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Chapter 1029: Who's The Real Deceiver? (2)

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He had initially wanted to meet Gu Ruoyun so that he could freeload off her. He never thought that he would put his entire foot in.

"However..." Just as the young man was sighing with relief, Gu Ruoyuns voice rang out once again.

"I've only spared your life, I never intended to clear you of your debt! As a consequence of impersonating me, you shall follow Lan Ge from now on and listen to his orders and commands!"

Gu Ruoyun pointed at Lan Ge who was standing behind her and smiled brightly at the young man.

The young man did not reply but his eyes were darting back and forth again.

He knew that it would not be easy to make Gu Ruoyun let him off.

Besides, this woman was far too clever. He did regret his rash actions but if he really were to follow her, she might even swallow him whole.

As for the blue-eyed man behind her, he seems to be a bit more feeble-minded. Much easier to fool when compared to this woman.

"It looks that you agree with my decision."

Gu Ruoyun, who had been observing the young man the entire time, noticed his obvious sigh of relief and smiled as she said, "However, before you head off with Lan Ge, I want you to swallow this pill."

"What's this?"

The young man looked at the pill in the palm of Gu Ruoyun's hand as his eyes filled with caution.

He simply did not believe that Gu Ruoyun would be so kind as to grant him a pill. This thing in the girl's hand must not be anything good!


Gu Ruoyun gently moved her lips and replied.


Just as the young man opened his mouth to yell at her, Gu Ruoyun flicked her fingers and turned the pill into a glowing ray of light which then flew straight into the man's throat. He was forced to swallow it immediately.

The young man was deeply in shock. He quickly reached a finger into his throat and attempted to dig the pill out. Unfortunately, while he did manage to throw up all the food which he had consumed today, he had not been able to expel the pill.

"What kind of poison did you put into me!" The young man wiped the bits of vomit from the corners of his lips as he glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. "In order to avoid having traitorous thoughts from rising within you, I've used this pill to bind you. Don't worry, as long as you are obedient, you won't die for now. I'll send the antidote to Lan Ge every three months. As long as you consume one antidote every three months, all will be as if you've never swallowed the poison. Of course, if you try to escape or betray us, your entire body will rot and you will die."

The young man was trembling with rage.

What was he thinking? He had actually thought that he could come to this woman and freeload off her! Now, not only had he lost his freedom, he has been subjected to a lifetime of servitude!

The young man felt the urge to cry at the thought of this.

"Liu Yue, from now on, you must truthfully obey Lan Ge in all matters. If you should ever disobey him, you know the consequences. Lan Ge, let's go."

Once she had said her piece, Gu Ruoyun then turned around and headed out the door.

The young man was in a daze. Had I mentioned my name at all?

How had she known that my name was Liu Yue?

Could it be that I've accidentally let it slip?

Amidst the rustling autumn wind, a rich and diverse array of leaves were falling onto the ground.

In the courtyard, Gu Ruoyun paused in her footsteps before she smiled gently and addressed Lan Ge who had been following closely behind her. She spoke without turning her head, "Lan Ge, are you curious why I've allowed this fellow to tag along with you?"

Lan Ge nodded. When he realized that Gu Ruoyun could not see his reaction, he then slowly replied, "I do wish to understand this matter. He isn't very powerful and there's not much use to let him tag along with me."

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Chapter 1030: Who's The Real Deceiver? (3)

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Gu Ruoyun smiled as she said, "You're wrong. While he does indeed lack in power and that causes him to go out of his way to cheat and swindle, he has a rather agile brain. With both of you put together, one will be the brains and the other will be the warrior. Perhaps an unexpected outcome will emerge from this combination."

Lan Ge was in shock. "You seem to... Know him very well."

"That's right." Gu Ruoyun smiled. A hint of absent-mindedness then flashed in her eyes as she stared up into the sky before saying, "We've met once before so you can say that we're acquainted."

However, that was a matter which had happened in her past life.

At that time, both she and Supreme Jin had heard of an emergence of the ancient ruins in a mountain range. They had stayed together for the journey. However, because they had attracted the attention of countless other cultivators, both of them had only managed with great difficulty to loot a few treasures for themselves.

What they never expected was that amidst this struggle in the ruins, there was one who had emerged as the ultimate victor!

That person was this young man, Liu Yue!

That was when they had got to know about each other. This fellow was adept at cheating and swindling but was also very intelligent. Many cultivators had fallen into his trap. However, that was the first time they had met and the last time they had seen each other.

This was because after Gu Ruoyun had emerged from that place, she had been hunted down and murdered by the Xia family before being reincarnated.

Perhaps, after so many years have passed, this fellow has forgotten their frank and assured conversation under the moonlight that time.

"By the way, Lan Ge." Gu Ruoyun seems to recall something and turned towards the blue-eyed man behind her before saying, "Every three months, you can just casually refine a Great Restoration Pill for him to consume."

Lan Ge shook before he stared suspiciously at Gu Ruoyun. "You mean..."

"Liu Yue is very clever so you cannot subdue him on your own. If I had not used this little lie, he wouldn't have listened to your orders at all. So, to avoid him from discovering this matter, just casually refine a pill for his consumption."

