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Chapter 1137: The Emissaries Of First City (7)

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There was a decree in the First City which forbids any cultivator at the Martial Saint rank or above to harm people of the secular world at will! Otherwise, they would be severely punished by the First City! However, as long as they do not break the rules, these people can go in and out of the First City whenever they please.

This was also the reason why so many people were standing in line in front of the dimensional door.

"This woman is actually a disciple of the Charm Sect..."

"I've heard that the Charm Sect only ever accepts women as their disciples. Their method of cultivation consists of a highly dishonest practice; the disciples would borrowing male force to strengthen female health by sleeping with men. Hence, many in the First City have been subject to their abuse."

"The disciples of Charm Sect actually use this method of cultivation? Why haven't those people from the First City punished them?"

"You might be unaware of this but the disciples of the Charm Sect use a cultivation method which can seduce another's heart. They only need one look and those men will find it difficult to resist. Those men would voluntarily have sexual intercourse with them! The disciples of the Charm Sect had never forced those men so why should the First City interfere? Besides, the members of the Charm Sect have always set their sights on men who have just received an invite into the First City. People like them don't have any protection from any power in the First City so they are ripe for the Charm Sect's picking!"

The crowd had begun to chatter ceaselessly. Based on the current situation, that disciple from the Charm Sect was eyeing the silver-haired man before her and would like to lure him back to the Charm Sect to borrow his male force and strengthen her health.

The pitiful one would be the delicate and pretty girl next to the silver-haired man. Her man would soon be snatched away for that Charm Sect's disciple's enjoyment while all she could do was to stand back and watch it all happen...

However, Wu Mei'er was shocked when she saw how Qianbei Ye did not seem to hear her at all. She took a deep breath and flashed a seductive smile on her face once again and spoke with a wave of coquettishness in her eyes, "Sir, I am Wu Mei'er of the Charm Sect. If this is your first time in First City, I'm sure that you must not have much of an understanding of the city. How about I give you an explanation?"

Wu Mei'er secretly maneuvered her glamor skills as she spoke. She believes that no man would be able to resist a disciple of the Charm Sect's glamor! Eventually, this man shall become an object for her enjoyment.

Wu Mei'er's smile grew even more enticing as if she could already picture it and her greed showed in her eyes.

Gu Ruoyun had not said a single thing from the very beginning. She did not even bother to look at Wu Mei'er as if she had never seen someone seducing Qianbei Ye before.

"If you don't wish for the Charm Sect to disappear..."

Just as Wu Mei'er was filled with expectation and greed, a deep and gloomy voice rang out above her head, "You'd better get lost!"

Wu Mei'er was in shock while the smile on her face disappeared. She lifted her head in astonishment and a pair of sober and calm red-colored eyes appeared within her sights, making her shiver.

Was this man not seduced by my technique? How could this be?! Regardless of any man's power, he shouldn't possibly be able to escape a Charm Sect disciple's glamor skills!

However, the silver-haired man before her did not show any signs of a daze or lust in his eyes. Instead, there was only a bloodthirsty murderous intent...

Wu Mei'er bit her lips as her face drained of color. She simply refused to believe that anyone would be able to break through a Charm Sect disciple's glamor skill! She then took a deep breath before her soft and tender body collapsed towards Qianbei Ye as if she had completely lost all her strength.

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Chapter 1138: The Emissaries Of First City (8)

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Wu Mei'er had assumed that this was Gu Ruoyun and her companion's first trip to the First City because Gu Ruoyun was holding the token in her hand. Hence, Wu Mei'er had guessed their situation at first glance and this was also the cause of her impudence.

After all, prior to this, there was no lack of this behavior on her end.

However, she was not the only one! Each time a man from the secular world set foot in the First City and bumped into a disciple from the Charm Sect, those men would be immediately bagged and turned into male tools which the disciple would sleep with to revitalize their health.

Furthermore, the Charm Sect has never failed!

How could Wu Mei'er possibly live with the fact that a man had escaped from her glamor skills? If word of this were to get out, how could she possibly survive in Charm Sect? Her Sect Master would most certainly have her driven out of the Charm Sect and she would become the laughing stock of First City.


Just as Wu Mei'er's falling body was about to touch Qianbei Ye, a loud bang sounded and an eerily cold aura, followed by a powerful hurricane, exploded from the man's surroundings. In that instant, Wu Mei'er's body was flung out of the way. Blood overflowed from her mouth and her face was completely drained of color.

Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she glanced at the agonized Wu Mei'er and exclaimed in an indifferent manner, "You were given a chance yet you did not appreciate it. It's your fault so don't blame others for it! He is my man and no one is allowed to even look at my man."

Qianbei Ye's attack had snapped Wu Mei'er's veins and tendons. From now on, she would never be able to continue her cultivation.

Was it cruel?

Gu Ruoyun did not think so because this woman was trying to steal a peep on her man!

If Qianbei Ye had not reacted, Gu Ruoyun would never have let him off either! However, she knows that her Xiao Ye would never let these matters trouble her. Hence, she had stayed silent from the very beginning.


The rest of the disciples saw Wu Mei'er who was lying in a pool of blood and hurriedly rushed to help her up. After closely inspecting Wu Mei'er's body, they glared angrily towards Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye.

"You two, what has Mei'er done to offend you that you would be so cruel to her and inflict such heavy damages upon her!"

Qianbei Ye glanced icily at the woman who had questioned him and replied gloomily, "She had delusions of seducing me."

She had delusions of seducing me...

His simple reply thoroughly enraged the members of the Charm Sect. They rose to their feet in unison and glared at Qianbei Ye fiercely. "Mei'er has only taken a liking to you! What was so wrong with that to cause you to deal with it in such a heavy-handed manner? Besides, I can see that this is your first time here. By offending the members of the Charm Sect upon your first arrival, you won't ever have peace in the days ahead!"

Wu Mei'er does not have great power in the Charm Sect and was only an outer disciple. Regardless of that, she was still a disciple of the Charm Sect. No one was allowed to cross anyone who holds the Charm Sect's name!

Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently as she glanced at the disciples of the Charm Sect and replied in a breezy manner, "If you don't wish to share her fate, you'd better leave. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you won't be able to leave at all."

The angry Charm Sect Disciple's face darkened. She glared at Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye icily before waving her hand, ordering the other disciples to spread-eagled Wu Mei'er. "Things never end well for those who cross the Charm Sect! We're leaving!"

Once she had finished speaking, she led the group of disciples and left without sparing the rest a second glance.

"Father had mentioned these organizations to me." A glint flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she stared at the direction where the Charm Sect disciples had left. She seemed to be deep in thought. "I remember that the Charm Sect and Wind Valley seem to share a pretty good relationship."

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