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Chapter 33

[Chapter 33 - This dilapidated inn] We saw nothing!

Seeing the person grovelling in front of him, Qin Shao Yu smirked, looking at him in consideration .

What kind of ridiculous expression is this? Shen Qian Ling got the goosebumps, but managed to maintain a pure and innocent appearance, even looking as if stars were going to appear in his eyes .  

“It’s not impossible . ” Qin Shao Yu pulled at his cheeks, “Qianwu Water Village is a little far from here, but Qionghua Valley is only a couple of days away from here on the road . ”

“So what time will we be leaving?” Shen Qian Ling was filled with joy .

“It depends on how well you behave . ” Qin Shao Yu raised an eyebrow .

Why must this depend on my behavior too?!

Shen Qian Ling was angry, what a shrewd businessman .

“Call me “Husband” first . ” Qin Shao Yu said irritatingly .

“As if I can’t go there by myself . ” Shen Qian Ling glared at him .

“You can surely give it a try . ” Qin Shao Yu spoke unhurriedly, “Master Ye Jin of Qionghua Valley is my old friend . Although it’s not hard to talk to him, he has quite the history with Qian Feng . ”

Shen Qian Ling: “ . . . . . . ”

“What about it, a kiss is fine too . ” Qin Shao Yu lifted his chin, eyes full of laughter .

Shen Qian Ling irately pushed him away, “Don’t touch me . ”

“You’re really angry now?” Qin Shao Yu held back his laughter .

Shen Qian Ling tried to go back by walking around him, obviously not wanting to continue the conversation anymore .

“That’s the opposite direction . ” Qin Shao Yu said from behind him, “It’s a river if you continue on . ”

Shen Qian Ling turned a deaf ear and continued walking forward, looking as if he really wanted to jump over the river .  

“Alright, I’ll bring you there . ” Qin Shao Yu finally gave in .

Shen Qian Ling whipped his head around, “Liars will become eunuchs . ”

Qin Shao Yu nodded, “En, if I lie to you, then I’ll be a eunuch . ”

“We’ll set out tomorrow . ” Shen Qian Ling said .

“Alright . ” Qin Shao Yu spoke readily .

“You have to help me get the pearl . ” Shen Qian Ling clenched his fists .  

“I’ll try my best . ”

“If he doesn’t want to give it, then you will have to steal it . ” As expected, his ideas were degenerate as ever .   

“Steal?” Qin Shao Yu furrowed his eyebrows slightly .

“Warrior, you are particularly handsome . ” Shen Qian Ling looked at him sincerely .

Qin Shao Yu paused .

“When we return I’ll help you massage your legs . ” As long as I can return to my time, it doesn’t matter even if I have to be your mother .

“Alright . ” Qin Shao Yu tried not to laugh .

“Alright?” Shen Qin Ling was uncertain .

Sect leader Qin spoke haughtily, “If Ye Jin doesn’t hand it out, then I will burn down Qionghua Valley for you . ”

Great! Shen Qian Ling cheered quietly in his heart, throwing himself on Qin Shao Yu’s back, “Quickly go, let us return to the inn to rest . ”

With a press of his feet, in one motion, Qin Shao Yu was flying back towards the city .

Guard A sighed: “This is the first time I’ve seen someone use sect leader Qin as Ta Xue Bai . ”

Guard B clicked his tongue: “And sect leader Qin seemed quite willing to be it as well . ”

Guard C face palmed: “I can’t even look at them . ”

An truly extraordinary love; we’re in envy .

During the morning next day, once Shen Qian Ling opened his eyes, he turned his head; seeing that the person next to him was still sleeping, he got up a little more then reached out and pinched the other person’s nose, “Wake up . ”

Qin Shao Yu frowned and slightly tilted his head to shift away, a little pout on his mouth .

Oooh, this warrior, so even you can have such a cute expression too, Shen Qian Ling leaned closer excitedly, wanting to enjoy this scene closely .  

In the end he was grabbed by a sleeping Qin Shao Yu, getting flipped over and pressed under his body .

“Hey, hey, let go . ” Shen Qian Ling struggled in surprise .  

Qin Shao Yu didn’t even open his eyes, but hugged him even tighter instead .  

As a martial artist, and a vigilant person, he had already completely woken up when Shen Qian Ling was groaning and stretching his back . And now it’s all just because . . . of mischief .

