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Chapter 1056: A Second Breakthrough To A High-Level Martial Supreme (1)

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A good person? Kind?

Those words filled Gu Ruoyun with an urge to burst into laughter.

She has never been a kind person and has taken countless lives by her own hand! However, she has never hurt the innocent!

The people that she had killed all deserved to die!

However, she never thought that the Lin family would commit such a cruel massacre. They had shifted their anger onto a group of innocent villagers all because of the hatred between them!

She vowed that she would never rest until she has destroyed the entire Lin family!

"Auntie Hua, don't worry, I will avenge you and the other villagers. When that time comes, I will bring the skulls of the Lin family members to your graves and get them to apologize to you!"

Auntie Hua's wrinkled face smiled in relief. "Then... I can be at peace." She murmured weakly.


Her hand slipped from Gu Ruoyun's grasp and fell onto the ground. She then slowly closed her eyes and stilled.

Gu Ruoyun placed Auntie Hua's body onto the ground and slowly rose to her feet. She turned to look at the sky as her voice, filled with bloodlust and a maniacal laughter, echoed throughout Wind Fall Village.

"To the Lin family and Lin Fen! I, Gu Ruoyun, hereby swear that I won't rest until all of you are dead! From now on, the Lin family will no longer exist in this world! I will kill anyone who tries to stop me! Even if the cultivators of the First City were to send out their troops, they can forget about saving you from my hands!"

These villagers had been so kind, simple and honest.

They had clearly been implicated because of her yet even in death, they had never blamed her.

The murderers responsible for their deaths must die!

"Wei Yiyi, all of you, help me bury these villagers."

Gu Ruoyun released Wei Yiyi and the others from the Divine Weapon. The murderous intent in her distinctive eyes has not diminished. Instead, it has deepened. "Once that is done, it's time for us to give the Lin family a painful lesson!"

A fresh breeze rippled through the forest.

A woman dressed in green robes was sitting against a tree. Her lucid and elegant features were cold and detached while her clear and cool eyes held no signs of emotion.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Suddenly, numerous valiant-looking figures ricocheted towards her from a distance away. They then reappeared in front of Gu Ruoyun almost instantly.

However, Gu Ruoyun never lifted her head to look at the cultivators at all. It was as if she had not noticed their arrival.

"Gu Ruoyun, we've found you at last!" Lin Fen laughed icily. "Are you still going to try and escape from the Lin family's grasp?" he asked with a disdainful sneer. "You're dreaming! Why aren't you running now? Keep running if you think that you can. Hahaha!"


Gu Ruoyun finally reacted and her lips curled into an indifferent angle. "I've been waiting for you so why should I run?"


Lin Fen's entire face filled with disdain as he stared down at Gu Ruoyun domineeringly. "It looks like you're under the impression that you actually stand a chance at survival so you want to stupidly give yourself up?"

Gu Ruoyun inclined her head and turned towards the middle-aged man standing in mid-air.

"I want to ask, how did you manage to track my aura?"

She had buried her name and lived incognito. Logically speaking, these people should not be aware of her connection with the villagers of Wind Fall Village.

"Haha!" Lin Fen burst into laughter. "Finding you is simply too easy! I hold a Divine Weapon which can track another's soul. As long as your soul is not destroyed, I can find you even if you're buried six feet under!"

"Is that so?" Gu Ruoyun laughed.

Her smile contains a frigid murderous intent. Her voice was icy when she spoke up once again.

"Did the Lin family members kill the villagers of Wind Fall Village?"

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Chapter 1057: A Second Breakthrough To A High-Level Martial Supreme (2)

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"That's right."

Lin Fen did not deny his actions. He then laughed icily as he replied, "Those villagers had dug their own graves by taking you in! Especially since they had dared to lie about not having information on you when we arrived. They simply had not placed any importance on the Lin family. Most importantly, you had once escaped from the Lin family's grasp so you must be punished accordingly! We will punish you by killing all who are connected to you! How does it feel to see those who have helped you lying dead on the ground? Doesn't it feel unpleasant? Hahaha, this is exactly the result that I want!"

Gu Ruoyun slowly rose to her feet and replied indifferently, "Indeed, those villagers had taken care of me. However, they were only a group of common folk and were not even cultivators. The high and mighty Lin family wouldn't even spare a few commoners?"

"Common folk?" Lin Fen sniffed. "So what? It doesn't matter who it is, as long as the Lin family wants them dead, they must die! This is a world where only the strong are kings! Those weak little commoners have no right to live!"

"The weak have no right to live in this world?" A cold smile appeared on Gu Ruoyun's face as her clear eyes stared at Lin Fen's arrogant face. "I hope you remember everything that you've just said!"


