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[Chapter 6 - Cramps are a big matter!] Must recuperate well!

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Although Shen Qian Ling did learn a few moves in his past life, but those were all for acting in tv shows. Other than looking good it has no other uses; their offensive ability is simply negative to the infinite, so he unquestionably can't show them out and embarrass himself.

Shen Qian Feng put down his leg and sighed, "How can be you be so stiff."
You are the one who's stiff your whole family's stiff. Shen Qian Ling protested inside, and said sadly, "Let's start practicing from simpler ones." Don't do this kind of high difficulty moves from the start all right.

"Then let's do a horse stance (1) for half a shi chen (2) first." Shen Qian Feng said.

"How long?" Shen Qian Ling's eyes widened. Half a shi chen is one hour. To do a horse stance for one hour is simply too harsh, his maximum limit is no longer than five minutes.

"Half a shi chen." On the this matter, Shen Qian Feng is very strict, "When walking your lower body is not stable, you must start from practicing the horse stance."

It's just strengthening the body. Why must he use this kind of cruel method. Shen Qian Ling, eyes full of hot tears, got into a horse stance; he really wanted to tell his brother that doing line dance will also have the same effect, and it looks much better too.

"Open your legs a bit more." Shen Qian Feng pressed on his shoulders, "Straighten your arms."

If he goes down some more he will tear his balls. Shen Qian Ling looked at him with misery in his eyes.
But Shen Qian Feng is not the least bit moved.
Three minutes later, Shen Qian Ling felt his legs getting a little sore.

"Your breath must be calm." Shen Qian Feng patted his head.
Calm your head; Shen Qian Ling is extremely unhappy.

"Fu-ren is tired?" Qin Shao Yu got nearer and asked him.

"Stay away from me." Young master Shen's tone is firm.

Five minutes later, Shen Qian Ling's knees gave in at once; he sat on the ground on his butt.

Shen Qian Feng: "......"

"Fu-ren." Qin Shao Yu hastily pulled him up.
Shen Qian Ling, hot tears in his eyes, "Quickly knead it, it's cramping."

"Here?" Qin Shao Yu gripped his calf.

"Gentler." Shen Qian Ling whined, eyes red with tears.

"Yes yes yes." Qin Shao Yu is very good tempered; the force from his hands got more mellow.
Shen Qian Feng squatted by his side, not able to laugh but not able to get angry either, totally not knowing what to say.

Shen Qian Ling frowned; "I don't want to practice anymore" is written all over his eyes.

"Fine fine, no more training today." Qin Shao Yu carried him and stood up, "We'll go back and see if you have hurt yourself in the fall."

"I already humor him enough, why are you humoring him even more." Shen Qian Feng couldn't hold it back anymore.

"What's the concern, in the future he will be given to me anyway." Qin Shao Yu lowered his eyes and smiled at him, "No matter how unruly he is I can tolerate it."
Shen Qian Ling looked at him with disdain, dog's blood, vulgar!

"Ah, young master what has happened to you?" Bao Dou was tidying the bedroom, and suddenly saw Shen Qian Ling being carried in, and so got a fright.

"It's nothing, leg cramps." Qin Shao Yu placed him on the bed, "Go get a basin of hot water, and some ointment oil."

"I will go now." Bao Dou turned and ran out; Shen Qian Feng is perplexed, "It's just a cramp, what's the ointment oil for?"

"For massaging it more, it's more pleasant that way." Qin Shao Yu rolled up Shen Qian Ling's trousers, and twisted dry a hot towel and placed it on his knee.

"Hot." Shen Qian Ling exclaimed in shock.
Qin Shao Yu quickly took the towel away; a big patch of the skin has already reddened.

Shen Qian Ling lamented, "Warrior, your skin is truly very thick." He even put his hand into the water.
Qin Shao Yu has a guilty expression on, and used the ointment to help rub his leg.

If this kind of loving scenes between husbands is witnessed too much, one will definitely grow styes in their eyes, so Shen Qian Feng planned on going back to take a nap, and brought Bao Dou away with him.

"First young master?" Bao Do is a little baffled, nothing happened; why did he suddenly bring himself to his residence.

"Tell me, what did Ling-er do in this period of time." Shen Qian Ling sat on the chair.

"Young master didn't do anything special." Bao Dou answered honestly, "If he's not reading books and enjoying the sun, then he's sleeping the afternoon away." Although this sounds lazy but who can understand the ordeal of an actor; in his past life Shen Qian Ling had such a lack of sleep till he's afraid of it, and so after traveling through time his biggest hobby is to sleep while the light breeze passes by; he won't move even if thunder strikes.

"Did he sneak out before?" Shen Qian Feng asked.

"This, he really didn't do." Bao Dou said seriously, "I never left young master's side by more than an inch; the furthest he went was to go to the kitchen only."

"Kitchen?" Shen Qian Feng frowned, "What's he doing, running there?"

"Ate two cold chicken drumsticks." Bao Dou answered, it's obvious he also feels that this incident is incomprehensible. If he's hungry then he should ask the chef to make some hot dishes, but young master said he can't bear to bother other people.

"All right all right." Shen Qian Feng doesn't know whether to laugh or cry, "If Ling-er has any weird movements after this, report all of it to me, can you remember this?"

"I can remember." Bao Dou nodded.

"Don't let Ling-er know about this; you can go back now." Shen Qian Feng waved his hand.

"Yes." Although Bao Dou is curious inside, but he knows his limits, and did not ask more.

"Gentler." In the bedroom on the other side, young master Shen is currently sucking in a cold breath.