“I’m going to suffocate . ” Shen Qian Ling pushed against him with his arms and legs .  

“Don’t move . ” Qin Shao Yu said with a deep voice next to his ear .  

Then Shen Xiao Shou felt it clearly: there was a hot, hard object propped on his own thigh .  

You-you-you . Shen Qian Ling choked, “I hope that you will become a eunuch soon . ”

Just finish these sort of things by yourself silently, alright!

“Hope that I will become a what soon?” Qin Shao Yu smiled saccharinely, a slight lilt in his tone .    

“This hero, you really are powerful . ” A man’s dignity cannot be jabbed at this haphazardly, so Shen Qian Ling could only say weakly, “Can you get off my body first?”

If he accidentally provokes his primal nature, then all Shen Qian Ling could do was to cry while on the way to hanging himself, there was nothing worse than his little chrysanthemum being forced open, it must not happen at all .  

“Yes . ” Qin Shao Yu pressed his hands by the side of the pillow, lowered his head and lightly kissed his ear .  

Shen Qian Ling was immediately spooked out of his mind, he was totally unprepared .  

“You jerk… . hmff!” Before he could finish his sentence, his lips were captured in a deep kiss, the rest of his sounds forced back into his throat . A scalding hot tongue went into his mouth, and just as Shen Qian Ling wanted to bite down on it, he suddenly felt some numbness come over his nape and lost control over his body .

His inner garments were torn open in two moves, his thin chest exposed to the air . Qin Shao Yu kissed it without a pause; he was completely not like the earlier him .   

Frightened out of his wits, Shen Qian Ling’s mind blanked while his eyes teared up, not understanding why he was fine the night before, and yet turned into this now; had he been possessed?

Qin Shao Yu kissed away his tears and covered the both of them under the blankets; he dragged his knee higher, exposing his fair and slender leg outside .  

Shen Qian Ling was stiff all over, only feeling shock in his mind, and was almost fainting of fear .  

“Don’t be scared, I won’t touch you . ” Qin Shao Yu consoled him quietly by his ear, then raised his own body with a single hand, putting some distance between him and Shen Qian Ling .

In the darkness, Shen Qian Ling looked blankly at him .  

“Make some sounds for the people outside?” Qin Shao Yu pinched his cheeks .  

“The people outside?” Shen Qian Ling was tongue tied .  

“Yes, there’s bad people on the roof . ” Qin Shao Yu pinched his waist, “Be good, make some noise for them . ”

… . .

Call in your dreams!

Having understood what was happening, Shen Qian Ling sighed in relief, his four limbs lying limp on the bed, and glared at Qin Shao Yu .  

Don’t think that I will forgive you just because there’s an excuse .  

Moreover, there are bad people outside, not only are you not fighting them, you’re also here acting out a scene instead .  

And it was even an adult version .  

It was practically to the benefit of the bad people!

“Not going to make noise?’ Qin Shao Yu smirked, “Then this husband will have to make the sounds then . ” 

Shen Qian Ling immediately imagined Qin Shao Yu calling out in ecstasy .  

And thus he practically went into shock .  

What about your-your-your integrity!

“Yeah…” Qin Shao Yu first buried by his ear, moaning lowly, slightly hoarse, adequately displaying the pleasure of an evildoer who had reached his peak .  

Shen Qian Ling’s ears and face reddened, there’s no need to be this close to me right?

And how could he have moaned so realistically, are you a professional?

Since he wasn’t really being touched anyway, Shen Qian Ling thought “Might as well see no evil”, closed his eyes, and let the other party act to his heart’s content, with him being only responsible for swaying his extended leg around, while also pondering “Do you have to be this professional, the bed is almost falling apart at your shaking” .  

After who knows how long, Qin Shao Yu finally stopped, relaxing his elbows and laying on top of his body .  

“The bad people are gone?” Shen Qian Ling asked cautiously .  

QIn Shao Yu grunted in agreement, rubbed against him, “So disobedient, not playing along with me even once . ”

Playing along in your dreams! Shen Qian Ling scolded, “Release my pressure point . ”

“No . ” Qin Shao Yu pinched his waist, “Ling-er will hit me once I release it . ”

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Isn’t this obvious?! Shen Qian Ling roared inside, and said cordially, “Why would I do that, it’s not on purpose anyway . ”

“Really?” Qin Shao Yu threw the blanket to one side .  

