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Chapter 1210 - Fire God?

Chapter 1210 - Fire God?

Following the rapid increase in the True Fire's firepower, Tang Huan also felt the increasing pressure.

After all, the amount of firepower that the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" could absorb was limited. Not long later, the entire cauldron was already filled to the brim. At this time, Tang Huan naturally did not dare to absorb the firepower into his body. The speed at which the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" absorbed the firepower was definitely not fast enough, nor was it fast enough to release the firepower.

If he forced himself to do so, he would probably be burnt to ashes very soon.

However, Tang Huan was not planning to leave the inheritance palace, he had a premonition that the moment he left, it would be even harder for him to enter than ascending to the heavens. It would be impossible to absorb the large amount of fire power from the True Fire without going through the sculpture inside the inheritance palace.

"Kid, you're about to die!"

"If you hurry up and get out of here, you can even save your life. Otherwise, you can just wait to be turned into ashes under this old man's firepower. At that time, I will have no choice but to happily accept your 'Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire' and 'Magic Tools'. "

His wanton ridicule was naturally meant as a provocation. The longer the other party stayed here, the better it would be for him.

In the end, even if Tang Huan wanted to leave, he could not.

"Senior Huo Ling, you're thinking too much."

Tang Huan smiled slowly.

Now that the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" was full, he did not want to absorb the firepower into his body, nor did he intend to leave the Inheritance Hall … This was indeed a troublesome problem, but it was very easy for Tang Huan to solve it.

If it was something else, it could absorb the True Fire's firepower!

In a blink of an eye, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" had returned to the Dantian. At the same time, Tang Huan activated "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" with all his might and merged with the power of the True Fire, he also summoned out the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram" from the Dantian.


When the mountain and river painting was unfurled, the even more violent power of sucking roared out, as a large amount of fiery red aura seeped in. In merely the time of a flick of a finger, the firepower surrounding Tang Huan had become much thinner, and the pressure on his body had also been greatly reduced.

"This is …" "What is it?"

The spirit of the True Fire was stunned for a moment, the mind instructs (in a second) was filled with shock.

"This is the Illusory Sword Heavenly Mansion, within a cave, the interior is extremely vast." Tang Huan said while beaming, and his expression was actually extremely cunning.

What … What? Hole … The estate? "

The spirit of the True Fire was struck by lightning, shocked beyond words.

He never would have thought that Tang Huan, a tiny Eight Transformations Transcendent cultivator, would actually possess a cave space in addition to his magical equipment and God Crafting Crystals.

No matter how small the interior was, it should have a circumference of hundreds of kilometers, or even thousands of kilometers. With the other party's cultivation, the interior of the cave was most likely much larger if he was able to unleash such a strong sucking's power while activating the artifact that held the cave's space.

With such a huge space in the cave, it would be easy for it to contain all the firepower.

At this moment, the shock felt by the True Fire's spirit could not be described with words. If he let the space in the cave continue like this, perhaps all the firepower he had accumulated for countless of years would be completely exhausted by the sucking.

From the very beginning, the fire element of the Forging God Great World had already existed. Even if the fire was gone, the fire would continue to exist.

As a result, its countless years of hard work and hard work had all been for naught. The hope of condensing a person and ascending to the sky would be completely destroyed.

It would take a very long time to accumulate such boundless firepower again.

After realizing this, the spirit of the True Fire started to cry, followed by an indescribable sense of fear.

Countless years ago, when it was about to form its human form and ascend into the sky, it encountered a freak and nearly emptied its sucking of firepower.

It wasn't easy for him to recover a bit, and that freak once again appeared. However, that time, he already became a deity, and actually controlled the laws of the heaven and earth to directly imprison it here. That freak was none other than the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss.

Countless years later, its firepower was many times stronger than before, but now, it had met a freak. This freak was even more terrifying than the God Creation God Beast back then. Not only did he possess the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" which combined Five Elements and energy, he also possessed the God Crafting Crystal, furnace magic tool, and even the enormous space of his cave abode.

With so many treasures, he could easily absorb a large amount of its firepower. As for the remaining firepower, it would be hard to preserve.

"Senior Huo Ling, I'm really sorry. You didn't become my 'Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire' and 'magical equipment.' On the other hand, I'm going to take all of your firepower."

Just as the spirit of the True Fire was panicking over his misfortune, Tang Huan's laughter resounded within the palace, his tone filled with ridicule.

"Little bastard, you really think you can eat me up!"

In the end, the spirit of the True Fire was worthy of being a being that had existed for countless years. After a short period of fear, it had quickly calmed down. Immediately after, the fire statue no longer released fire, but started to crazily absorb the fire energy that filled up palace.


A loud whistle sounded as a thick fiery aura entered the fire statue and the Ten Thousand Swords Heavenly Diagram.

This old man has been restricted by the laws of Heaven and Earth. I can't do anything about it, but there are many Void Transformation Cultivators in Forging God Great World who can kill you.

The spirit of the True Fire roared.

Immediately after, a wave of mind instructs (in a second) with the Inheritance Hall as the center, crazily swept in all directions, instantly enveloping the entire Nine Colors City.

"This old man is the 'Flame God'. All Void Transformation Stage cultivators, listen up and immediately enter the Inheritance Hall to kill this arrogant and rebellious disciple. This old man will reward you handsomely!"

When the cultivators within the city caught sight of this mind instructs (in a second) at almost the same time, all of them were stunned. Then, the Nine Colored City flared up once more.

"Fire God's Burning Flame? That is the spirit of the True Fire!

"Oh my god, this old man did not hear wrong right? The spirit of the True Fire, you want to kill that guy with a bounty?"

"Is that person Tang Huan, actually angering the spirit of the True Fire to such an extent?"


In a split-second, exclamations sounded one after another.

From the movements in the inheritance palace and that ball of True Fire, it could be seen that the True Fire was completely enraged. Everyone originally thought that the person who angered the True Fire would undoubtedly die, but they never expected that he would still be safe and sound. The True Fire could do nothing to him, to the point where he needed a bounty to kill him.

Although there would always be brave men after the great reward, no one dared to move within the Nine Colored City at this moment. Not long ago, the scene of ten Void Transformation experts being killed by that person was still fresh in his mind.

If he were to enter the Inheritance Hall without having a cultivation at the Eight Revolutions Void Transformation realm or above, it would be no different from courting his own death.

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