his hard fist seems to have been wrapped in a gust of wind.

The green-robed man had a cruel smile on the corners of his lips. He believes that this woman's head would crack open immediately when he had thrown his fist! No early-stage Martial Saint could escape from his attack!


Just as the green-robed man's fist was about to land on Gu Ruoyun, a broken sword appeared from the sky and sliced downwards towards his body.

"You think that you can hurt me with this broken sword? Haha, this is really too funny!"

The man in green hesitated for a bit before he burst into laughter. However, his laughter was also filled with rage.

His fist did not stop as it flew towards Gu Ruoyun's head.

A broken sword can't harm me even if I stayed still.

Why should I care if it cuts me? I won't be hurt by it anyway. I can even seize the opportunity and put this woman down.

Gu Ruoyun saw that the man in green did not have any intention of stopping his attack even though the broken sword had appeared. She immediately retreated heavily and dodged her head to the side just in time for his fist to brush past her.

The green-robed man sneered and tried to attack Gu Ruoyun once again. However, just then, the broken sword pierced through his back and blood began to spray from his back, dyeing it in red.


The green-robed man gasped. His thighs landed heavily as he knelt on the ground. His eyes were filled with shock but most of it was anger!

This woman has actually wounded me!

Furthermore, she had only used a broken sword to do it!

Actually, based on the man in green's powers, evading the broken sword should not have been too much problem for him. However, in the end, he had underestimated Gu Ruoyun! In his eyes, a damaged and broken sword would not have the ability to break through his defenses, what more hurt him! Why should he avoid it?

However, he did not know that regardless of how damaged a spiritual weapon was, it does not change the fact that it was a spiritual weapon. 

Besides, this spiritual weapon was not like any other spiritual weapon, it was a high-class spiritual weapon before it had been damaged! Its peak power was unimaginable! The powerful spiritual energy around it was enough to break through his defenses!

"My Lord!"

The faces of the Lin family members drained of color at this sight and they rushed to the green-robed man's side.

"Hmph!" The green-robed man scoffed and helped himself up. His pale, white face stared at Gu Ruoyun as he ordered fiercely, "Guards, attack! Kill that woman! I want her to die without a whole corpse!"

This was the price she has to pay for humiliating him in public.

"Yes, my Lord!"

Instantly, every member of the Lin family pulled out their weapons and charged towards Gu Ruoyun from all directions in a speed as swift as lightning.

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