Finally breathing fresh air for once… . . Shen Qian Ling continued gently, “Of course . ” 

Qin Shao Yu released his pressure point .  

Shen Qian Ling sat up and stretched his joints, and as expected, rushed over with an angry shout, “Hooligan, this man here will fight you to the death!” 

Towards such a tiny thing with no fighting strength at all, sect leader Qin took it as Shen Qian Ling throwing himself into his arms, poking and pinching him with glee . Shen Qian Ling was ticklish and angry at the same time, not being able to cry or laugh, only wailing without a care for his image .  

At the doorway, Hua Tang and the others, who had just arrived upstairs, were shocked, with everyone looking at one another .

Hadn’t it been said that they needed to depart early? Then what was the situation inside right now?

‘Ah!!’ Shen Qian Ling called out effortlessly, accompanied by Qin Shao Yu’s low laugh and the creaking of the bed boards; it was not innocent at all .

Fan Yan firmly pulled Hua Tang with him, “A lady shouldn’t listen to these kinds of things, not only to prevent getting styes but also not being able to be married off . ”

Hua Tang: “ . . . . . . ”  

Yao Qian’s face was dark, pulling up his sleeves to knock on the door, but was dragged away by Zhao Wu .  

“So we should let the sect leader continue on like this?” Yao Qian said angrily .  

“What else can we do?” Zhao Wu looked at him, “If we were to rush in rashly, it would just anger the sect leader . Or does left chief have a good plan in mind?” 

“Disgraceful . ” Yao Qian gasped breathlessly, a face devoid of blood, looking extremely bitter .  

And in the bedroom, Shen Qian Ling had long exhausted himself, and was on the bed, gasping for air .

“Don’t want to fight anymore?” Qin Shao Yu poked his belly .   

“Go away . ” Shen Qian Ling said weakly, “Who was the person who came just now?”

“Guess . ” Qin Shao Yu raised an eyebrow .    

“How would I be able to guess?” Shen Qian Ling kicked him feebly, “Tell me . ” 

“It’s a spy from Peacock Hamlet . ” Qin Shao Yu lied on the spot .  

“Who’s Peacock Hamlet?” Shen Qian Ling was confused .  

“A sect in jianghu, they’re not significant but also not minor, their founder is infamous for being bothersome . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “He has always wanted to have his daughter to marry me . The spy this time is probably to investigate if we are in love . ” 

Shen Qian Ling’s feelings turned conflicted instantly .  

“So I took the chance to act out a scene, to let him know that we are very in love, and to make him give up . ” Qin Shao Yu rubbed his head, his eyes honest .  

“Don’t give me that . ” Shen Qian Ling was doubtful, “He clearly knows that we are engaged and yet wants to get his daughter married to you, isn’t he scared that my father would find him?” 

Qin Shao Yu laughed, he has become smarter this time round .  

“What are you laughing for . ” Shen Qia Ling was unhappy .  

“She’s to be a concubine . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “As for the position of the proper wife, there’s still no one who dares to fight with you over it . ”   

Shen Qian Ling pouted, barely accepted this explanation, and laid on his belly, ignoring him .  

After I am cured of the poison and have gotten the nine pearls, I will do my best to never see you again .

“I will ask the waiter to bring some warm water . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “You should come down quickly after your bath, we will leave after breakfast . ” 

“How long is it from here to Qiong Hua Valley?” Shen Qian Ling asked .  

“Only ten days . ” Qin SHao Yu said, “It’s not that far . ” 

Ten days and it’s not that far, it’s enough for me to fly all over the world, ok? Shen Qian Ling muttered silently while dressing up .  

I really want to go back .     


In the main hall on the first floor, Hua Tang immediately stood up and went towards him the moment she saw Qin Shao Yu come down .  

“Where are the rest?” Qin Shao Yu asked .  

“Fan Tang Zhu has gone to gather our brothers-in-arms to prepare the horses, Xiao Wu and the left chief should be in the backyard . ” Hua Tang said, “It was just as sect leader had expected, a spy from the demonic sect came . ” 

“In the future, allow this kind of person to go too . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “The guards are all Xiao Wu’s men, I will talk to him about this matter alone . ” 

“Yes . ” Hua Tang poured him a cup of hot tea .  

