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Chapter 1086: The Visit (1)

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The Medicine Manor.

The old housekeeper was sweeping the fallen leaves on courtyard's ground with a broom in a slow and unhurried manner.

Lan Shao has just brought his group into the Medicine Manor when he saw the grey-robed, filthy old housekeeper. He knitted his brows in disgust and a cold and distant light flashed in his eyes. He barked haughtily at the housekeeper, "The Lan family is here to pay the Master of the Medicine Manor a visit. Go and inform her quickly."

The old housekeeper did not seem to notice Lan Shao's presence and continued to devote his attention towards cleaning up the leaves in the courtyard. The sound of sweeping continued to fill the quiet air of the courtyard.

"Our Master has spoken to you. Did you hear him at all?"

The guards behind Lan Shao noticed that the old man had the audacity to ignore their Master and were enraged. They instantly moved to deal with the old man.

However, Lan Shao did not give them a chance to do so as he raised his hand and stopped the Lan family guards. He then stared at the old housekeeper with an ugly look on his face as he said, "Housekeeper Zhang, would you please inform the Master of then Medicine Manor that the Master of the Lan family has arrived for a visit. If you interfere with my negotiations with your Master, this is not a crime that you can bear."

The old housekeeper finally reacted. However, he only stared indifferently at Lan Shao before he continued to sweep the fallen leaves in front of him.

His actions thoroughly angered Lan Shao.

That's right!

Gu Ruoyun is indeed very powerful! She's also a pill master too! However, this old man is only a housekeeper in the Medicine Manor yet he dares to act so cockily towards me! Even though I don't dare to offend Gu Ruoyun, I would only be educating a mere housekeeper. I believe that she wouldn't argue with the Lan family because of this.

Lan Shao's eyes instantly sharpened and the thought. He then sneered, "Housekeeper Zhang, don't be so shameless after one has given you face! Don't forget who really owns Main City. Who do you think you are? I'm going to give you another chance. Inform the Master of the Medicine Manor that Lan Shao is here to see her. Well? Aren't you going?"

He thought he has given Housekeeper Zhang ample opportunity to amend his mistake. He believed that the old man would not continue to act so audaciously. However, he did not think that the old housekeeper would act like a deaf man and completely ignore him.


Lan Shao was so angry that his face turned ashen. He was about to fly into a rage when a charming voice chimed in from the front.

"Housekeeper Zhang, who is causing trouble in the Medicine Manor?"

A flash of long crimson robes appeared in the gateway. The woman's face carried a charming smile but that smile did not reach her eyes. Her alluring phoenix eyes were filled with an icy chill.

"Miss Wei," the old housekeeper replied when he saw the woman who had entered the front yard. His elderly features were deferent. "You're here?"

Wei Yiyi nodded before she slowly turned her gaze towards the Lan family members. The corners of her lips then curled into a charming smile. "Were you the ones causing a disturbance?"

Lan Shao knitted his brows as he stared at the woman in red who had just stepped out from the front yard. According to the rumors, the woman named Gu Ruoyun has clear and elegant features. However, the woman in front of him was dressed in red robes and was extremely glamorous. Furthermore, Housekeeper Zhang had addressed her as Miss Wei. Obviously, she was not Gu Ruoyun.

"I am Lan Shao, Master of the Lan family. I'm here to visit Great Master Gu. Please inform her of my arrival, Miss."

As he was not too sure of the woman in red's status, Lan Shao had spoken with a hint of courtesy.

"My apologies, there have been too many people who have requested to see my Master over the past few days. Every person of minor importance seems to want to gain my Master's favor so please don't even think about it. Old housekeeper, send the guests away!" Wei Yiyi laughed icily as she instructed.

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Chapter 1087: The Visit (2)

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She certainly has not forgotten how Lan Shao was allied with Bai Yin and had both worked together to harm Gu Ruoyun.

Hence, why would she allow them to enter the Medicine Manor?

Besides, Gu Ruoyun had already issued an order — anyone who wishes to see her should be kept outside the door!

Lan Shao never expected his request to be denied again. His face sank and he smiled scornfully. "Miss, I'm being polite to you because you are Great Master Gu's loyal servant girl! However, servants are servants! When have they ever been the ones to make decisions for their masters? Let me give you a piece of advice, pass my message to Great Master Gu. Do you think that you can bear Great Master Gu's loss if you interfere in my negotiations with her?"

In the beginning, he was not really aware of Wei Yiyi's status. That was why he had been so polite to her.

However, this woman had addressed Great Master Gu as her master so this proves that she was only at the level of a servant! Even though Great Master Gu was a pill master, he was the Master of the Lan family after all. Regardless of identity or position, he was certainly more powerful than a servant! Great Master Gu had not reached her current level simply because she was good at covering up her brain-dead mistakes! She cannot possibly bicker with him over a little servant girl.

