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Chapter 1120: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (7)

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"Grand Lord, Emissary Bai Yin told us how Gu Ruoyun had tried to seduce you to get the position of the Grand Lady of Red Lotus Territory! However, a great man like you was simply no match for this woman. We could not stand for it so we decided to avenge you, Grand Lord. Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun has obtained a Divine Weapon! Don't worry, Grand Lord, we will help you kill her and present this Divine Weapon to you as a gift."

With each word that the Great Elder uttered, the aura from Grand Lord Hong Lian's body turned colder as a murderous air circled around the courtyard.

"The Lan family, Bai Yin! Haha!"

Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily and a murderous smile hung upon his grim face.

The Great Elder finally realized that something was not right. He lifted his head in shock and his eyes landed upon Grand Lord Hong Lian's murderous yet handsome features.

"Grand Lord," Lan Shao stepped out from behind the crowd and spoke in a respectful tone, "I am the Master of the Lan family and I've long heard of your great name. You only need to say the word and we will kill this woman immediately! A woman like her is simply..."

Lan Shao's words came to a sudden end before he could finish speaking.

He had stopped because the cold man in red robes has turned his gaze towards him.

The man's eyes were as sharp as a sword and as cold as an icicle! Lan Shao felt as if a knife had been stabbed into the middle of his neck. His heart could not help but tremble, there was no way he could say anything else.

This... What's the meaning of this?

Even though Lan Shao's brain had not been quick enough, he could sense that something was not quite right.

It looks very much like Grand Lord Hong Lian does not have any intentions of killing Gu Ruoyun but was instead unhappy with the Lan family.

However, the Lan family has never offended the Grand Lord.

"Grand... Grand Lord..."

Lan Shao gulped and a sense of panic appeared in his eyes.

"Where's Bai Yin?"

The Grand Lord's voice was as cold as a sword in the middle of wind and frost. It slowly rang throughout the courtyard.

"I'm... I'm not sure." Lan Shao's voice was trembling. "I had informed Miss Bai Yin before I made my way to the Medicine Manor that you've arrived and asked her to come with us. However, she said that she needed to make some preparations so she had asked me to head over first."

Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered and she softly issued an order to the Vermillion Bird before turning her gaze back towards them.

The Vermillion Bird's body gradually turned into a ray of light and disappeared from the courtyard.

"I've just asked the Vermillion Bird to escort Bai Yin here personally."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian and replied gently.

Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded but did not say very much. At that moment, everyone could sense that the grim aura around him had vanished.

It was as if he would only ever put his vicious currents away when he was in front of the woman in green.

Lan Shao was stunned. He was unable to regain his senses and comprehend what had just happened.

Why do I have the feeling that the relationship between Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun is not what I've imagined...

Not too long after that, a ray of red light descended from the sky and the Vermillion Bird's little face, filled with a disdainful smile, appeared before them. She then threw a woman dressed in white robes fiercely onto the ground before exclaiming disdainfully, "Master, this fellow was trying to escape and had already left the city. I've just dragged her back here."

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