“What are Xiao Wu and Yao Qian doing in the backyard?” Qin Shao Yu asked .  

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Hua Tang made a difficult face, “In the morning when sect leader and young master Shen… . . the left chief was unhappy, Xiao Wu is probably trying to talk him around . ” 

Qin Shao Yu laughed, “He really doesn’t like Ling-er . ” 

“The left chief is simply thinking of sect leader . ” Hua Tang said, “Sect leader also knows that he has always flaunted about being able to communicate with spirits, and is an ardent believer of the supernatural and reincarnation, and since he found that young master Shen and sect leader are to have an ill fated relationship, it’s not strange for him to oppose it . ”   

“You also think Ling-er is a fox demon?” Qin Shao Yu looked at her .  

Hua Tang said smoothly, “Of course not, sect leader and young master Shen are a match made in heaven, are extraordinarily well matched, and should marry as soon as possible . ” There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation; she didn’t embarrass the position of the chief one bit .  

“Humph . ” Just coaxed by Zhao Wu to return, Yao Qian heard this upon entering and thus angrily raised his head and angrily rushed out again .

Zhao Wu: “ . . . . ”

“Nevermind, no need to be concerned about him . ” Qin Shao Yu shook his head, “Inform the shop to prepare breakfast, we are setting off earlier . ” 

A journey of ten days isn’t far, but isn’t near either . After the fifth day on the road, Shen Qian Ling accidentally ate something that didn’t sit well with his stomach, and thus the convoy had to stop again and again, in order to let him resolve his problem .  

The sky darkened gradually, and looked like it was about to rain . Moreover, at this speed, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t make it to the next town in time . Thus Qin Sha Yu changed the route halfway through, intending to rest at an inn at a side road, and wait for the rain to finish before continuing .  

“This is…an inn?” An hour later, Shen Qian Ling was helped out of the carriage by Qin Shao Yu, and was instantly shocked .  

A ruined wooden building with weeds growing all over, the doors hanging by its hinges, soil piling on the floor that was at least three inches thick, even a haunted house was more luxurious than this .  

Qin Shao Yu was also a bit frustrated, “It was on the map, looks like it had been abandoned long ago . ” 

“At least it’s shelter from the rain . ” Hua Tang said, “There are no other villages nearby . We can only do this . ”  

“Bring in some blankets . ” Qin Shao Yu carried Shen Qian Ling in, on such a cold rainy day, all he could do was to avoid letting him get cold .  

“Achoo . ” Shen Qian Ling was hit by the dust once he was brought in .  

“Deal with it for one night . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “There are no other ways anyway . ” 

Shen Qian Ling nodded, raising his head to look around .  

Rotten roof beams, cobwebs, hanging windows frames, and some torn cloth from who knows where, it couldn’t be any worse than this .  

Thus he firmly buried his face back into Qin Shao Yu’s chest - after all, compared to the smell of rotten wood, he was more willing to smell the faint smell of smoke .  

Qin Shao Yu smiled slightly, a very doting look in his eyes .  

With a tacit mutual understanding, everyone silently “oh-ed” in unison .  

“Humph . ” Yao Qian turned away .  

“You say you . ” Fan Yan was still very puzzled, “Do you like the sect leader in secret?”

“Ke ke . ” Hua Tang choked on her water .  

Yao Qian’s eyes widened, “What nonsense are you talking about . ” 

“Then why do you keep grunting at fu-ren . ” Fan Yan asked again .  

“Why do you care?” Yao Qian grunted again .  

Fan Yan: “ . . . . ”

Just what is up with these scholars .

It was already raining outside . The subordinates were making a fire inside, while Qin Shao Yu wrapped Shen Qian Ling up in a blanket, keeping him in his arms all along .  

Shen Xiao Shou’s face was full of uneasiness .  

“What’s the matter?” Qin SHao Yu asked quietly .

Shen Qian Ling said softly, “It’s a little embarrassing . ” 

Qin Shao Yu laughed, “What are you scared of, you’re my fu-ren . ” 

Shen Qian Ling: “ . . . . ”

Alright, pretend I never said anything .  

“You cannot get cold or you will be in pain again . ” Qin Shao Yu pinched his face, “Want to eat something?” 

