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Chapter 1097: The Beast King's Wrath (4)

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The Beast King was used to speaking in a vulgar manner in the Nemesis Forest. Now, he was acting genteel on purpose for the sake of not leaving a bad impression of him on Gu Ruoyun. However, his words, coupled with his coarse voice, sounded rather awkward.

Gu Ruoyun's gaze landed on the pink handkerchief in the Beast King's hand as the corners of her lips twitched.

Spent a lot of money?

Didn't he just snatch this handkerchief?

Oh, that's right, he had also robbed the poor stall owner of ten gold pieces too...

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders exasperatedly and was just about to reply when a pedantic and gloomy voice rang out from the crowd with a sneer, "I heard people commenting about a daylight robbery and I was wondering who would be so impudent to act this way but I never thought it would turn out to be you, Gu Nianye! I never expected you to escape that sea of flames! However, why aren't you, as a person who had just escaped death, treasuring your life? If I were you, I would have run far, far away. Why would I even come to Main City?"

The corners of Gu Ruoyun's lips curled into a smile when she heard this voice. Her gaze pierced through the crowd before landing on the middle-aged man who was heading towards her.

"Lan Shao."

It was the Master of the Lan family, Lan Shao!

She has not forgotten that this fellow believes in Bai Yin and has helped Bai Yin to harm her.

However, in Gu Ruoyun eyes now, unless he was a powerful cultivator of First City, everyone else was of no importance to her.

"Gu Nianye, you've offended Red Lotus Territory's emissary. Do you think that you'll be able to stay alive for very much longer?"

When Lan Shao noticed Gu Ruoyun's complacent expression, the fire in his heart became even more furious.

Not too long ago, he had been outraged by the treatment he had received at the Medicine Manor. Ever since he had returned to the Lan family residence, his father has also begun to treat him differently. How could a proud person like Lan Shao endure this?

Now, even this nobody of a little girl had the audacity to take him lightly!

Who does she think she is, Gu Ruoyun? 1

Even though they both have the same Gu surname, their power and talent are too far apart.

Lan Shao did not dare to provoke the members of the Medicine Manor but he believes that he could afford to provoke this little girl before him!

"Gu Nianye?"

The Beast King scratched the back of his head as he stared at Gu Ruoyun suspiciously.

Isn't her name Gu Ruoyun? Why is this hateful fellow calling her Gu Nianye?

The unicellular-like Beast King does not wish to understand such a complex problem and he would much rather avoid overanalyzing it. He then gently narrowed his eyes as he turned towards Lan Shao. A fierce light flashed across his pupils.


That cry was full of Qi energy! Lan Shao felt his Qi and blood rolling over and over in his body, causing him to nearly spit out a mouthful of blood.

Instantly, he felt amazed and slowly calmed his aura. Only then did his expression sink.

It seems that this man's power isn't that straightforward! His level of power is definitely higher than mine! Could it be that Gu Nianye had dared 2 to step into Main City because she was relying on this fatty?

Unfortunately, there are many powerful cultivators in the Lan family. Regardless of how powerful this fatty is, he can't possibly be of any match for the cultivators of the Lan family!

Lan Shao's heart steadied greatly at the thought of this. "Gu Nianye, you've previously tried to seduce the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory but I never thought that you'd change your objective so quickly! However, your tastes are quite inconsistent. You'd even attempt to use a man who looks like that? I'd advise you to go back to Bai Yin and give her a present as an apology. Otherwise, no one can save you from your date!"

In this lifetime, the Beast King hates the people who call him ugly most of all!

In his heart, an unconventionally elegant, handsome, and Casanova type of man like him could not possibly have any ugly features.

Hence, the Beast King was angered and the consequences were severe!

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Chapter 1098: She's Gu Ruoyun? (1)

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"Gu Nianye, emissary Bai Yin is a kind and generous person! If you admit to your mistakes obediently, she might spare you on account of your youth! However, if you persist in doing things the wrong way, no one will be able to save you! Do you really think that the Jiang and Gu family's power can ensure your safety? What a joke. When it comes to the Red Lotus Territory, even if all of the Northern Block Territory were to join forces, they would not be any match for them."

Lan Shao then burst into laughter. After enduring all that stress over the past few days, he finally had an outlet to let out all out!

If there was anyone to blame, blame this woman for putting herself in front of the gun!

The corners of Lan Shao's lips curled into an eerie angle as his malicious eyes continued to stare at Gu Ruoyun.

Therefore, he failed to notice the Beast King standing next to Gu Ruoyun who was slowly swelling with anger.


Without any warning, a power-packed punch landed on Lan Shao's chest.

Before Lan Shao could return to his senses, he had been thrown out of the way like an arrow leaving its quiver before landing in the middle of the crowd with a loud thump.

An unfortunate onlooker who had been too engrossed in watching the show was unable to avoid Lan Shao in time. When he had returned to his senses, he had already been toppled over by Lan Shao's landing. The sheer force of his body nearly made the onlooker puke blood.

"Dumb f*ck."

The Beast King stared disdainfully at Lan Shao who was lying in the middle of the crowd and snorted in derision. "You should take a good look at your own f*cking face. You would dare to insult me in public and slander my looks! You can only envy someone like me who has such unconventionally handsome and suave features!"

As he spoke, the Beast King could not help but send a coquettish glance at the crowd.

