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Chapter 1115: Grand Lord Hong Lian Arrives (2)

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Above the rank of a Martial Supreme!

What kind of an existence was that?

On this entire mainland, only the members of First City have that kind of power! However, they never thought that she would have a Martial Saint spiritual beast by her side!

The Great Elder's eyes sank. Had he known from the start that Gu Ruoyun holds a trump card like that in her possession, he would not have chosen to make an enemy of her either. Unfortunately, since he has already offended her, he had no choice but to carry on to the end.

The Great Elder took a deep breath at the thought of this and spoke in a dark voice, "We still have one last hope! That is Grand Lord Hong Lian! Even though he is a Martial Saint as well, I believe that the spiritual beast is no match for Grand Lord Hong Lian! Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun has offended the Red Lotus Territory. As long as we ally ourselves with Grand Lord Hong Lian, she will die without a doubt!"

That was right!

That madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian, had been able to defeat a Martial Saint from First City while he was at the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme! As long as the Grand Lord steps in, a hundred Gu Ruoyuns would not be enough to kill him!

Hence, this was really why he had dared to act with such arrogance.


Suddenly, the meeting room's door swung open and a guard rushed in. Before he even had the chance to explain himself, he heard the Great Elder chiding him.

"Who gave you the permission to barge into my meeting hall?"

The Great Elder's voice was eerily cold and carried an air of murderous bloodlust. The guard was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt to the ground and replied as he trembled, "Reporting to the Old Master, elders. I have some news to share."


The Great Elder scoffed icily before he replied eerily, "You better explain and tell us what is so important that you would behave so disobediently. Otherwise, I will kill you now!"

"Great Elder," the guard shivered a little as he lowered his head and hurriedly replied, "This information has just arrived from someone stationed outside the city gates. They said that a man who looks very much like Grand Lord Hong Lian has just entered Main City and is headed towards the Medicine Manor."

The Great Elder was hit with a wave of shock when he heard this. It was then followed by a wave of joy and his heart could not help but leap in his chest.

"Is this true?"

"Reporting to Great Elder, everything I've just said is true. The man in red robes really looked very much like Grand Lord Hong Lian. That's why I've come to inform the elders of this," the guard replied as he trembled with fear. Even his voice was shaking.

"Good. Hahaha!"

The Great Elder threw his head back and burst into laughter which echoed throughout the meeting hall.

"Servants, we're going back to the Medicine Manor immediately! There's one more thing, inform Miss Bai Yin and the members of Wood Manor. Tell them that we're going to witness a great show."

By his reckoning, since Grand Lord Hong Lian has arrived, the Medicine Manor's doomsday should not be too far off.

"Gu Ruoyun! I'd like to watch and see what you're using to declare a personal fiefdom over the Northern Block Territory!" scoffed the Great Elder with an eerie smile on his face. "Besides, you won't be able to ensure your own safety very soon. It's your fault for having delusions over Grand Lord Hong Lian!"

Meanwhile, Mu Youyou had returned to Wood Manor and had just described everything which had happened in the Medicine Manor in a practical manner. Hence, there were many elders who have gathered to discuss Wood Manor's future at this moment.

"Youyou, is this true? The Master of the Medicine Manor isn't all that simple?"

The person who had spoken was an old man in green robes who was seated in the middle. The old man carried a sense of deep thought on his face as he asked in a deep voice.

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