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Chapter 1023: Lan Ge, The Demibeast Human (3)

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"That's right, they think that they can just impersonate whoever they want! If Great Master Gu were to hear about how her identity is being impersonated by so many people, she would most definitely fly into a rage and kill each and every one of you! Generally speaking, geniuses and powerful cultivators have very bad tempers. They're the type of person who could kill someone without batting an eye."

At the moment, it was perfectly acceptable for someone to be unaware of the great organizations in the Northern Block Territory. It was also understandable if they were ignorant of the identities of the city governors. Nevertheless, every single person alive knows of Gu Ruoyun's name!

Just who was Gu Ruoyun?

She was a true Pill Master!

This was an existence which has not appeared for over ten thousand years!

Therefore, when this peerless genius had emerged, it immediately caused a huge sensation in the entire mainland. This was especially so due to the fact that she had participated in the Medicine Sect's general meeting which was attended by some of the best physicians on the mainland! Once they spread the news, it was difficult for the world to remain ignorant of Gu Ruoyun's good name.

Besides, even Wind Valley from the First City had tried to entice her to become their Chief Pill Master!

Ultimately, there were those who still had the audacity to impersonate someone as great as Gu Ruoyun!

"If you had claimed to be from one of those great families in the main city, perhaps I would have believed you," said Leader Tian Lang as he laughed icily. His eyes then filled with scorn as he glared at Gu Ruoyun contemptuously, "Yet you dare claim to be Gu Ruoyun? Hehe, do you think that I would be so foolish as to believe in your words?"

He would never forget how he had been swindled by a woman who had posed as Gu Ruoyun just a month ago!

In fact, he had welcomed her into the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries with great joy and served her great food and drink! Who would have thought that after swindling them for free food and drinks for half a year, the woman would then leave and steal his treasures as well. Even though he had managed to capture that woman, it was still not enough to quell his anger!

Hence, he has developed a hatred towards any woman who impersonated Gu Ruoyun!

Now, after hearing how this woman had also claimed to be Gu Ruoyun, his anger flared up once again and a murderous intent exploded from his body.

"I'm only telling you my name. Whether you choose to believe me or not is entirely up to you."

Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly and replied in a voice that was reminiscent of a fresh breeze on a clear day.


Leader Tian Lang completely exploded. He swung his fist fiercely like the wind at Gu Ruoyun's face. His bloodshot eyes clearly displayed the fury in his heart.

"Any woman who impersonates Gu Ruoyun's name must die!"

He hated her!

He hated that impersonator who had once tricked him!

After all, he had developed good feelings towards the impersonator at that time! He had believed that he would be prosperous both in family and purse but who would have thought that she was a faker! Most important of all, that fellow was actually a man who had dressed up as a woman!

That was right!

The person who had fooled him was, in fact, a man!

Initially, after he had captured the impersonator, he had intended to humiliate her. However, when he pulled off their pants, he discovered that the fellow was actually a man!

At that time, he had felt like an utter fool. When he thought back to how he had almost raped a man, he could not help but feel the urge to vomit!


Just as Leader Tian Lang was charging towards Gu Ruoyun, a fiery red light suddenly flashed behind him before slamming fiercely into Leader Tian Lang's body.

Leader Tian Lang, who was maddened with rage, had not been able to raise his defenses in time and stumbled back. His astonished gaze then landed upon the huge figure before him.


The flaming lion let out an angry roar and his huge body trembled. His ferocious eyes stared boldly down at the man, "Foolish human, you're digging your own grave!"

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Chapter 1024: Lan Ge, The Demibeast Human (4)

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Leader Tian Lang's brain had temporarily shut off. His pupils widened and he seems to be muttering to himself.

"How could this be? I've hit you with severe wounds. How could you possibly have recovered so quickly?"

Could it be...

Suddenly, Leader Tian Lang seemed to remember that Gu Ruoyun had fed something to the flaming lion. His body then trembled greatly as the shock in his eyes deepened.

Only one item could heal a dying spiritual beast who had suffered such a severe loss of blood with such rapid speed.

That was... A legendary pill!

Is this little girl really Gu Ruoyun, whose reputation had risen since the Medicine Sect's general meeting?

Leader Tian Lang's body trembled even more when he thought of this possibility. He then shook his head vigorously, trying to force himself away from believing this fact.

"Human, you're really dumb. One day, you'll end up dead and you won't even know how it had happened!"

The flaming lion scoffed and paced haughtily as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

If these guys ever hurt Lord Gu Ruoyun, my King would immediately lead every spiritual animal from Nemesis Forest and hunt them down to avenge her!

At the end of the day, they might not even be aware of their own cause of death !

"I've told you, she isn't the kind of person whom you should humiliate."

Ye Ying shook his head and sighed when he saw the look on his rival of many years' face.

It was a good thing that he had met Gu Ruoyun first.

Otherwise, he might be the one in shock instead.