The pill that Gu Ruoyun had given Liu Yue was not really poison.

Whenever she thought back on their past conversation under the moonlight, she did not really wish to do this to him.

However, in order to make this fellow serve Lan Ge, she had no choice but to lie to him.

The corners of Lan Ge's lips twitched a little.

This woman is really the true deceiver! Perhaps Liu Yue would never have thought that he, who has always cheated and swindled his way, would have been lied to in the end. If he ever finds out the truth, would he cry out in agony?

"I understand," Lan Ge said before he smiled. A light then flashed in his blue eyes as he turned towards Gu Ruoyun. He said, "I hear that you're headed for the main city?"

Gu Ruoyun nodded. "You know who I am. The Medicine Sect's official lodging is awaiting me in the main city so I'd like to make my way to there soon. Also, Lan Ge, I believe you haven't told me about the situation in your family."

Hearing this, Lan Ge's eyes darkened. A bitterness hung on the corners of his lips as he replied, "The Lan family members have never accepted me because I have been born with blue eyes. At the time, my father had held some prestige in the Lan family so they had not dared to overstep! My parents had then passed away later on! Everyone said that I had jinxed them to their deaths. In fact, only I know that the Chou family had arrived to carry out a vendetta against them and they had died in the Chou family's hands."

When he mentioned the Chou family who had been responsible for his parents' deaths, Lan Ge unconsciously tightened his fists and a murderous intent flashed through his eyes.

"After my parents' death, the Lan family could no longer tolerate my existence. My uncle, the Master, then chased me out of the Lan family. Fortunately, I came here and that was how I had met you."

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Chapter 1031: Who's The Real Deceiver? (4)

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Lan Ge's gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun. The murderous intent slowly faded away from his eyes and his expression soon returned to their initial steadiness.

"I believe that you will change my life!"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. "I've said this before as well, only you can change yourself."

Only I can change myself!

Lan Ge fell silent for a while as he diligently looked into the meaning behind Gu Ruoyun's words. After a while, he came to a sense of understanding and his fair face which was marked with a dark mole displayed a small smile.

"I understand. By the way, there's something that I need to tell you. Gu Lan... I know her."

"Who is she?"

Actually, Gu Ruoyun has some guesses towards Gu Lan's identity as well but she was not too sure of her assumptions.

"She's a member of the Four Great Families from the Main City and the Eldest Lady of the Gu family! I heard that the Gu family had intended to use her to form a marriage alliance with the Jiang family's Young Master. She had run away to escape this political marriage. The Gu family has been searching for her whereabouts ever since."

The surname 'Gu' was quite common in the Northern Block Territory.

Hence, despite having interacted with the World Destruction Mercenaries for a year, no one had thought that Gu Lan was actually the missing Young Lady of the Gu family. Ye Ying had begun to suspect her identity after he had unwittingly caught sight of the spiritual weapon in her hands.

"Alright, I understand."

Gu Ruoyun nodded as she replied, "Lan Ge, I'm going to leave this place with Yu'er tomorrow. I hope that when we meet the next time, you'll be waiting for me with good news."

"You're leaving?" Lan Ge was shocked. A sense of reluctance then welled up within him. "How will I find you then?"

"Go to Main City, you'll find me there."

Gu Ruoyun did not give Lan Ge the chance to reply as she headed towards the courtyard.

Lan Ge silently watched her back as she left while his blue eyes gradually filled with determination.

"Don't worry. I won't let you down, Master."

The next day.

At first light.

In the front area of the World Destruction Mercenaries' courtyard, the mercenaries standing there were staring reluctantly at the two figures in front of them. Only Liu Yue was seated leisurely in a pavilion as he stared disdainfully at the sincere outpouring of feelings amongst the brutish mercenaries.

To him, goodbyes were a very normal matter. These men were acting like women and looked so reluctant as if they were about to be separated in life and death.

"Miss Gu, won't you join the auction?"

Ye Ying had wanted to say more but, in the end, this was the only thing he could articulate.

Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she replied, "There's nothing I need from this auction. I won't be staying any longer now."

Generally speaking, the auction would distribute the list of items in the auction one day before the auction itself so that those who wish to join the auction would have enough time to prepare. Gu Ruoyun chose to leave after she had seen the list.

There was nothing that she needed from the auction!

"Then how about if we escorted you to Main City instead?"

"There's no need." Gu Ruoyun shook her head before slowly turning her gaze towards Gu Lan's lovable and sweet features. She then slowly approached her. "Gu Lan," she said, "If you don't wish to be restricted or remain a victim, you must grow stronger! Only when you've grown strong enough will you be able to stop others from forcing you into doing things that you don't want to do."

A dazed look appeared on Gu Lan's face as she stared back at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment.

I must grow strong enough if I don't wish to be restricted?

She fell silent for a moment as she carefully replayed Gu Ruoyun's words in her mind. 

As Gu Lan was deep in thought, Gu Ruoyun was already standing back in front of Xia Linyu. She smiled gently and said, "Yu'er, let's go."

At that moment, Gu Ruoyun never thought that her words would have such a great impact upon Gu Lan! One could say that her words have molded Gu Lan into who she would become in the future!

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