"Husband is doing this for your own good." Qin Shao Yu pressed on his acupuncture point, and sent in some internal energy without batting an eyelid.

Shen Qian Ling shouted till the heavens shook and the ground moved; even his tears started falling.
"Is it this painful?" Qin Shao Yu changed a place, "Let's press here then."

"You let go — ouch!" This time is even more painful than the last.
Shen Qian Ling's eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he fell forward.
He had fainted from pain.

Qin Shao Yu stopped, some unfathomable emotions sliding past his eyes.

"Aiya, what happened to my young master?" Bao Dou just came into the room, and saw Shen Qian Ling, half dead, collapsed by the bedside, and paled in fright.

"It's nothing, Ling-er is just sleep—"

"Men!" Bao Dou rushed out before Qin Shao Yu could finish his sentence, "Young master fainted again!"

"I really didn't say anything this time." Fifteen minutes later, Ba Dou stood in front of sect leader Shen, firmly assuring this.

"It's my fault." Qin Shao Yu sighed, "I didn't expect for his body to be this weak, he fainted from pain just from me kneading his legs slightly."

"My poor Ling-er....." Lady Shen hasn't arrived, but her voice has already skillfully reached the room.

Old sect leader Shen's head throbbed; he thought that it can go unnoticed this time, how did the news spread to her ears again.

"Everything was fine, how can he faint just like this....." Lady Shen held up her dress and stepped into the room, crying touchingly.

"Rest assured, I have already tried Ling-er's pulse, it's nothing much." Sect leader Shen consoled her, "He will wake after a while."

"How can I rest easy like this." Lady Shen collapsed frailly by the bedside and cried, "If he's to be married to Zhui Yin sect in the future, I don't know how many years he can last."

"Mother." Shen Qian Ling opened his eyes weakly , and reached out a trembling hand.

He has actually woken up far earlier; it's just that couldn't be bothered to open his eyes, wanting to get up after these people have left, but he didn't expect to hear this sentence from Lady Shen.
And so his head immediately became alert.
In this sect, other than depending on Shen Qian Feng, more importantly there's still this mother. Just looking at her ability to let sect leader tolerate her ten-plus years of hysterics, he just knows that her background is definitely not simple; moreover the desires of mother and son are one, if he doesn't want to go to Zhui Yin sect in the future, she will be the most helpful person.

"Ling-er woke up." Lady Shen held onto his hand quickly, "Why did you faint when nothing happened, mother was almost scared to death by you."

"I fainted from pain." Shen Qian Ling looked at his mother with an aggrieved air, his face pitiful.

As expected, Lady Shen was jarred by this, even her voice was shaking, "Why are you hurting for no reason? Did big brother hit you?"

"I didn't." Shen Qian Feng felt greatly wronged.

"It's him." Shen Qian Ling firmly reached out and pointed at Qin Shao Yu.

"You dare to hit my Ling-er?" A look of anger crossed Lady Shen's face; she's extremely furious.
Shen Qian Ling praised his mother internally, good job.

"I don't even have enough time to dote him, love him, how can I bear to hurt him, hit him?" Qin Shao Yu sighed, "I just saw that he got a cramp this morning, and wanted to help him massage his legs, who knew I pressed a little too hard, so....this Qin knows that he has wronged Lady Shen."

Lady Shen did not speak, but her face got very cold; it's as if there's torrential rains in her eyes.
Shen Qian Ling was successfully frightened; this is the first time seeing his mother's expression like this, he somewhat can't accept it. But it is sure impassioned. Young master Shen secretly cheered inside; he can fully rely on his mother to hinder the marriage, she seems to be very dependable.

"What did you call me just now?" Lady Shen coldly asked.

Qin Shao Yu, freely and happily, "Mother-in-law."

"This then, is right." Lady Shen smiled like flowers blooming instantly, "Lady Shen Lady Shen, it sounds so distant."

Shen Qian Ling was deeply affected.
Turns out the most undependable one is his mother.

"You must eat well to recuperate from the cramp." Lady Shen turned her head and informed the servant, "Go and tell the kitchen, eight-treasure-goose-glutinous-rice-duck osmanthus-fish-sauce-pig's trotter-cured-meats-crystal-prawns-kernel-sauce-fragrant-pork-ribs-deep-fried-fish—"

"Enough enough." Shen Qian Ling interrupted her, swallowing saliva in his mouth, "We cannot squander." Although he traveled through time and has become a son of a rich family he must still know how to be thrifty, because each bowl of porridge and each bowl of rice doesn't come by so easily.

"All these must not be made." Lady Shen said.

Shen Qian Ling : "........."

"Go inform auntie Wang, stew a cup of premium high grade Silkie chicken soup." (3) Lady Shen used a handkerchief to help Shen Qian Ling wipe his face, "Ling-er's body is weak, he must recuperate well."

Making such a long scene just to give a bowl of chicken soup to drink.
Young master Shen is very disappointed.

But the rest of the people in the room are all very shocked; everyone used an expression of "This is such a precious item and you casually brought it out for people to drink have you gone crazy" to look at Lady Shen.

Including old sect leader Shen.

And so Shen Qian Ling was also shocked into stillness, could it be that Silkie chickens are rare here?

(1) horse stance: 马步 - lit. horse step. The stance you see in martial arts shows when the people are training - legs wide open in a half squat, arms half out, practicing some punches.

(2) shi chen: 时辰 - around 2 hours.

(3) Silkie chicken: chicken that has black skin, usually used in herbal soups for general health, recuperation etc.

Let me know if there's any mistakes!

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