"Ye Ying," said Gu Ruoyun as she slowly turned. She then calmly continued, "The issues surrounding the World Destruction Mercenaries have nothing to do with me nor am I willing to step into the grudge between the two of you. However, my brother has been dragged into your business today so I can't just sit idly by!"

Ye Ying looked absolutely ashamed, "My apologies, Miss Gu. I didn't know that this would happen. Don't worry, I'll destroy the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries one day."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she said, "I had not wanted to get involved but I will send someone to help you. This will be considered as the price they'll have to pay for crossing Yu'er!"

She paused before she continued to speak, "Lan Ge, if you want to be my disciple, it won't be that easy! I still want to put you through a test first! The first test will require you to lead the World Destruction Mercenaries and defeat the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries in one day."

Lan Ge?

Ye Ying's face filled with astonishment. Lan Ge is the help that Gu Ruoyun is sending to me?

Lan Ge was mildly shocked. His eyes blinked gently but he did not reply.

Gu Lan had continued to observe Gu Ruoyun and Lan Ge with a very curious look on her face. She could not understand what was happening. Why is Lan Ge coming with us to destroy the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries?


After Gu Ruoyun had given her order, she then turned her attention towards Xia Linyu. Her expression softened as she smiled gently, "You're tired as well. Let's go get some rest first."

She did not need to do anything for whatever happens next. With Lan Ge around, destroying the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries would not be a problem.


Xia Linyu smiled gently and glanced at Gu Lan before he followed Gu Ruoyun into the courtyard.

Gu Lan did not know why but when she had accidentally locked eyes with Xia Linyu, she felt a jolt in her heart which soon steadied.

She gently rubbed her chest as her sweet and beautiful features filled with confusion, "What was that feeling? Could it be due to my attempt to lift the seal earlier on which has caused an issue to happen in my body? It seems that I'll need to have a good rest after we destroy the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries."

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Chapter 1025: Lan Ge, The Demibeast Human (5)

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A powerful hurricane enveloped the whole of Green Maple City.

Everyone knows that the two great mercenaries of Green Maple City were like fire and water. Not too long ago, the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries had joined hands with an external force to drive the World Destruction Mercenaries into the Nemesis Forest. However, on this day, the circumstances have suddenly changed.

In one day, the once formidable Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries which had once been considered to be on par with the World Destruction Mercenaries as one of the two great authorities of Green Maple City was thoroughly eliminated. Not a single one of them had remained!

From then onwards, there were no longer two great authorities; the World Destruction Mercenaries had unified Green Maple City!

In the World Destruction Mercenaries' territory.

Lan Ge stared at the woman in green in front of him as he opened and closed his mouth several times. Yet, due to some unknown reason, he still swallowed his words.

"If you have something to say, just say it."

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows as she looked at the man in front of her, "Oh, that's right. You can now wash that mole off your face."

Lan Ge was shocked as his blue, sapphire eyes filled with astonishment.

She had known!

She had actually known that I had applied this mole onto my own face with medicinal herbs?

"How did you know..."

"You're trying to ask how I had known that this mole was a fake? Or do you want to ask how I also know that you have great power?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently. Her smiling eyes looked as if she could see through everything clearly.

Lan Ge pondered for a bit nodding and asking, "I thought that I had hidden it very well but I never expected you to detect it. It's true that I really want to know how you've managed to understand me so well?"

Not even the Lan family knew about this!

"Don't forget, I am a Pill Master. When I first saw you, I could smell the medicinal herbs on your mole. I could even discern the type of medicinal herb you've used. As for your powers..." She paused as the smile on her face grew more pronounced, "Can you tell me why you've been living under a disguise?"

Lan Ge laughed bitterly, "I'm a demibeast human."

Gu Ruoyun was shaken. She had known about Lan Ge's identity as a demibeast human from the start but she never expected him to reveal it so easily.

"My mother was a spiritual beast and a princess from the Dragon Clan too! My father, however, is a human. A union between human and spiritual beast has long been an intolerable matter. I only need to strike once and others would find out about my identity as a demibeast human. When that happens, neither humans nor the Dragon Clan would shelter me! Hence, before my mother passed away, she had told me to never let anyone find out about my powers. Otherwise, there will be self-righteous people who would hunt and kill demibeast humans like me!"

Lan Ge's eyes darkened as he spoke. His features then filled with bitterness, "I had once stumbled upon a fellow demibeast human, a young woman. Due to having similar backgrounds, we became best friends. However, she had died in the end!"

At this moment, even as an outsider, Gu Ruoyun could sense the thick sorrow which had welled up within Lan Ge.

She could imagine how he must have felt.

If her own friends were to pass away some day, she would be just as desolate.

"Was she murdered by humans?"

Connecting the dots between Lan Ge's words, Gu Ruoyun soon understood the cause behind the demibeast human girl's death.

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