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Chapter 1060: The Nine Emperors Emerges, A Shift In The Realm (3)

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Lin Fen shrieked in agony. Sweat began to roll down his face and the pain was so great that he started to writhe about. 

"When you had killed those innocent villagers, did it ever cross your mind that you would have to pay this price?"

A cold light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eye as she slowly approached Lin Fen who was now curled into a ball.

Right now, Lin Fen was in so much agony that he could not speak. His face was red and splattered with blood as he stared sinisterly at Gu Ruoyun.

"Gu Ruoyun, you will not have a peaceful death! Once you are dead, you will most certainly be sent to Hell!"

Gu Ruoyun laughed and her smile carried a murderous air. "However, before that happens, all of you will reach Hell before me! Lin Fen, regardless of the grudge between us, the Lin family should never have involved the innocent. After this, I will take all your heads to their graves so you can apologize for your crimes!"

Gu Ruoyun then raised the Nine Emperors and slashed it down without any further hesitation.

Lin Fen looked completely shocked and he did not even have the time to beg for mercy. Gu Ruoyun's indifferent eyes watched coldly as his body fell slowly to the ground...

After witnessing Lin Fen's death, how could the remainder of the Lin family members possibly have the courage to stay on? They looked at one another before they turned and started to run away.

However, before they could escape, a ray of light from the sword flashed behind them and they all fell down without a sound.

"I had promised Auntie Hua that I would bring back their heads. As for their bodies..." Gu Ruoyun gently stroked the Nine Emperors' blade and gently raised her gaze before saying, "You can enjoy those."

The Nine Emperors seems to understand Gu Ruoyun's words and dragged the headless bodies onto its blade. It then melted them all with fire...

If it had not been for the blood on the ground, no one would have guessed that a battle had just happened here a short while ago.

"A Martial Saint is indeed very powerful. If it had not been for the Nine Emperors, I'm afraid that I would have needed to expend quite a bit of effort to defeat them." sighed Gu Ruoyun.


She laughed bitterly as she sensed the light in the Nine Emperors slowly dim.

"Unfortunately, I can't always use the Nine Emperors in battle since it needs a long time to recuperate after every battle. After leaving this place, I'll need to repair the spiritual weapon that Lin Fen had damaged. After all, I can't always depend on the Nine Emperors in every battle."

The Nine Emperors was indeed very powerful.

It had allowed her to instantly kill a Martial Saint while she was at the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme.

However, after this battle, it would require a long period of recuperation before it could be used again.

"Someone is approaching?"

Gu Ruoyun sensed several powerful auras making their way to her position from not too far away and knitted her brows. She put the Nine Emperors away, picked up the decapitated heads on the ground, and left the area without turning back.

Not long after Gu Ruoyun had left, numerous figures hovered around the area in the sky as if they were searching for a specific aura.

"There was a battle here a while ago."

The person who had spoken was an elderly man in blue robes. He thought for a bit before he slowly spoke again.

"I had sensed it too and the ground is also drenched in blood. A massacre had clearly taken place here. Could it be that someone had arrived before us and had fought for the sake of the Divine Weapon?"

"That should be correct. Just a while ago, a Divine Weapon had been revealed and the mainland dove into a sensation! Cultivators who had been nearby should clearly be able to arrive sooner. One less enemy would equal to one less fight so they must have dueled for the Divine Weapon! We must find that Divine Weapon before anyone else gets here. A Divine Weapon that can cause a sensation of this scale must be unlike any other!"

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Chapter 1061: The Nine Emperors Emerges, A Shift In The Realm (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wind Fall Village.

Numerous grave markers have been erected over the span of one night on top of the back mountain. Gu Ruoyun was standing in the gentle breeze, staring at the graves which stretched out as far as the eye could see. She then slowly murmured, "Xiao Yu, Qin Hao, and the villagers of Wind Fall Village, I've avenged you and I've brought the heads of your enemies here as well."

"Xiao Yu, the dreams you've had in this lifetime can be carried to your next lifetime. I believe that in your next life, you will become an amazing doctor."

"I have other matters to attend to so I should leave now. This place, Wind Fall Village... Perhaps I will never return to it again. Not in this lifetime."

Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly. Aside from sorrow, she was mostly filled with regret and remorse.

So what if I've avenged them?

These simple villagers will never be able to come back!

If I had not come to this place, perhaps they would have continued to live in peace and work happily. As for the bandits' threat, perhaps they would still have their lives spared if they had suffered in silence.

However, their lives have been changed just because of my arrival.

The Lin family!

Gu Ruoyun clenched her fist tightly as a murderous intent flashed across her lowered eyes.

Even though she has taken care of the ones responsible for the villagers' deaths, the threat from the Lin family was still looming in the background! If it had not been for the Lin family's ideology in their teachings all this time, these people would not have reacted so cruelly!

Hence, the Lin family was the main culprit behind all of this!

"One day, I, Gu Ruoyun, will make the entire Lin family vanish from this world! It won't only be for Mother and Father's sake but for the sake of these innocent villagers too..."

A wave of determination flashed across her lowered eyelids. She then took one last look at the graves which stretched over the mountain as far as the eye could see before turning around and descending the mountain...

Celestial Mountain Forest.

This was a mountain range situated not too far away from Wind Fall Village. It was also the place where the battle between Gu Ruoyun and Lin Fen had taken place.

If one wishes to leave Wind Fall Village and head towards Main City, one would have to go through Celestial Mountain Forest.

However, an incident has occurred in the Celestial Mountain Forest. Not a soul could be found in the forest before but suddenly, this place has attracted the appearance of countless cultivators. Amongst these people were a substantial number of Martial Supreme ranked cultivators and above as well.

What on earth has happened here?

Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows as her heart filled with suspicion. After all, it's not like these cultivators have nothing better to do so why would they make a trip to a small and isolated place like the Celestial Mountain Forest? Especially after I've just killed the members of the Lin family.

Just as Gu Ruoyun was in deep thought, she heard the sound of clear and bright laughter. "I never thought that so many people would be attracted by this Divine Weapon. It looks like the Jiang family will need to take painstaking efforts this time."

Gu Ruoyun's eyes lit up when she heard that particular laughter. She then turned to look at the old man who was descending from the sky. The corners of her lips were curled into a small smile.

He's here too!

"Gu girl?" Suddenly, the old man in white robes who had descended from the sky noticed Gu Ruoyun in the crowd. He jumped slightly before bursting into laughter once again as he stepped down. "Gu girl, long time no see. Are you interested in the Divine Weapon as well?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled mildly. "Old Man Jiang, I never expected us to see each other again so soon."

This old man was the Jiang family's impressive elder whom Gu Ruoyun had met back in Cloudy Wind City when she had first entered the Northern Block Territory! Ever since Gu Ruoyun had helped to cure him of his former affliction, he had changed his manner of addressing her from Miss Gu to Gu girl.

"Old Man Jiang, is this little girl the same person that you've mentioned to me before?"

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