Lin Fen scoffed icily before he replied with absolute contempt, "Gu Ruoyun, at the end of the day, you're to blame for those villagers' deaths. You are the real sinner here. It's not the Lin family's fault that they had to die. If you had not gone anywhere else, they wouldn't have lost their lives. Hence, once we've added all these factors together, you're actually the villain! If you truly do pity those villagers, you should go and apologize to them... In hell! Haha! Men, attack! Everything is permitted even if you were to cripple this woman, just as long as you don't kill her!"

Gu Ruoyun's greatest form of usefulness to them was to be used as a means to threaten the Grand Lord Hong Lian.

Therefore, as long as she remains alive, there was not much of a limit to their actions even if they were to break her arms and legs.


Once they heard Lin Fen's order, the cultivators of the Lin family immediately charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

Her fine, silky hair was dancing in the wild winds.

The woman curled her lips into a smile but that smile did not have any trace of warmth at all. Her smile was so cold that it was frightening.

"Lin Fen, are you sure that you want to use these guys to deal with me?"

"Gu Ruoyun, I've already destroyed your spiritual weapon! These Lin family members are more than enough to defeat you, there's no need for me to handle this personally!"

Lin Fen placed his hands behind his back as he stared scornfully at Gu Ruoyun who was under the group's attack.

There's no lack of high-level Martial Supremes amongst the Lin family members here and she's only a low-level Martial Supreme! How could she possibly measure up against these guys?

Hence, the conclusion is very obvious!


At that moment, the aura from Gu Ruoyun's body began to overflow. Her quick and forceful gaze was like a sharp blade, invisible yet enough to kill a man!

"A mid-level Martial Supreme?"

Lin Fen was mildly shocked.

This little girl had only been a low-level Martial Supreme a month ago. I never expected her to break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme but so what? Even if she were a mid-level Martial Supreme, she can't possibly be able to defeat this many high-level Martial Supremes.

Just as he was about to sneer disdainfully at her, he suddenly noticed that Gu Ruoyun had taken a pill out.

That pill was the Supreme Mystery Pill which she had refined during the Medicine Sect's general meeting.

Initially, she had intended to wait until she has reached the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme before consuming the Supreme Mystery Pill to break through to the Martial Saint rank straight away. However, she could not wait any longer...

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Chapter 1058: The Nine Emperors Emerges, A Shift In The Realm (1)

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Gu Ruoyun had not used the pill when she was first pursued by the Lin family because she was only a low-level Martial Supreme at that time. Even if she were to use the Supreme Mystery pill then, she would have only broken through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme. That would not be much of an advantage to her in that battle.

This time, however, it was different!


The powerful force generated by the breakthrough flung the Lin family members who had been charging towards her out of the way. A great hurricane then appeared and hovered above her head, giving off a deeply suffocating feeling.

"A high-level Martial Supreme?"

A radiant light flashed across Lin Fen's eyes.

This little girl actually has a pill that allows a mid-level Martial Supreme to breakthrough to the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme? If we could obtain her pills, it would bring great benefit to the Lin family!

"Gu Ruoyun, needless to say, I admire you very much. You had broken through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme in a short period of time and now you've used a pill to reach the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme! Nevertheless, I am someone who has already broken through to the Martial Saint rank. Do you think that your powers are any match for mine?"

The corners of Lin Fen's lips were curled disdainfully. He was not worried at all about Gu Ruoyun's new breakthrough.

Gu Ruoyun slowly closed her eyes and whispered quietly from her heart, "Nine Emperors, even though I'm not sure of your connection with me nor do I understand why you've recognized me as your master, I know that you have a mind of your own. Are you willing to fight side-by-side with me now?"

Previously, the Nine Emperors had quietly stayed in Gu Ruoyun's mind and had shown no signs of movement.

However, when she had swallowed the flaming dragon's spirit in the blazing cave, she immediately felt a link form between the Divine Weapon, Nine Emperors, and herself in more ways than one! After that, she understood that the more powerful she becomes, the easier it would be to communicate with the Nine Emperors.

Now, if she wishes for the Nine Emperors' help in battle, she could directly ask it for a helping hand.


A buzzing noise sounded within her mind.

The Nine Emperors, which had been residing quietly in her mind, finally made a move...

Instantly, the skies turned dark and grey as lightning flashed and thunder crashed. The wind and rain intermingled to form a mighty storm.

At that very moment, a ray of flaming red light shot out from Gu Ruoyun's body. It entered the heavens and tainted the initially gray and gloomy skies into a bloodred hue. It was as if it had placed itself at the center of a sea of raging flames.

The Nine Emperors Divine Weapon has emerged, it was a shift in the realm!

The great cultivators in the Northern Block Territory all seemed to sense the change. Every single one of them could not stop themselves from flying into the air and sending their gaze towards the direction where Gu Ruoyun was.

"A Divine Weapon has just been born. It looks like a slew of chaos will soon occur in the Northern Block Territory."