Wei Yiyi's eyes frosted over when she heard Lan Shao's haughty tone. She then laughed disdainfully, "I don't think that you have anything important to discuss with my Master! Housekeeper Zhang, send the guests away. From this day forth, don't let anyone from the Lan family take one step into the Manor."


Lan Shao burst into exaggerated laughter as if he had heard something very funny.

His laughter was full of anger as his eyes glared fixedly at Wei Yiyi.

"Miss, have you ever heard of the phrase 'the man who can recognize the facts of a situation is a paragon of men'? If your shamelessness causes your Master to lose benefits, do you think that your Master will spare you? When that time comes, don't come begging me for mercy."

The old housekeeper shook his head and sighed.

Perhaps, as the housekeeper of Medicine Manor, he was the only one who understands Wei Yiyi's status. After all, Miss Wei has always addressed Great Master Gu as her  Master 1 . It was clear from this that the two did not have an average relationship. Besides, so what if Miss Wei was a servant? There was a saying that goes 'if one wishes to hit a dog, one should look at its master as well'. However, Lan Shao was causing a disturbance in another's property.

Wei Yiyi curled her lips and laughed alluringly. Her phoenix eyes were filled with disdain as she spoke in a voice tinged with scorn, "I'm sorry, these are my Master's orders. My Master has mentioned that she won't be receiving any guests! If you don't wish to be thrown out, you may leave on your own! Otherwise..."

She gently narrowed her eyes as a threatening light flashed across her pupils.

"Haha," Lan Shao laughed maniacally. He then took a deep breath to suppress the fiery rage in his heart before replying curtly, "I'd like to see what's going to happen otherwise! Miss, I don't believe that Great Master Gu is refusing to receive guests! There's no need for you to use her name to threaten me! That is useless!"

Surely Gu Ruoyun intends to establish a good relationship with the Four Great Families after arriving in Main City as that would be the only way for her to take root here.

If she really refuses to see visitors, she would certainly offend many people! Hence, she would not be so stupid as to make this kind of decision!

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I've never met anyone quite so shameless. My Master has already declared that she would not be receiving visitors yet you insist on staying. Could it be that you want me to escort you out?"

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Chapter 1088: The Visit (3)

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An adorable-sounding laugh suddenly rang out, causing Lan Shao to jump in shock.

He had been surprised because that laughter had sounded so child-like. However, the tone of manner behind the laugh was so domineering.

As he was deep in thought, a petite little figure jumped down from an old tree and landed in front of them.

It was a cute little girl around five to six years of age. Her fair little face was flushed pink like a crystal doll. It was not difficult to see that when this little girl grows up, she would become exceptionally lovely. She would be like a peerless beauty whose beauty could damage a country and cause suffering to the people. However, only the people close to Gu Ruoyun knows that hidden in that little body was an old demon who has lived for over ten thousand years!

"Where did this child come from?"

Lan Shao furrowed his brows and exclaimed impatiently, "I have no interest in speaking to a child. Get out of the way!"

Rude and unreasonable children were the most disgusting things to him in this lifetime! He certainly had no idea what kind of elders could have nutured a child like this!

The Vermillion Bird's eyes grew cold as her tender and adorable face displayed a cruelty that does not match her years. In fact, her youthful naivety and vivaciousness were instantly diminished.

Wei Yiyi stared at Lan Shao with pity. After all, amongst all of Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beasts, the one that one should avoid having a confrontation with and who had the worst temper was this little Vermillion Bird! Even if they were to provoke every single one of the spiritual beasts, they should never provoke her. Otherwise, the end result would always be very tragic.

Hence, Wei Yiyi silently lamented for Lan Shao in her heart before slowly taking a few steps back.

"Did you just ask me to go away?"

The Vermillion Bird laughed. 

Her smile was bloodthirsty and cruel as she walked towards Lan Shao. 

Even though Lan Shao had been entranced by her features, he believes that she was only an average child. Hence, he did not see her as an important figure at all.

"That's right." Lan Shao laughed scornfully and spoke with disdain, "I'm talking about you! I don't know who your parents are but you haven't got a shred of politeness! If it wasn't for Great Master Gu's reputation, I would give you a good education in your parents' place! Alright, I don't want to make idle chit-chat with a little child so step aside. Since you don't want to let me meet Great Master Gu, I'll go look for her myself."

Lan Shao began to head towards the rear courtyard as he was speaking.


Just as he was about to enter the rear courtyard, a wave of flames descended from the sky and slashed towards him with a loud whoosh.

He was only a few centimeters away from that sudden blast of flames!

