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Published at 22nd of November 2020 01:00:08 PM

Chapter 905: 905
Chapter 905: Exquisite Tower’s sixth floor (Part 1)

“Tian Zong, have you asked around about the freshmen this year?” Ye Yu Xi put the paper on the table away .

“I have, there are quite a few acquaintances . ” Hei Feng Tian Zong’s lips curled with a bit of playfulness .

Ye Yu Xi was surprised, acquaintances?

“Those freshmen with eighth spiritual level cultivations don’t need to participate, the seeds picked by the guilds are all seven spiritual level freshmen . Among them, the best one is princess Yuan Na!” Hei Feng Tian Zong said .

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes widened a bit, “Princess Yuan Na is strong enough?”

“Un, that princess can be considered on the rise . Many inner court guilds have all thrown an olive branch to her . She’s at the peak of the seventh spiritual level and has a Beast Flame, she is certain to reach the eighth spiritual level and has a chance to reach the ninth spiritual level . ”

Ye Yu Xi revealed a cold smile . Beast flame? It seemed like she helped princess Yuan Na quite a bit!

“Is there movement from the guilds?” Ye Yu Xi asked .

Hei Feng Tian Zong shook his head, “Those guilds are all humans, so other than a few being chosen by them, most are left on the side to be chosen at the freshmen conference . I’ve asked at the guild management office and it seems like it takes a million gold coins to make a guild . ”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and threw a gold card to Hei Feng Tian Zong, “Go and handle this matter tomorrow, sign us up . ”

“I have the gold coins . If master needs nothing else, I’m going to cultivate . ” Hei Feng Tian Zong laughed .

Ye Yu Xi nodded without seeing through him . It was almost night, so the cultivation Hei Feng Tian Zong mentioned was sleeping with Hei Sha……

Freshmen conference……Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a sparkle . Blood Enchantress would finally have a chance to become famous on the Purple Cloud Continent!

Not long after the sky turned dark, Bai Jin Yi came back to Ye Yu Xi’s dorm .

“Come with me . ” Bai Jin Yi took Ye Yu Xi’s hand and walked out .

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“Where?” Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi’s rushed appearance .

“You’ll know once we’re there . ” Bai Jin Yi’s voice was a bit strict .

Ye Yu Xi obediently followed Bai Jin Yi . Bai Jin Yi never spoke on the way and walking around, he brought Ye Yu Xi to the Exquisite Tower .

“Exquisite Tower?” Ye Yu Xi looked at the large tower with a bit of surprise in her eyes .

“I’m bringing you to cultivate . ” Bai Jin Yi brought Ye Yu Xi in .

The third floor was free for freshmen, so most people were there . There wasn’t even a tenth of the people when they reached the fourth floor .

After all, a hundred points per hour was expensive and it wasn’t something normal students could afford . Bai Jin Yi didn’t stop and continued walking up .

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On the fifth floor, out of the hundred rooms, only seven to eight of them were closed .

“Stop, the sixth floor isn’t open to students . ” The manager of the fifth floor stopped the two from walking up to the sixth floor .

Bai Jin Yi looked at this person before with a flash, a white jade token appeared in his hand .

“You’re not allowed to mention this . ” Bai Jin Yi coldly spat out these six words .

“Yes, sir envoy!” The manager respectfully gave a bow .

Ye Yu Xi looked at the jade token in Bai Jin Yi’s hand, it was just like the one he gave her!

The two slowly went up to the sixth floor . When they reached the sixth floor, Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes as the surrounding temperature dropped!

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At the end of the stairs, there was a closed stone door . At the door, there two cushions with two old men sitting cross legged cultivating .

“Who is it!” An old man had a strict voice when he slowly opened his eyes, “Young valley lord?”

“I brought a friend to cultivate . ” Bai Jin Yi softly said .

The old man watching the door had an awkward look, “Young valley lord, the old valley master set the rules that only people with special contribution can cultivate here, this… . . ”

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