"That's right. This Divine Weapon isn't like most other weapons either. It looks like it is ranked as the best of the best amongst the other Divine Weapons."

At this time, Gu Ruoyun was completely unaware that because of the Nine Emperors' emergence, scores of great forces in the Northern Block Territory have fallen into a sensation. Furthermore, they were spurring their horses at full speed and were on their way towards her...

"What's that?"

Lin Fen was dazed as he stared in mild astonishment at the sword hovering in front of Gu Ruoyun. He does not know why but he could actually feel a faint sense of deep suppression.

A Divine Weapon?

That's right, only a Divine Weapon could give off this kind of feeling.

Lin Fen licked the corners of his lips as his eyes filled with greed. "Gu Ruoyun, you Martial Supreme level piece of trash, you can't even harness the full potential of a Divine Weapon! You should give that Divine Weapon to me. Perhaps I might even put in a good word about you to our Master so that he won't torture you too much!"

Gu Ruoyun glanced at him indifferently as she clasped her hand tightly around the Nine Emperors before her. The moment her hand touched the Nine Emperors, it made a buzzing noise once again.

Furthermore, there were nine barely visible dragons of different colors roaming about on the sword's blade.

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Chapter 1059: The Nine Emperors Emerges, A Shift In The Realm (2)

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"My Lord, there's no need for us to make idle chatter with this woman. Let's just take the Divine Weapon from her by force!"

One of the high-level Martial Supremes from the Lin family noticed the greed on Lin Fen's face. He then  disregarded all peril 1 and charged straight towards Gu Ruoyun for the sake of gaining their Leader's favor. However, before he could even reach Gu Ruoyun, flames suddenly erupted from the Nine Emperors. The flames were like countless blood-covered hands as they clawed at the high-level Martial Supreme.

"Argh, argh, aaarrghh!"

The Lin family's high-level Martial Supreme did not even have the time to cry for mercy as he was immediately dragged onto the sword's blade by the flaming blood-covered hands. All that was left of him was his endless screams.

Everyone could see the high-level Martial Supreme screaming as he struggled ceaselessly on the brilliant, red-colored blade. Eventually, his entire body was swallowed by the flames.

It was the Divine Weapon, the Nine Emperors!

It also has another name — The Devourer!

It needs to devour the powers of other cultivators in order to grow! Gu Ruoyun had consumed the flaming dragon's spirit was also at the Nine Emperors' urging!

The crowd was in shock.

They had never seen this type of Divine Weapon before. It can actually devour a human? This was too frightening!

For a while, none of the Lin family members dared to step out. Everyone had shrank away and retreated.

"Bunch of useless things!"

Lin Fen furrowed his brows as he turned to face Gu Ruoyun.

"Gu Ruoyun, the more I look at this Divine Weapon in your hands, the more I like it. In order to obtain it, I must deal with you personally!"

A wave of murderous intent flashed in Lin Fen's eyes as the sneer on his face became even more pronounced. He dropped all idle chit-chat and turned into a strong hurricane before charging towards Gu Ruoyun.

Gu Ruoyun raised the Nine Emperors up high and slashed it across the vast expanse of the sky as Lin Fen charged towards her. The red-colored sword aimed at Lin Fen's chest struck down like a bolt of lightning with a loud whooshing sound.


Lin Fen had raised his arm to block the attack but it was to no avail. The sword's light was much too sharp and that force sent his body back violently. Blood began to pour out from his arm, dyeing his robes bloody.

"The power of a Divine Weapon is indeed great, even a piece of trash like you could release such power. If it were in my hands, how powerful would it become?"

Lin Fen licked the corners of his lips, feeling an even stronger urge to possess Gu Ruoyun's Divine Weapon.

He then continued to charge towards Gu Ruoyun once again.


Boom, boom, boom!

However, he was not so lucky this time.

An eerie cold air circled around the Nine Emperors' blade. It was clearly angered by Lin Fen's arrogance. Just as Lin Fen drew closer to the Nine Emperors, a powerful energy exploded from the sword and Lin Fen, who had been piercing through the air, instantly fell from the sky with a thud.

That was right!

Lin Fen had fallen from the sky!

It was as if a hand had just grabbed onto him and dragged him down.

Lin Fen, who felt the pressure on his body, finally showed terror in his arrogant gaze.

"No! Impossible!" Lin Fen crawled to his feet with great effort and coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood. "No matter how powerful the Divine Weapon is, if the person who wields it is far too weak, it shouldn't operate with such great efficiency!" he exclaimed with a pale look on his face. "Why? Why can't I hold out against this Divine Weapon?"


Gu Ruoyun raised the Nine Emperors again and...


Lin Fen's arm was cleanly sliced off. Blood splattered out from the amputated stump, dyeing the grass below his feet red.

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