Lan Shao was utterly shocked. His face changed from white to green before turning from green to white again. He felt a blockage in his throat and was unable to speak.

If he had taken one more step just then, those flames would not have landed on the ground but on his head instead!

Lan Shao stared at the large hole carved on the ground in front of him at the thought of this. He quivered and turned around as he trembled. His terrified gaze then landed upon the petite little figure.

"Where do you think you're going?" The Vermillion Bird played with the flames on her fingers as she grinned at Lan Shao. A cruel light flashed across her eyes. "Don't worry, I won't make any more moves to stop you. However, my flames don't seem to want to listen to my orders. If you're not careful and your soul ends up getting scattered across the world, it's not going to be my problem."

The meaning behind what she said was clear - if you dare take another step, what awaits you will be a rain of flames from the sky.

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Chapter 1089: The Visit (4)

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Each time he thought about that scene, Lan Shao's face would drain of color.

"What are you?"

To have the ability to carve a hole in the ground with flames, her ability... Is at least on par with my father.

However, she is only a five to six year old little lolita. How could such a little girl possibly have such great power at this age?

"Does an ant like you deserve to know who I am?" asked the Vermillion Bird as she laughed coldly and stared disdainfully at Lan Shao. "However, let me tell you this. When I was born, the Northern Block Territory did not even exist yet!"

Lan Shao's eyes turned wide.

Does this little lolita mean that she's older than the Northern Block Territory? Could it be that she's actually an old demon who's using the face of a little lolita?

Lan Shao's heart instantly turned into ashes when he realized this. He thought that things would be fine as long as he did not offend Gu Ruoyun but who would have thought that she would be surrounded by so many powerful cultivators?

This makes sense. How else could Gu Ruoyun have reached this stage if she had not been surrounded by several capable people?

Unfortunately, he had realized this too late...

"Vermillion Bird," Wei Yiyi glanced at the Vermillion Bird and said, "Don't forget the Master's orders."

After all, Gu Ruoyun's goal was to subdue the whole of Northern Block Territory! Therefore, the Lan family shall be spared for the time being! Otherwise, if the Lan family was destroyed, the Northern Block Territory would plunge into a sensation! Only after she has completely subdued the Northern Block Territory could they decide on the Lan family's punishment.

Before that happens, they can't destroy the Lan family!

Hence, Wei Yiyi was really worried that the Vermillion Bird would lose all rationality in her anger and swallow Lan Shao whole.

"I know." The Vermillion Bird smiled. "I won't kill these people, I'll only punish them! I order all of you to kowtow every step out of the Medicine Manor! Furthermore, you must kneel on the streets and scold yourselves for acting like b*stards! Of course, the crueler you are with your scoldings, the faster my anger will dissipate. If the strength used in your scoldings is not enough, you kneel and curse yourself for an entire day."

Hearing this, Lan Shao's expression changed drastically. His voice was filled with anger as he retorted, "A scholar prefers death to humiliation! Though I admit that I'm not as powerful as you, the Lan family has a high-level Martial Supreme as well. Aren't you crossing the line by doing this?"

A high-level Martial Supreme?

The Vermillion Bird snorted disdainfully and replied with contempt, "Sure, I'd like to see if the Lan family's powerhouse has the ability to save you that quickly! Besides, do you think that I'd grant you an easy death? Don't worry, I am very kind. I've never hurt anyone, I'll only give you a fate worse than death!"

When Lan Shao heard the words 'fate worse than death', he clearly felt the temperature in his surroundings rise rapidly around him. It was as if there were raging flames burning next to him and that they could burn his body into ashes.

Was that enough?


At that moment, Lan Shao felt as if he was standing in a smelting furnace. It was not only his flesh but even his soul seemed to be burning in the flames.

This was an agony he had never felt before. He wailed in anguish immediately as his entire body trembled ceaselessly.

However, no one else was aware of what was happening. Lan Shao, who hade been fine initially, suddenly reacted as if he was in great agony. The look on his face has become absolutely malevolent, it was extremely horrifying.

"Would you like me to continue?" The Vermillion Bird flashed an evil smile. "This is only a fraction of ten-thousandths of my power! I can increase your agony by ten thousand times more and make it so that you won't be able to lose consciousness!"

Her smile fell into the eyes of the crowd. It was as if a demon was waving at them.

The Vermillion Bird never forgot how this fellow had joined forces with that woman named Bai Yin to bully Gu Ruoyun.

Now that he has presented himself to her, how could she let him off so easily?

"Please... Please let me go..." Lan Shao was in so much pain that even his teeth chattered and cold sweat was dripping down his brow. "I am willing to do whatever you say, please let me go."

A scholar does indeed prefer death to humiliation.

However, enduring humiliation was far better than a fate worse than death!

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