There were pastries and braised beef on the rack above the fire . Just the smell of it made Shen Qian Ling’s stomach ache, “Don’t want to eat, I’m not hungry . ” 

Qin Shao Yu frowned slightly . Zhao Wu threw away his pastry and stood up, “I will help fu-ren catch a wild chicken back to make soup . ” 

“There’s no need . ” Shen Qian Ling was surprised, how could he let other people go out in the thunderstorm .

“You must eat something . ” Qin Shao Yu said, “You have been sick all the way, your body will not last . ”

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“ . . . Alright I’ll eat this then . ” Shen Qian Ling pointed at the pastry .  

Qin Shao Yu smiled, and split a small piece for him .  

Seeing him swallow with difficulty , Hua Tang remembered seeing some wild plants by the road, and thus took an umbrella, wanting to go out to pick some to make soup . Thunder raged outside, and the rain was so heavy it almost smashed through the umbrella . Before she got to the field of wild plants, she suddenly saw a black figure run over clumsily, falling on the ground with a thud .  

Someone is hurt? Hua Tang frowned, and went forward to kick him a little .  

The smell of blood was potent, he has obviously been severely injured .  

Another burst of lightning flashed by . Borrowing the brief moment of light, Hua Tang clearly saw that the white robes of the person on the ground was thoroughly dyed red by blood, his eyes were tightly closed, and there was also a severe wound on his face .  

Raising her hand to seal his pressure points, Hua Tang threw away her umbrella, and carried him back to the building straight away .  

“Ah ya . ” Fan Yan got a shock, and the rest all looked over .  

“What happened?” Qin Shao Yu asked with a frown .  

“Not sure, picked him up by the road . ” Hua Tang placed the person on the ground, raised her hands to wipe water off her face, her yellow robes stuck wetly to her body . The result was very… . stunning .   

Everyone turned their heads away in unison, in case the right chief decided to dig their eyes out .  

“What?” Hua Tang was baffled, “Help him . ” 

“Ke . ” Shen Qian Ling coughed .  

“What?” Hua Tang asked .  

Shen Qian Ling pointed to his own chest, a complicated expression on his face .  

Hua Tang looked at him, then lowered her head and looked at herself .

Then… .


All the subordinates covered their heads, we didn’t see anything at all .   

Zhao Wu threw her a bag, and Hua Tang rushed up stairs, her ears so red that it was almost dripping blood .  

In the end she’s still a woman ah… . everyone reflected .

“Should have invited a few more women from the start, like I said . ” Fan Yan said regretfully, “They could at least be her companions, mingling with us men all day long, look at how she is now . ” 

Qin Shao Yu got Shen Qian Ling to sit on the ground, while he went to the man who Hua Tang had saved .  

“Looks like he’s been poisoned . ” Zhao Wu tore open his robe, and saw his wounds and his torn lapel turning blue .  

“To be able to escape like this, he’s lucky . ” Qin Shao Yu tried his pulse, “His internal energy is not bad, but as for whether he can survive or not, it will have to be seen whether Hua Tang is willing to save him . ”

“It seems unlikely . ” Fan Yan glanced upstairs, “He’s lucky enough if she doesn’t kill him . ”

“Even if she doesn’t kill him, if the right chief were to be embarrassed for any longer, he would definitely be at death’s door . ” Yao Qian said, “He’s bleeding out, if she doesn’t start now he won’t be saved . ” 

“You should go and ask her to come down then . ” Fan Yan urged, “Just say that we didn’t see anything . ”

“Why don’t you go . ” Yao Qian glared at him, “And you know martial arts too, I will only be kicked downstairs by her . ” 

“I can’t win a fight with her either . ” Fan Yan’s heart ached .  

“Then the fates decide . ” Qin Shao Yu sat down by the fire, continuing to feed Shen Qian Ling .  

You are too cruel . Shen Xiao Shou was very kind, “Why don't I go and call for the right chief?”

“You?” Qin Shao Yu laughed .

“She won’t hit me right?” Shen Qian Ling prepared himself .    

Zhao Wu stood up silently, and walked upstairs briskly .  

A round of applause started instantly .  

This is what a true hero is .  

Who knows if they will end up fighting .  

So exciting .  

“Right chief . ” Zhao Wu knocked on the door .  

The room was silent .  

After listening intently, Zhao Wu’s face suddenly changed and he kicked in the door .  

The room was devoid of people, with only the clothes that Hua Tang had changed out of, strewn all over about .  

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