Of course, if that gaze had come from a peerlessly beautiful man, it would certainly tug at one's heartstrings.


However, when they stared at the rolls of fat all over his body and his pig-headed appearance, everyone felt as if they had just endured a hundred thousand electric shocks instead and could only stand dumbfoundedly on the spot.

Imagine a shining white pig sending a coquettish glance towards you!

This was exactly how the crowd felt!

"Did you see that?" The Beast King turned towards the pale-faced Lan Shao. "These people are all shocked by my good looks. In fact, they're so shocked that they can't even speak. Yet an ugly piece of sh*t like you has the audacity to call me ugly?"

Lan Shao's expression was now an ugly sight as he clenched his fist and glared fixedly at the Beast King.

"Eh? This lady looks familiar. Oh, I remember now, she seems to be that lady who had walked into the Medicine Manor a few days ago. I remember that there was a handsome and wicked-looking man by her side."

Suddenly, a shocked voice rang out from the crowd. Those words then caused a huge sensation.

"Are you certain that this lady was allowed to enter the Medicine Manor? I heard that the Master of Medicine Manor isn't receiving guests."

"There's no mistake." The man who had previously spoken nodded and continued to speak, "I felt that this lady had looked familiar since the beginning. However, I can't seem to remember where I'd seen her before. It had all just come back to me, she's the woman who had walked into the Medicine Manor at that time! After she entered the Medicine Manor, news of Gu Ruoyun's arrival in Main City began to spread."

This means that this woman must have some sort of connection with the Medicine Manor.

Lan Shao's brain stopped working then and there as his initially pale face now turned even paler. His clenched fist began to tremble as he stared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief.

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Chapter 1099: She's Gu Ruoyun? (2)

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Gu Nianye is a member of the Medicine Manor?

That's impossible!

Emissary Bai Yin had mentioned that this woman has no support or background. How could she possibly be a member of the Medicine Manor?

"Lord Gu Ruoyun, do you know this fellow?"

The Beast King turned towards Gu Ruoyun and rubbed his head good-naturedly as he asked in astonishment.

He may be a single-celled organism but he has been alive for so many years so he still has some semblance of intelligence. After overhearing the discussion around him, he was suddenly enlightened and feigned astonishment as he asked that question.

Gu Ruoyun sighed exasperatedly.

The reason why she had previously used the name Gu Nianye was to lessen the chances of attracting trouble. However, she never expected to bump into Lan Shao on the street. Since she would still run into trouble after she had changed her name, she might as well just go with the flow.

She does not want unnecessary trouble but that does not mean that she was afraid of these people!

"Gu... Ruoyun..."

Lan Shao's face was now so pale that it reached a point of unprecedented brutality. He pushed himself up on one arm and rose to his feet, freeing the man he had been lying on. However, just as he had stood up, his legs stumbled and he nearly fell back down again.

"How can you possibly be Gu Ruoyun? How can you possibly be the earth-shatteringly reputable pill master?"

At that moment, Lan Shao finally understood why the members of Medicine Manor had tortured him so much.

It was because Gu Nianye was actually Gu Ruoyun!

Lan Shao also did not know that the Vermillion Bird and the others had done all that for another reason — Lan Ge.

Lan Ge was Gu Ruoyun's subordinate so they wanted to vent his anger in his stead! If it were not for this person, Lan Ge would never have to live such a difficult life.

Gu Ruoyun slowly closed her eyes. After a while, she opened them again. The corners of her lips then curled into a sneer.

"Lan Shao, did you ever regret the things you've done to Lan Ge?"

When she had heard the truth behind Lan Ge's parent's deaths, Gu Ruoyun immediately remembered her current life!

That year, Second Master Gu had also slaughtered his own brother for the sake of his own selfish needs. This had caused her family to be torn apart, unable to be reunited for over twenty years! Hence, she could empathize with Lan Ge's experience.

"Lan Ge?" Lan Shao was shocked as he stared at Gu Ruoyun's features in astonishment. He felt as if a large rock was now pressing onto his heart. "You're acquainted with Lan Ge?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled but did not say very much. She only left him with, "Lan Shao, ever since you begun to treat Lan Ge in that manner, your actions have determined your consequences in the future!"

After she had said these words, Gu Ruoyun slowly turned around and headed towards the stall owner who had been bullied by the Beast King.

"This is the price for the item he had purchased." Gu Ruoyun threw two gold pieces in front of the stall owner before she turned towards the Beast Kin indifferently. "Give him back his money!"


The Beast King felt very reluctant but he did not dare go against Gu Ruoyun's orders. He took the money out and placed it pitifully in front of the stall owner.

The stall owner stared gratefully as Gu Ruoyun headed towards the Medicine Manor.

"I never thought that the Master of the Medicine Manor would turn out to be such a delicate and pristine lady. This is too perfect. However, the Master of the Lan family had slandered her by saying that she had seduced men! I really never thought that the Lan family members could be so narrow-minded as to even say such things."

"Tsk, tsk. Have you forgotten those things that Lan Shao had confessed in public? After all, he had caused the deaths of his younger brother and sister-in-law. Even Lan Ge, who had been very young at the time, had not been spared. Lan Shao had falsely accused him of being an unlucky omen who had brought bad luck to his parents! Based on this, are there really any limits to what he would do?"

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